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km to cmConversion Table
centimeters to kilometers
10000 0.1
20000 0.2
30000 0.3
40000 0.4
50000 0.5
60000 0.6
70000 0.7
80000 0.8
90000 0.9
100000 1
110000 1.1
120000 1.2
130000 1.3
140000 1.4
150000 1.5
160000 1.6
170000 1.7
180000 1.8
190000 1.9
200000 2

How to convert

1 centimeter (cm) = 0.00001 kilometre (km). Centimeter (cm) is a unit of length used in Metric system. Kilometre (km) is a unit of size used in Metric system. Centimeters additionally can be significant as centimetres. Kilometre - Unit of street / LengthUnit Symbol/Abbreviation: km Where the unit provided in the World:

The kilometre is used as a unit offered to measure ranges or lengths. It"s a traditional measure for took trip distances, geography distances and maps in most nations excluding the USA and the uk where mile is still provided for this purpose. Between geographical places on land, and in most nations is the official unit for this purpose. Primary exceptions are the joined Kingdom, Liberia, Myanmar and the United states of America, wherein the mile stays as traditional as a part of royal system.

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Definition of the Unit:

The kilometre (kilometre in UK spelling) is a unit of length/distance in the metric device (SI Unit system) identical to one thousand meters.

1 km is tantamount to 0.62137 miles.

History that the Unit:

Although the meter was defined in 1799 in France, the kilometer was an initial adopted for daily use by the dutch in 1817 under neighborhood name the the mijl. The myriametre (10000 meters) and "lieues de Poste" (Postal leagues, 4288 meters) were preferred to the "kilometer" for everyday use in France in 19th century. In the mid 19th century the kilometer was already in day-to-day use in the Italy and also in Netherlands and the myriametre to be still in use in France.The CIPM (The global Committee for Weights and Measures) officially denomination the prefix "myria-" and also the "myriametre" in 1935, leaving the kilometer as the recognised unit that length rather of myriametre.Where it"s used:

The kilometer is commonly used on road indications to suggest the street to take trip to a given location, ~ above maps to indicate scale, for odometer clues in automotive industry. The is also the most popular unit for describing the distance in between geographical points and also locations.

Equivalents in other units and also scales:

1 km = 1000000 millimeter (mm)1 km = 100 000 centimeters (cm)1 km = 10000 decimeters (dm)1 kilometres = 1000 meter (m) 1 megameter = 1000 km1 gigameter = 1000000 kmUnits of length in the metric SI mechanism are based upon multiples or fractions of a meter.There are dimensions of length/distance in the metric SI system higher than a kilometer that deserve to be express in terms of kilometres.

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1 km is tantamount to 0.621371 mi. The kilometer is unit of length in the metric SI system and is equivalent to one thousand metres.