If girlfriend have chose to include lights and also outlets to the same 15 amp circuit, you have to take a minute to identify the variety of lights and also outlets you have the right to add. This matters since the wrong number could overload your circuit.

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That no a straightforward inconvenience. That is likewise dangerous. You can start a fire. If you desire to protect against such hazards, salary close attention to the number of lights and also outlets on her circuit.

How numerous Lights and Outlets have the right to Be on a 15 Amp Circuit?

There is no limit to the number of outlets and lights you can include to a 15-amp circuit. However, you shouldn’t exceed the rating of the circuit. More importantly, girlfriend shouldn’t add a fill that is more than 80 percent of the circuit’s preferably capacity.

To prize this question, you have to take a few factors into account:

1). Regulations

As with everything else, you need to take the regulations into account. Every region has an electric code that building contractors must monitor whenever they make electric installations. Your contractor’s fail to adhere to the needs of the law can attract serious results such together hefty fines.

This is why you have actually to check with the National electrical Code and also even the regional code before you proceed. From Wikipedia, you find out that the National electric Code is not mandated by the federal Government. In various other words, many states monitor the NEC’s guidelines due to the fact that they want to take it a an ext standardized method to the enforcement of electrical practices.

But they can choose to collection their very own codes the contradict the needs of the NEC. If the electric codes in your area differ from the NEC, you have to follow the neighborhood codes. They take precedence

The NEC does not specify the number of outlets and lights you can include to a 15 amp circuit. For the many part, friend are totally free to include as numerous lights and also outlets as you want. However, your regional authorities may have actually laws that govern this issue. inspect with them prior to you proceed.

2). Load

You should compare the ratings the the receptacles you desire to include to a circuit come the rating the the circuit. This will display you the number of receptacles the circuit deserve to accommodate.

In this case, you have actually a 15-amp circuit. It is usual practice to assign 1.5 amps come the mean light or outlet. V that in mind, you have the right to technically conclude that a 15-amp circuit can accommodate a total of 10 lights and also outlets. Yet that isn’t nearly true.

3). Rating

The NEC doesn’t say anything around the number of lights and outlets girlfriend can include to a circuit. Yet it has regulations that will indirectly affect your decision in this area. According to SFGate, the NEC expects contractors to count only 80 percent the the rating that the circuit.

You are not permitted to pressure a circuit breaker to carry an ext than 80 percent of its rated load. In various other words, if you have actually a 15-amp circuit, you deserve to only count 12 amps.

What go this mean? A 15-amp circuit is compatible with 8 outlets and also lights. The objective is to provide the circuit room to handle any type of temporary surging that can occur when you include a an effective appliance the draws a many power.

Why Outlets space Complicated?

Between outlets and lights, you have actually fewer boundaries on the number of outlets you have the right to have. You need to take the wattage of the lights into account. Outlets room not affected by this limit.

However, they are far an ext complicated. That is primarily a inquiry of the appliances you will certainly plug into them. In the lack of an appliance, girlfriend can add as numerous outlets together you want since they won’t draw any significant power.


Once girlfriend have included your outlets, friend must apply caution when attaching appliances. Because that instance, just since you included a dozen outlets to a circuit doesn’t median you have the right to plug a dozen appliances into those outlets at the precise same time.

The full rating of the appliances you connect to the outlets cannot exceed the rating of the 15 amp circuit. Otherwise, you will overload the circuit.

How numerous Lights and also Amps deserve to Be included on a 20 Amp Circuit?

If each receptacle has a maximum attract of 1.5 amps, you have the right to technically add 13 receptacles. But due to the fact that the load cannot exceed 16 amps (80 percent), the practical answer is 10 receptacles.

Factors You have to Keep in mental When including Outlets and Lights come a Circuit

When it come to adding outlets and also lights, the following guidelines may help you:

1). Together was detailed before, you can include as plenty of outlets come a 15-amp circuit as you want but you need to limit the number of appliances girlfriend plug into those outlets. If girlfriend exceed the rating the the circuit, the breaker will trip.

For those seasons, powerful appliances such together heaters that draw a most power should use circuits that have actually the smallest variety of receptacles. You are much less likely to overload the circuit.

2). If it has actually its drawbacks, homeowners space sometimes encouraged to location outlets and lights ~ above the same circuit. This is since lights attract very little power. This enables you to spread out out the power consumption among the assorted breakers in your electric panel.

3). You must think around placing an effective items like washers on devoted circuits whereby they don’t have to compete with other appliances. This also reduces the opportunities of the circuit being overloaded.

4). Distribute your outlets throughout the house. Don’t concentration them in one location. This eases accessibility to electricity, eliminating the require for power extensions. Strength strips and also extensions are quick term solutions. They are associated with numerous hazards. You are far better off adding more outlets to her home.

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There is no border to the variety of outlets and also lights girlfriend can add to a 15-amp circuit.

Where the outlets space concerned, you can include as many of them together you want. However, you should ensure that the appliances you have attached do not exceed the circuit’s capacity. Pay close fist to the NEC and the regional codes and regulations.