Martha is a court reporter, and she is keying a deposition. She should get precisely 25 currently on a letter-sized page, dual spaced (Courier New), 12 pitch. She is an alleged to have actually a one-inch margin all the way around but must to decrease the bottom margin to obtain 25 lines. There space two pages that will not enable her to acquire 25, simply 24. The other pages she"s to be able come play approximately with, however these two won"t budge. Martha has actually the show/hide button on and also doesn"t watch anything out of the ordinary. She wonders how she deserve to ensure the each page has the requisite number of lines.

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There are countless settings within a Word paper that element into how Word operation your message on a page and throughout a document. In order to understand just how Word determines the number of lines on a page, you need to understand the workings of every of this settings.

The an initial thing to check—which Martha has apparently done—is the margin settings. If you collection the margins because that one inch on all sides and also you room using a typical letter-size paper of paper, that will leave you nine inches of vertical an are on a page. (Eleven inches minus one customs at the top and one inch at the bottom leaves nine inches.)

At this suggest it is a little bit handy to begin working in points (no pun intended). In native there space 72 points every inch, which way your nine inches of vertical an are is indistinguishable to 648 points. Divide this by the variety of lines you desire on the web page (25), and you finish up with 25.92 points every line. This is your line spacing and also is a very important number to know; you"ll usage it in a moment.

You now require to change some that your paragraph settings. You have the right to do this explicitly, if friend want, by picking paragraphs and also making the settings. That is much an ext versatile, however, to make the alters in the layouts you"ll use in your document. That way they deserve to be easily used to brand-new text that you add. Regardless of which girlfriend choose—explicit or styled—making the actual alters has been questioned in other worries of The crucial thing because that this pointer is to know which settings you actually have to change.

Start through displaying the i dialog box. (Again, this can either be for explicit formatting or by modifying a style.) begin with the Indents and Spacing tab. (See figure 1.)


number 1. The Indents and also Spacing tab the the paragraph dialog box.

On this tab, you desire to pay attention to the setups in the Spacing area. Set both Before and also After come 0 points, together you don"t want Word adding any additional spacing come what girlfriend type. (If your document requirements are that you add a empty line between paragraphs, you might want to collection After to your calculated dimension of a blank line: 25.9 points. Indigenous only enables you to have a single digit after ~ the decimal suggest for this setting, and you must kind it right into the crate directly.)

Now pay fist to the line Spacing setting. Usage the drop-down perform to select Exactly, and also then in the box to the ideal of the drop-down list get in your calculated line spacing that 25.9 points. You should also make certain that the Don"t Add room check box is clean if you placed anything in the ~ box; if you set the After box to 0 then the Don"t Add space check box doesn"t really matter.

Next, click end to the Line and Page division tab the the dialog box. (See figure 2.)


number 2. The Line and Page division tab that the i dialog box.

The settings of interest on this tab room in the Pagination area. Essentially, you desire all four check boxes in this area to be clear. Normally these settings adjust how a paragraph "breaks" throughout pages. Girlfriend don"t want any change in web page breaking, however, since that can affect how countless lines of text appear on any type of given page.

At this point you should be able to print and have precisely 25 lines every page. This presumes that all your text is set to the 12-point Courier New, as stated by Martha. The reality that her paragraphs have a line spacing of 25.9 points means that it will certainly be double-spaced, as desired.

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There is one potential drawback to this approach, and it has to do with how Word locations text on each line in a paragraph. With line spacing of 25.92 points, the text is inserted at the bottom of that vertical space. That way that over there is around 14 point out of blank space above your an initial line the text. This might make your top margin seem a little bit large. If this is the case, just decrease the peak margin of your web page by those 14 points, and also you may acquire a web page layout the looks a bit an ext pleasing. The only method you"ll know if this is the case, of course, is to shot it the end to see just how it looks.