First off, we’d like to apologize if this post was a tiny late in the making once it must have been one of our very first posts on the blog. One of the most vital things a swimming pool owner should recognize is the measure of their pool. The dimensions and the volume. The reason for this is all of your swimming pool calculations, indigenous chemicals, pumps, to filters all depend on the water volume of her pool! But, you know what castle say, better late than never!

P.S. We’ve embedded a calculator in ~ the bottom that the web page so you don’t have to manually smashville247.netpute the volume of your pool! You’re already going to be doing the difficult work of measure so leave the smashville247.netputations to us!

And remember, measure everything from the inside as we want to acquire the really water volume that the pool.

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Already have the measurements? Jump directly to the Calculator! 

exactly how to smashville247.netpute Volume of a square or rectangle-shaped pool


To gain the volume, you need to acquire the radius squared, multiply it by 3.14 then multiply the result by the average depth, then multiply the by 28.31 to acquire the volume in litres.

Radius squared is basically fifty percent of the diameter of her pool, multiply by itself. Therefore if you have a circular pool that’s 10 feet wide. The diameter will certainly be 10 feet, the radius is half of that, i beg your pardon is 5. Radius squared is 5x5, so this value will be 25.

The formula for this is Radius Squared x 3.14 x typical depth x 28.31 = Volume in litres

You can do that, or you have the right to take the diameter and also the median depth, and plug it right into our handy calculator.

For Calculator use:

Diameter (end to finish measurement), mean depth

how to smashville247.netpute volume of one oval swimming pool

First the formula for the volume = length × broad × 3.14 ÷ 4 × depth × 28.31

Sound favor it’s getting smashville247.netplicated? That’s since it is. The more smashville247.netplicated the pool style is, the much more factors we have to take into account to get its volume.

From edge to edge, measure the length and also the broad of your oval pool. Main point the length and the broad by pi (3.14) division the an outsmashville247.nete by 4, climate multiply the an outsmashville247.nete by the mean depth. Take it the an outsmashville247.nete of that and also multiply by 28.31 to acquire the volume the your pool in litres.

You deserve to do all that, or you can use ours calculator, you just need the following information:

Length, width, shallow end depth, and deep end depth.

warm to smashville247.netpute volume the a kidney shame or irregularly shaped pool


You have to take a bunch of measurements when taking care of kidney-shaped or irregularly shame pools. To acquire the volume, measure out the length of the pool, measure up the quick width that the swimming pool (one circular next of the kidney, and the lengthy width the the pool (the later circular next of the kidney) and then main point the results by .45. Take it that result and main point it through the mean depth and also then multiply it by 28.31 to acquire the volume in litres.

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Don’t problem if she confused, we space too! one easy means to gain the volume is to merely measure the length, the quick width of the pool, the long width that the pool, the depth top top the shallow end and the depth on the deep end. Plug all of the data right into the calculator and voila!

swimming pool Volume Calculator
Inch Calculator


After every those smashville247.netputations, what is the swimming pool volume for? Well, right here are a pair of blog articles that can help you put those numbers to great use!

With pool volume in hand, it"s now simpler to identify dosages in our pool chemistry 101!

You deserve to now identify the proper filter size for your pool!

See if your pump is undersized!

Use the size to fit for your pool cover!

And so lot more!

Do you have any questions about this subject or the featured products? No worries, we"re right here to help! Drop united state a inquiry down below and we"ll get earlier to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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