The drive time indigenous downtown Phoenix to the cool Canyon is about 3.5 to 4 hours. The 229-mile route is a combination of Interstate and also regular two-lane highways. It"s straightforward drive that climbs increase from Phoenix in ~ an key of 1,090 feet, topping out at 7,000 feet in ~ the south Rim.

Transport alternatives from Phoenix incorporate self drive, tours, shuttle bus, and also a Greyhound bus/shuttle combo. You can also fly come Flagstaff indigenous Phoenix and then kinds ground transport to the grand Canyon.

If girlfriend are trying to find day pilgrimage options, the only way you"ll it is in able to achieve this job is if you journey yourself or take it a tour. If you room primarily involved with just gaining to the cool Canyon, and also time is not an issue, the bus/shuttle combo or shuttle-only alternatives will work along with the fly and also drive collection up.

Note: part businesses might be temporary closed because of recent worldwide health and also safety issues.

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1. Indigenous Phoenix to the cool Canyon through Car


Driving come the grand Canyon one of two people in your own vehicle or a rental automobile provides the greatest level that flexibility. The path is follow me well-maintained and well-signposted roads, and also although the recommended time for the trip is 3.5 hours, spending plan for longer. Several exceptional lookouts along the method may have you pulling end to snap a few photos.

The drive is fairly scenic, as you happen through number of vegetation zones ranging from cactus with to towering ponderosa jaw forests and also eventually a high desert area the scrub brush and also Pinyon pines near the rim.

The course most human being take is up Interstate 17 come Flagstaff and across scenic Highway 180 come Highway 64. Although Google Maps will desire to course you along Interstate 40 come Highway 64, the route along Highway 180 is significantly an ext scenic and also only 5 minutes longer. If friend do pick to take the I40, be sure to stop in and also check the end the city of Williams, house to the grand Canyon Railway.

Alternatively, you have the right to drive native Phoenix come Flagstaff via Sedona. This is a more an overwhelming drive, particularly between Sedona and also Flagstaff, however it"s also incredibly scenic. A wonderful method to break up your trip to the cool Canyon is to setup a prevent in Sedona. Inspect out the red rocks, soak increase a little bit of "Zen-ness," and also then travel up along Highway 89A v scenic Oak Creek Canyon, one of America"s top scenic byways, come Flagstaff and also on to the grand Canyon. Flagstaff, i beg your pardon you"ll pass v on every routes, is also well precious a avoid for its historical downtown area and Route 66 notoriety.

Once at the canyon, you deserve to park her car and also walk to every the significant viewpoints. To further explore areas, jump on any type of one of the three totally free shuttle buses that operate from March 1st through till November 30th.

If you have actually the time and also inclination to check out further afield, one excellent loop route that takes in the east Rim, the Desert watch Watchtower, the little Colorado flow Gorge, historical Cameron commerce Post, the Wupatki Pueblos, and also the Sunset Crater Volcano national Monument is suggested. From grand Canyon Village, take Highway 64 east (Desert view Drive) to Highway 89, which will lead you back to Flagstaff.

This course is only around 30 miles longer yet is very scenic. It additionally saves far-reaching back tracking if you desire to explore the eastern Rim area.

2. Native Phoenix to the cool Canyon by tour


A great way to reap a preventive day in Phoenix is to take a day trip tour come the cool Canyon. This civilization wonder is no to be missed. A tourism takes all the planning the end of the equation; every you need to do is show up at the appointed time and also let the tour firm take care of all the details.

With the 13-hour Small-Group or private Deluxe cool Canyon Day pilgrimage from Phoenix, you"ll watch all the famous sights that the cool Canyon including the south Rim, Mather Point, Bright point of view Trail, and also the Yavapai Geology Museum, together with many others. En path to the grand Canyon, a avoid in in ~ Williams allows for a little bit of shopping and an opportunity to watch the initial Route 66.

Always want to view the cool Canyon native a helicopter? consider taking the tiny Group grand Canyon Helicopter and also Ground expedition from Phoenix. This trip follows the itinerary above but includes a 45-minute helicopter trip prior to getting here at the park.

Both tour alternatives include hotel pickup and drop-off in the Phoenix subway area. Cool Canyon national Park admission is included, yet lunch is at your own expense.

3. From Phoenix Airport to the cool Canyon through Shuttle


Another an excellent budget alternative is to take it the spaceship bus that pipeline from the Phoenix sky Harbor Airport. This route, serviced entirely on Groome Transportation, pipeline the airport in ~ 10:30am and also heads straight to Flagstaff, arriving at 1:50pm. The following shuttle heading come the cool Canyon pipeline at 3:45pm and gets come the cool Canyon two hrs later at 5:45pm.

This course is appropriate if your trip arrives early enough to enable you to record the 10:30am shuttle buses. Any shuttles ~ 10:30am miss out on the last connection to the cool Canyon. Alternatively, if your accommodation place is closer come Phoenix airport 보다 the Greyhound bus depot in Glendale, by all way take this option. The national park admission is not contained in the fare.

4. Native Phoenix come the cool Canyon by Greyhound Bus and Shuttle


If you are remaining in Phoenix and also on a tight budget, it"s feasible to take the bus to the cool Canyon, you just need to perform a bit of coordination of schedules. Greyhound buses leave from Glendale, a suburb that Phoenix, at 11:40am and also arrive in Flagstaff 2.5 hours later. Native the bus station, simply walk one mile to the Amtrak station and catch the 3:45pm Groome transportation shuttle; you"ll come at the cool Canyon two hours later at 5:45pm.

This routing is cost-effective yet not horrible convenient because you"ll spend most of your day gaining to the grand Canyon, and also some waiting approximately in Flagstaff is required. However, if you room camping or continuing to be up in ~ the grand Canyon because that a few days, it"s a very viable option. Note that nationwide park join is not included in the fare.

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5. Indigenous Phoenix come the grand Canyon by wait & Drive


An alternative that could be viable if her incoming flight connection works is to fly from Phoenix skies Harbor Airport to Flagstaff, whereby you"ll pick up a rental car and continue to the cool Canyon. This hour-long flight is an especially scenic, as it climbs up over the Mogollon Rim and also the pine forests en path to Flagstaff. Keep an eye the end for the red rocks that Sedona follow me the way.

Pick increase a rental car and also from Flagstaff, it"s one more 1.5 hrs of scenic driving come the grand Canyon follow me Highway 180.