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1313 eastern 60TH STREET — CHICAGO 37 ILLINOIS

Information Report No. 145April 1961

Regulation of Mobile house Subdivisions

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Prepared by Frederick H. Bair, Jr.

In 1960, mobile residences made up about 10% that the supply of new non-farm single-family dwellings. In 1955, the figure was much less than 7%. In the future, the ratio of mobile homes, or dwellings constructed like cell phone homes however without wheels, guarantees to proceed to rise.

The mobile house is a notable example of the type of point we glorify in theory but are sluggish to readjust to in practice. Born of Yankee resourcefulness as the covered wagon and adjusted through casual design and do-it-yourself building with materials at your disposal to satisfy the unexacting requirements of depression-driven migrants in automobiles, in the last two decades it underwent a major metamorphosis in function, design, materials, and construction methods.

At present, the mobile house is designed and built as irreversible and reasonably fixed1 housing by modern-day industrial methods. It makes the many of brand-new design, materials and also fabrication techniques. Its wheel remain, yet are progressively vestigial remnants. It arrives at the site fully equipped through furniture and also appliances, ready for occupancy as soon as water, sewer and also electrical connections are made.

It does no look favor a traditional house. That is not developed like a conventional house, yet by methods much more closely akin come those used in building of airplane or automobiles. It is not sold prefer the typical house. That is financing, unlike the of the conventional house, contains furniture and also all appliances. It frequently does not have actually the same partnership to the floor on which the is situated as go the typical house. And also it has actually not quit changing.

It proceeds to obtain bigger together it moves toward the time once the wheels will come off. Already individual units are moving toward a 600 sq. Ft. Average, and combinations of aspects side by next or in T-shapes, or telescoping enhancements to separation, personal, instance units, through or there is no prefabricated "Florida rooms," make feasible sizes varying to 1,400 sq. Ft. And also beyond.

The mobile house is renowned with a growing variety of customers. They uncover it efficient, economical and comfortable. Plenty of of them select it over conventional housing. Retirees regularly leave conventional real estate in favor of mobile homes, and also the mobile home is generally the first house of the brand-new family.

As something new on the housing scene, the mobile house cuts throughout a vast spectrum of comfortable customs, and also affects numerous interest groups. It is about as renowned with typical home building contractors as was the car with buggy manufacturers. The realtor rarely gets a reduced of mobile home deals. On a many in a standard residential neighborhood, the mobile residence still creates alarm, shock and also lowered property values. The neighbors may have actually pushed because that no-lookalike zoning, however this is too lot of a good thing.

The municipality offers the usual range of services and facilities come mobile residence dwellers, however has been sluggish to find method for equitable collection of costs. Regional tax public representative are faced with a licensed automobile which is usually an owner-occupied permanent home on a many (usually rented) native which it might move.

Customary real estate tax actions don"t fit, and also it takes significant effort to devise other method to insure the the mobile house pays that is way.

The structure official has actually several problems. Should neighborhood building, plumbing, electrical and also heating password be applied to a car constructed in other places which is a residence yet may or may not it is in a framework according to the meaning in his book, also though the construction methods room closer come those because that an air structure than because that a typical house? Should real estate codes draft without consideration of the mobile residence be applied? In zoning, what have to he do once the meaning of single-family residence clearly fits the mobile home, however the mobile residence equally clear may produce a riot if permitted like any kind of other home in typical single-family districts?

So the mobile residence presents many difficulties which can"t be met by routine application of acquainted tools in the bureaucratic kit.

Good beginnings, in ~ least, have actually been make on services to plenty of of the special troubles presented through mobile homes. Mobile house Parks and an extensive Community smashville247.net, by Bartley and Bair,2 includes suggestions ~ above a wide variety of approaches. The legislation of mobile Homes, by Hodes and Roberson,3 provides legal background material on techniques for regulation of mobile residences as dwellings, mobile residence parks, taxation and also zoning.

The new York State department of housing has occurred a model real estate code because that mobile homes and mobile house parks.4 The California State division of housing has occurred and adopted "Rules and also Regulations for Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical devices in Trailer Coaches,"5 requiring a seal of approval denote compliance, and also the Mobile residence Manufacturers Association and also Trailer Coach Association, working through other expert organizations, societies and also associations, emerged a comparable code6 to which member-builders need to conform, for this reason easing the strain on shortage of neighborhood codes in this field. Here again, a seal ~ above the unit shows compliance. A general building code for mobile houses is in the making.

The commonwealth Housing administration has emerged Minimum Property demands for Mobile house Courts,7 providing a basis for detailed local regulation of architecture and advance of mobile home parks, and providing valuable leads because that mobile home subdivision regulations. The U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare has actually prepared Mobile residence Park Sanitation,8 a publishing which goes farther 보다 its location indicates and also includes information and standards on website provisions, business buildings, water supply, sewage and also refuse disposal, insect and rodent control, electricity, exterior lighting, fuel, fire protection and other matters.

The national Fire defense Association has produced Standards because that Fire Prevention and also Fire security in Trailer Coaches and also Trailer Courts.9

These and other new or adapted tools provide way for fitting the mobile residence into the bureaucratic framework. It stays for the planner to fit it into the city scene. Since the mobile house is no yet acceptable combined indiscriminately with conventional single-family housing, appropriate way for segregation are needed. Mobile home parks, usually perfect for multiple family members residence districts, are one solution questioned at length in Mobile residence Parks and substantial Community smashville247.net.

But currently comes one more rapidly-growing development, the mobile house subdivision. At present (1960) there are about 50 of these operation in the U.S., of which a small component are very great and most are not. The number is farming fast now, and also will grow faster. Whether this represents a get in an excellent housing or a acquire in slum real estate depends significantly on whether appropriate committed controls are enacted in time.

For the planner, the most crucial of this controls room zoning and also subdivision regulation.


As a very first step in setting up smashville247.net controls, the is crucial to come at some basic definitions. With the mobile residence evolving, this must be done in a manner which prevents obsolescence in the definitions almost before the regulations room adopted.

The mobile residence subdivision have to be specifically designed because that mobile homes and also the kind of real estate likely to prosper out of mobile homes. The an interpretation of "mobile home" calls for considerable treatment in scenarios where the mobility is disappearing prior to the wheels and also the wheels themselves are most likely to disappear soon.

Part of the difficulty is the the present name that the populated unit emphasizes a attribute of diminishing importance, and a new name requirements to it is in coined. In Puerto Rico, where dwellings developed by mobile house methods but without wheel may accomplish a need for real estate in the price course involved, the Spanish hatchet "casa completa" seems likely to take it hold. This makes sense, because the home is delivered fully furnished and also equipped, however "complete house" lacks something together an English equivalent and certainly falls quick of telling the entirety story in either language.

"Prefabricated housing" won"t do now that the term has been preempted by a type of real estate in i m sorry the facets are built elsewhere and also assembled at the site. We are talking about "ready-to-wear" housing, however still don"t know what to speak to it. The idea is had in the native "package home" or "package housing," yet these terms leave something to be wanted for the merchandiser, yet true it might be that the unit is housing which regularly looks prefer a box. Or acquisition a tip from the car industry, the term "compact homes" could be a step in the direction of an ext descriptive language.

For the moment, "mobile home" may have to do. Even if it is we speak to the thing being characterized a mobile house or miscellaneous else, the elements involved in specifying it are these:

It is a apartment which nearly never gives housing for more than one family.It is almost totally factory-built and also factory-assembled. Just minor and also incidental work are vital after the reaches the website — unpacking and also arranging objects defended during shipping, running out telescoping part or fastening two completed subunits together in the larger models, and connecting come utilities.In enhancement to structure completeness at time the delivery, the arrives fully equipped with furniture and significant appliances. In a contemporary unit there will be, built in, one or an ext complete bathrooms, a kitchen v sink, stove and refrigerator, water heating equipment, an are heating equipment, and quite perhaps air conditioning equipment, washing and also drying machines, TV, radio and also stereophonic sound.The unit is developed to deliver on highways after completion on wheels of its very own or (in the future) on flatbeds or other trailers. The is draft for shipment to the website from a street without requiring the type of unique permit compelled for moving a traditional dwelling.

Putting these elements together into a definition, we come up v something like this:

Mobile residence

A mobile residence is a single-family dwelling designed for transport after fabrication top top streets and also highways on its very own wheels or top top flatbed or other trailers, and arriving in ~ the site where it is come be populated as a dwelling complete and also ready because that occupancy, except for minor and incidental unpacking and also assembly operations, ar on jacks or permanent foundations, link to utilities and also the like.

It is possible, that course, to develop qualitative standards into the an interpretation by including phrases like "meeting the demands of Sec. ___, real estate Code of the City that _____," or various other phrases consisting of applicable regulation by reference. Little is included by including such language in the definition. The regulations use anyway. Together a general rule, the is far better to allow the interpretations define and the regulations regulate. As stated in smashville247.net Advisory company Information Report No. 72,10 "Definitions space in us a form of regulation, yet they should not it is in loaded through standards, measurements, or other regulations."

The only other an interpretation which shows up essential consists mobile home subdivisions. Right here the crux the the matter is a declare of to exclude, segregation, making it clear the the subdivision is for residential usage by mobile dwellings only.

Mobile home Subdivisions

A mobile residence subdivision is a subdivision designed and intended for residential usage where residence is in mobile homes exclusively.

Both these meanings should go into the zoning ordinance, and depending on the makeup of neighborhood subdivision regulations, the mobile residence subdivision an interpretation might be essential there also. If subdivision regulation are comparable to those in Suggested soil Subdivision Regulations,11 developed by the Housing and also Home Finance Agency, and also handle the issue of lot size in subdivisions by stating the they chandelier conform to the requirements of the zoning ordinance, insertion of one-of-a-kind wording relating to mobile residence subdivisions is unnecessary. If yet there is a statement the minimum residential lot size in locations served by public drain shall be 6,000 sq. Ft. And also minimum lot width shall be 60 ft., some tinkering will certainly be important for reasons discussed later, and also it will be preferable to incorporate the mobile home subdivision meaning to facilitate the tinkering.

Some other meanings may be needed. These will be discussed in paper definition later.

Location that Subdivisions and Parks

The mobile house park has actually apartment house features including rental the lots and provision the facilities and services come tenants by management. Although population density is not as high in parks conference FHA minimum standards for financing as in countless apartment houses, there is substantial justification because that calling the mobile home park a multiple-family usage for zoning purposes.

The mobile residence subdivision is one entirely different arrangement. Lots space not rented, however sold. The purchaser is not a tenant, yet a soil owner. Thickness is most likely to be somewhat higher than for many single-family areas, but the use is clearly a single-family use.

Considering the family member newness the the mobile home, the characteristically various appearance, and also the emotion that individual units have to not be blended in among conventional dwellings, it is discreet if not entirely logical come segregate mobile dwellings in either parks or subdivisions. If this is to it is in done, the zoning ordinance should suggest the residential ar in i beg your pardon mobile residence parks space to be permitted and also those in i m sorry mobile house subdivisions are to be permitted, and should additionally state that mobile dwellings will no be allowed in such districts except in mobile residence parks and also subdivisions. If there room to it is in districts wherein individual mobile dwellings are come be permitted to mix with conventional dwellings, this truth should be made clear.

Normally, neither conventional housing nor mobile homes occupied for residential purposes must be permitted in advertisement or commercial districts other than after very careful examination of local circumstances. In and around central business districts in significant cities, apartments will most likely be justified. Economics will most likely bar mobile house parks in together areas. However residences (mobile home, conventional, single or multiple-family) mixed with businesses in strip commercial or outlying shopping center areas contribute to each others blight. Mobile residence sales lots, that course, belonging in proper commercial areas.

Zoning regulate of Location

Zoning regulation of the place of mobile residence parks and also mobile home subdivisions might be handled in numerous ways. Together uses may be 1) allowed outright in appropriate residential districts; 2) developed as "floating" zones, to be "anchored" in ideal residential districts as soon as applications meet specified requirements; 3) allow as special exceptions in ideal residential districts after stated requirements have actually been met; or 4) provided for in distinct mobile house districts.

Generally speaking, that is better to have the use permitted outright in specified districts, topic to clearly specified requirements. The applicant to know what he can and cannot perform without prolonged negotiations which may involve the smashville247.net commission and also staff, the plank of adjustment and the administer body. If it can be said that "Mobile home parks (or subdivisions) meeting the following requirements will be allowed in district X," this is by far the best way to take care of the matter.

The "floating zone" technique establishes problems under which district boundaries will be drawn on the map after stated requirements have been met. It may carry out a reasonably narrow variety of uses, since the applicant for the ar designation will have actually those supplies in mind prior to applying. If the demands are met, there is no excuse because that refusing the zoning.

The special exemption is a maybe-so, maybe-not an equipment involving what may be an too much amount of red tape. Right here again, the specifications should be stated. If they have the right to be declared with sufficient clarity and completeness to defend public interest and policy (as collection forth in the an extensive plan or otherwise), there appears no factor why the plank of adjustment should come to be involved. (In most jurisdictions, the board of mediate is the just body legally authorized to manage special exceptions, and also efforts to provide for unique permits by the smashville247.net plank or the governing human body skate on slim legal ice.)

The special exception should be provided only whereby the case is so complex that inclusive rules cannot it is in stated. If this is the case, and also if the smashville247.net board has a experienced staff and also the plank of adjustment does not, that is advisable to need favorable reference from the smashville247.net board before the plank of adjustment may give the special exception. The solves nothing come say that a matter so technically complex that the specifications cannot be declared should be chose by a body which generally has no technical smashville247.net advice.

The one-of-a-kind district for mobile residences in parks or subdivisions involves another kind of problem. In this case, areas for mobile residence parks or subdivisions (or both) are fixed on the zoning map. Owner of land in the district space then minimal in the use of their land come mobile home parks or subdivisions, a rather narrow choice. If the district is the only one in i m sorry parks or subdivisions may be developed, they likewise have a monopoly on such uses.

As a "floating zone," there can be tiny objection come a highly dedicated district ~ above grounds of distinct privilege or of undue restriction. Anyone may have actually the distinct zone "anchored" anywhere within those residential locations found appropriate for mobile home subdivisions if the proposal meets the requirements of the ordinance. "Anchored" by edict in advance of the inquiry of interested parties, the special district can reason a lot of trouble.

It must be do clear the if the so-called one-of-a-kind mobile home district because that parks or subdivisions or both is not limited to such uses, but additionally permits single and multiple-family housing, the is no a special mobile house district, however a single or multiple-family district in i beg your pardon mobile residence parks or subdivisions space permitted along with other residential uses. The very same thing is true that a district in i beg your pardon mobile homes and conventional dwellings are permitted to mingle without the requirement that mobile homes shall it is in segregated in parks and subdivisions.

Appendix A of this report provides a sample the deed restrictions. Appendix B includes a checklist on "what to control where."

Area the Subdivisions

If zoning ordinance provisions are included by referral in subdivision regulations (as is normally the instance whether the subdivision regulations encompass a statement come that result or not) the matter of minimum area that mobile house subdivisions deserve to be handled totally in the zoning ordinance. In some cases, it may be necessary likewise to make distinct provision in the subdivision regulations.

Good management and sound economics collection a minimum dimension for mobile house parks. If there are not enough units to administer financial support for management services, the park will fail or become substandard. The minimum variety of units necessary, an unified with minimum standards on area every unit, sets the minimum size of the park.

In the situation of mobile residence subdivisions, a different collection of considerations space involved. Although there are mobile house subdivisions v club-type operations wherein ownership in the subdivision entitles inhabitants to the use of framework not easily accessible to the general public, it may be assumed that many subdivisions because that mobile residences will be choose conventional subdivisions. For this reason the aspect of management economics is not a determinant the minimum area.

But part minimum need to be set. Suggested floor Subdivision Regulations11 and also many local subdivision regulations define subdivision as the department of a thoreau of land into two or more lots or parcels. Division of a big lot in a residential community into two smaller sized ones conference minimum requirements poses no difficulties if the lots space for traditional residential use. Creation of a two-lot mobile residence subdivision in the midst of a traditional residential community would it is in something else again, specifically if lots smaller than those compelled for conventional residences are come be allowed in mobile residence subdivisions.

If mobile residences are to be segregated from conventional real estate (whether the decision to perform so is based on discretion rather than reasonable or not) they have to be well and also truly segregated, not scattered around in twos and also threes, nor yet in fours or fives. The answer, because that the tranquility of mind of mobile house dwellers and the community at large, lies in mobile house subdivisions large enough come constitute in ~ least small neighborhoods. (The word ar is used here in its initial sense.)

What constitutes enough lots to consist of a tiny neighborhood is a issue for regional determination. Together a starting point for local refinement, if many size and density controls debated later are offered there will be 5–8 units per acre in sewered subdivisions. If the is felt the 50–100 residences are enough to consist of a little neighborhood, about ten acres will perform for the minimum. If that is felt the a larger number is desirable, the acreage have to be increased.


Sources the Information

There are plenty of sources of indict on design and also standards for typical residential subdivisions. Among books and also manuals released in the previous ten years space FHA"s Suggested floor Subdivision Regulations,11 the global City managers Association"s Local smashville247.net Administration,12 the Senate of the State that California"s Subdivision Manual,13 the national Association of residence Builders" Home home builders Manual because that Land Development,14 the neighborhood smashville247.net combination of Canada"s How to Subdivide,15 the Canadian main Mortgage and also Housing Corporation"s Principles of tiny House Grouping16 and Housing Design (Parts Iand II),17 V. Joseph Kostka"s Neighborhood smashville247.net,18 FHA"s Neighborhood Standards,19 and also Clarence Stein"s Toward brand-new Towns for America.20

smashville247.net Advisory business has had several information Reports with pertinent information. No. 27, Zoning for group Housing Development,21 released in 1951, to be a sound at an early stage treatment extending what is now called "cluster subdivisions," and also the current No. 135, Cluster Subdivisions,22 deals with some that the same subject matter. Between these two, a considerable number of smashville247.net Advisory business Information Reports have been released bearing ~ above subdivision design, standards, and control measures.The urban Land Institute, in the monthly news Urban Land,23 typically contains useful material, for example: "Developing Golf food Subdivisions," by G. H. Crabtree, Jr. In the September 1958 issue; "Zoning because that the to plan Community," through Fred W. Tuemmler in April 1954; and "Notes on Street Cross-Sections in Residential Subdivisions," by Allen Benjamin in may 1960. And there have actually been valuable Technical Bulletins indigenous the city Land Institute, as for instance No. 36, published in December 1959, Securing Open room for city America: preservation Easements,24 by wilhelm H. Whyte, Jr. And also No. 40, January 1961, New approaches to Residential soil Development.25

The newspaper of the American academy of Planners, in the fall 1952 issue, had actually an post "New smashville247.net and Subdivision Methods"26 through Alexander Klein which included suggestions on initial approaches. The American City,27 House and also Home,28 Landscape Architecture,29 and also Architectural Forum,30 are among periodicals i beg your pardon frequently bring material likely to it is in helpful.

There is no shortage of material on subdivision design and also design standards. There are two problems around using together information, one general, the various other specific, together relates to mobile house subdivisions. The general trouble is common to all smashville247.net — an accept of ideas or criter without understanding how they became or whether they have to still apply. The details problem is to adapt sound ideas and standards for typical subdivisions come the requirements of the mobile house subdivision.

Starting through the Unit

Design of the mobile home subdivision must start through an understanding of the architecture of the mobile home. Part mobile house floor plans, ranging from tiny units come large, are presented in numbers 1 and also 2.




The units and also their component parts are not all that have to be considered. In plenty of cases, prefabricated or conventionally-built extended patios, "Florida rooms," vehicle ports or garages, energy rooms, and also other enhancements will be made. However the form of the simple unit is such that also with these enhancements it is likely to run lengthwise through the lot, fairly than across it, and also custom in this matter is currently well established. Additions will commonly be on the same axis.

The main entrance is generally at the best side toward the former of the unit, and also living-room orientation is usually toward the exact same side, back mobile house living areas always have windows on two sides, and frequently (unless the kitchen and also dining locations are towards the front) on 3 sides.

Master bedrooms, at the rear of the unit, usually have actually windows on 3 sides, almost always on two. If there are extr bedrooms, they are usually situated at the next of the unit far from the prior entrance, are accessible from a hall along the front-entrance side, and have windows with just one exposure.

Lot Shape, Orientation and also Dimensions

A examine of mobile home living unit plans renders it clear that the layout because that subdivisions because that conventional real estate will no fit mobile homes.

Some adaptation is preferable even in the most prosaic design. Because that example, in a rectangular block, lots for standard residences regularly look like number 3.

The devices run lengthwise top top the lots, most of the windows face nearby units, and also the understand bedrooms, in ~ the rear of the units, are likely to be side by side. Evaluation of floor plans shows why this type of arrangement is no well adapted to the normal mobile home. Yet if the lots room diagonal to the street (at an angle of 30 levels from perpendicular) the photo changes, as checked out in number 5.

The residences run throughout the lot, through the front life room windows facing the street, and with bedrooms usually beside the neighbor"s carport. If mobile residences are compelled into the very same subdivision pattern, the result is something like number 4.


The orientation of primary windows is now toward the street, and the relationship of the other functional locations in nearby units is lot improved.

Obviously, if mobile homes are to be laid the end in rectangle-shaped blocks, diagonal lots are far much better than perpendicular ones. The goes there is no saying that the front and rear many lines need to be right and continuous in such cases, fairly than in a saw-tooth pattern.

In establishing lot sizes and widths in unsewered areas, wherein septic tanks room to be supplied in mobile residence subdivisions (and the method might fine be used to conventional subdivisions), a departure from usual practice is suggested. Countless current subdivision regulation contain something favor the complying with language: "residential lots to be offered by septic tanks shall be not much less than __ feet wide, nor much less than __ feet in area."

This may facilitate management and processing, but if satisfactory operation of septic tanks is the main objective, that doesn"t make much sense. In most locations there is large variation in subsoil conditions and groundwater levels. If a level standard is to safeguard public health throughout the jurisdictional area, it have to be aligned to the worst conditions in the area. That is thus unnecessarily high for all however the worst conditions, and raises development and municipal costs, wastes land, and also adds to metropolitan sprawl. Top top the other hand, a flat standard based upon "average" soil and groundwater problems falls short of necessary protection for numerous properties.

So for subdivisions (mobile home or otherwise) to be offered with separation, personal, instance septic tanks, it would be much better to state "Residential too many to be offered by septic tanks shall be of a width and area conference the approval the _________ (the city or county health authority)." This would typical that determination of many widths and areas in a particular subdivision whereby septic tanks were to be provided would be on the basis of authoritative determinations regarding what the would take to make a septic tank work. Trained wellness officials are easily accessible in many jurisdictions, and should it is in consulted at the pre-application phase in subdividing.

Where such determinations call for bigger or more comprehensive lots than are forced by the zoning ordinance for the ar involved, they would certainly override the zoning ordinance. Usually this would be taken care of automatically. Many zoning ordinances save on computer a statement come the effect that "Wherever the needs of this ordinance room at variance v the requirements of any kind of other lawfully adopted rules, regulations, ordinances, deed restrictions or covenants, the many restrictive or the imposing the higher standards, shall govern."In any type of subdivision come be offered by septic tanks, if over there is prospect of windy sewerage in the future, the is usual sense to get the septic tanks located where they deserve to be bound in v public sewerage through minimum strain. A toilet purged in a mobile house is the exact same as a toilet purged in a conventional house, and the size and shape of the mobile house is no grounds because that permitting poor lot shape or area so much as septic tank procedure is concerned. Here again, the health and wellness authorities are in the finest position to judge.

In developing lot sizes and widths in sewered areas, as in creating lot shape, mobile residence subdivision needs vary from needs for subdivisions of standard homes.For standard subdivisions, Suggested Land Subdivision Regulations11 indicates in a footnote that wherein zoning does no set higher standards, lots offered by windy sewers should not be less than 60 feet large and not less than 6,000 sq. Ft. In area.

These numbers have been enshrined by extensive application as standards rather than minimums. Why they were selected is no altogether clear, but mile after mile the conventional advancement follows a sample in which rectangle-shaped lots are exactly 60 feet broad and exactly 6,000 square feet in area, or as tiny above these figures as possible.

The 60-foot minimum lot broad may have been set and maintained for conventional residences because breakthrough housing (from the Cape Cod come the ranch-type and also split-level) has customarily to be laid out with the long axis throughout the lot. The measurement of the simple house, and the require for garages or automobile ports, driveways, side yards, and also other ancillary features, make it noticeable that much less than 60 feet would certainly hardly it is in practicable.

The mobile house is different. It is customarily sited follow me the lengthy axis the the lot, and also the unit is commonly long and narrow. Hence lots deserve to be narrower 보다 the revered 60 feet and also still administer greater separation in between units 보다 is customary through conventional housing.

The primary current form is the 10"-wide, yet the 12"-wide seems to be arising fast, and a 12-foot minimum width for the mobile house itself is probably a sound bottom figure from i beg your pardon to begin smashville247.net. A 12"-wide through two 10-foot side yards, (and without any added structures increasing its width) would need a 32-foot minimum lot of width. (If it were 50 feet long it would provide 600 square feet the floor area.)

Moving right into the top range, combination of 2 12-foot subunits to form a 24-foot mobile home with 10-foot next yards provides minimum lot of width required 44 feet. This width would also enable for a range of 10- or 12-foot units through additions. (Maximum floor an are could exceed 1,500 square feet.)

Thus, if 10-foot side yards are specified as minimums (and they more than likely should be) the variety of lot widths most likely to be compelled runs native 32 come 44 feet. This would carry out 20-foot minimum clearance in between structures on surrounding lots, substantially more than is usually discovered in high-density subdivisions of traditional single-family houses.

The diagonal layout gives open area in prior of primary living room windows, if situated in the forward part of the unit, and also there is adequate spatial separation between other functional locations in adjacent units. Yet the use of the diagonal lot introduce complications in terminology and measurement. On rectangular lots, width is measure up parallel to the street, depth is measured perpendicular. On diagonal lots, this doesn"t make sense in regards to the intended features of lot width and depth. Therefore some new terms room necessary:

Effective width of a diagonal line lot is the width essential to allow for a mobile residence sited top top the diagonal, along with structural additions and forced side yards. On internal lots, that is measure at best angles throughout the lot indigenous one diagonal side line to the other. Due to the fact that these lots are parallelograms, it doesn"t make any kind of difference wherein the measurement is made. But since variations the the pattern and corner lots may complicate things, the is recipient to specify that the measure up shall it is in made at best angles from the diagonal having the greatest aberration from perpendicular come the street, through the midpoint that the behind line of the compelled front yard, come the opposite next lot heat or an extension thereof. Special therapy will be important on corner lots. One collection of corner lots will certainly not need as much effective width as interior lots, the various other will require considerably more.

Effective depth that a diagonal lot is the depth necessary to carry out for a mobile residence sited top top the diagonal plus forced front and rear yards. On lots which are diagonal parallelograms, it might be measured under either next lot line. On other lots involving diagonal side lot lines, or on corner lots, the longest diagonal lot line should be used.

Block Design

The diagrams and also tables i beg your pardon follow deal with lots which space parallelograms at 30 levels from perpendicular to the street. This is apparently destined to be a common kind in mobile home subdivisions, and also detailed exercises in the use aid to create some theory and also standards which might be advantageous in other kinds that mobile home subdivision design.

Figure 6 shows the sort of lot pattern which can be expected on a rectangle-shaped block v diagonal lots, and also indicates just how mobile house units with assorted shapes and enhancements might fit together lots.


The tables provide a theoretical communication for fast computations. This assume a 5-acre rectangular block in i m sorry the length and also depth deserve to be varied at will. Nobody of the block exceed a maximum length of 1100 feet. On all four sides the the block, the is assumed that 30-foot fifty percent streets have been provided. Former yards room assumed to it is in 25 feet deep, behind yards 10 feet deep, both measure perpendicular to front and rear many lines. Efficient side yards (measured perpendicular come the diagonal next lot lines) are each 10 feet wide. On corner lots, 12.5-foot former yards (half the full depth) are required surrounding to the next street.

These tables represent theoretical maximums on variety of lots and also density every acre. As well as street best of way, no floor is taken into consideration outside the area of the lots themselves. Every utilities required are assumed to be located in the street appropriate of way. No land other than highways is detailed for publicly or quasi-public purposes.

It is strongly emphasized the the layout disputed in information at this suggest is no recommended as the ultimate in mobile house subdivision design. The prosaic diagonal lots marching in echelon in rectangle-shaped blocks along straight streets represent the mobile residence subdivision equivalent of countless conventional real estate developments. There seems to it is in no justification because that forbidding it. It insures a monotonous and also efficient use of an are and provides a minimum of protection for the users.

The objective of the diagrams and tables is to provide a floor for standards, a suggest of leave for preferable improvements.

In number 7, edge lots I and also III and interior many II highlight the three simple patterns for 30° parallel lots in rectangular blocks. Normally, that course, there would be countless interior lots in between the corners.


The inner lot presented provides a 24-foot reliable width for a 65-foot 12"-wide cell phone home and additions, plus next yards with reliable widths of 10 feet. Total area of the lot is 4,943 square feet, ""buildable"" area 1,726 square feet.Corner too many I and III as depicted are likewise designed to take it 65 foot 12"-wides, and also have side yards v 10 foot efficient widths toward the center of the block, continuing the sample on interior lots. Their "buildable" areas are similar in size — 1768 sq. Ft. — yet reversed in orientation. Total areas of I and also III room 4,680 and also 5,522 square feet.

Lot i presents a minor difficulty in use. Unless the unit is reversed ~ above the lot, with accessibility from the next street, a door would have to be provided on the "off" side of the living room to provide direct access to the accessory structure.

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In this pattern, lots located like I have actually a curious characteristic. Regardless of the size of the 12"-wide unit offered in determining depth the the too many in the block face, the minimum street frontage required for edge lots in this place remains 20.01 feet if the mobile residence is collection at the rear line the the forced front yard. Street frontage forced for edge lots in the place of III different according come the length of the 12"-wide unit to plan for.