Want to learn about a yarn? Look in ~ the skein band or ball band on it! Keep analysis this blog come learn how to check out a skein band.

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Follow along as we read a skein band! We"re making use of Super Saver in ours example. Come start, place your yarn so the Red Heart logo is encountering you.

Outside of Band


The big red love on the skein band tells girlfriend this is Red heart Yarn! under the Red Heart name the logo design tells you that this certain skein is our Super Saver yarn.

Above the logo a line states that the yarn is worsted weight, or a 4 load in the craft Yarn board of directors yarn group system that we use.

Underneath the heart you have the right to see the small American flag in the left hand corner indicating that the yarn is do in the USA. ~ above the right-hand corner is the fact that super Saver go not have dye lots in solid colors. You have the right to see this composed in English, French, and also Spanish. To meet regulations the copy ~ above the sphere band need to be in many languages.

Turn the skein slightly far from girlfriend so you can see the snapshot of the free pattern. Your snapshot may be different than the one in our example. One kind of yarn may have the same pattern on all of the skein bands or it might have various patterns on various skein bands. Which pattern is ~ above any details skein of yarn is just because of chance.


At the peak of the skein tape in this shot you have the right to see a red line where it provides the net weight and also the yardage because that this skein. In the us yarn is marketed by weight, for this reason this skein is 7 ounces or 198 grams. The yardage provided is an estimate and also is the least amount the yarn you will encounter in the skein; the actual amount may be more. Because yarn is sold by weight and not through yardage no two skeins the yarn will have actually the exact same yardage.

The picture mirrors the cost-free pattern easily accessible on the inside of the sphere band. This particular cost-free pattern is because that the Double-Sole Slippers; the snapshot has the sample number superimposed on top of it. The white crate to the left the the pattern picture has a crochet hook, for this reason you deserve to tell this is a crochet pattern. Various other skein bands may have an image of crossed knitting needles to tell you the the totally free pattern is knit. The numbers published in the white box suggest the dimension of the crochet hook (or knit needles, for other patterns) used in the cost-free pattern. This particular free pattern supplies a 5.5mm crochet hook. Listed below the white crate the number of skeins necessary for the picture and the color shown in the picture are listed. This pattern offers 1 skein the 319 Cherry Red.

Social media logos are noted below the pattern information. If you go to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, friend will have the ability to find Red heart Yarns accounts.

Below the pattern photo is our website, then you obtain to the technical information: the manufacturing details the the yarn, our address, manufacturing and also recycling details for the paper, and also the importing information for our organization in Mexico.


If friend continue transforming the skein you"ll see a white sticker hold the end of the skein band together. The sticker offers the name of the yarn color over the write-up number and also the shade number. Because that this skein the shade is Cherry Red, the short article number is E300, and also the color is 0319. The various other numbers present when it to be manufactured. At sight Saver does no have any dye too many in hard colors, yet yarns that do have dye lots have the dye lot of information also printed on the skein band. The bar code permits the skein to be identified and also for you come buy it in ~ the store.


If you revolve it far from friend again, under the "No Dye Lot" notification are the yarn information, gauge, and also washing instructions.

Left come right, the boxes are for:This yarn has a load of 4 in the craft Yarn Council category system.The gauge of this yarn v 5mm/US 8 knit needles is 17 stitches and 23 rows in 4"x4" (10 centimeter x 10 cm).The gauge of this yarn v a 5.5mm/US I-9 crochet hook is 12 single crochets and also 15 rows in 4"x4" (10 cm x 10 cm).This yarn have the right to be machine washed.This yarn can be tumble dried.You have to not use an steel on this yarn.

The basic laundry instructions and also the fiber content of the yarn (100% acrylic) are provided next.

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The next collection of images shows you that this yarn is a skein, and that you can pull the from the center. For more details on this, please watch our blog top top the difference between balls and skeins the yarn. Now you"re ago at the beginning!

Inside of Band

To look at the inside of the band, slide the tape off of the skein. At the white sticker closely pull therefore the band opens flat without ripping. The within of the band has actually a created pattern because that the photo on the external of the band. The sample is provided in French and also English. Girlfriend can additionally find the sample on our website by looking the number that is shown on the picture.