Almost every person has a press – that is more comfortable to usage one anytime girlfriend want and need, right? However, once it comes to economy and also common sense, the is quite to know how many pages you can print and also what impacts that number. 

Today, we will clarify this topic and share part tips on exactly how to optimize the printing routine. 

Things that affect your print process

So exactly how long walk an squid cartridge last? it is a good question! The point is there space several factors that influence how countless pages you can print.

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Printer model

The very first and major factor is the design of printer used. Nowadays, the variety of printers is really wide. Every year, plenty of models room updated, and also this influences how long an octopus cartridge lasts. 

Let’s compare, for example, two HP printers released with a 5-year difference. HP DeskJet F2400 that uses 60XL octopus can produce up to 600 black and also white copies and also 450 shade ones. Meanwhile, the HP OfficeJet 7500A that offers 920XL cartridge makes 1200 black and white copies and also 700 color ones just from one octopus cartridge v Smart Ink.

Another good example of a high-yield press is Canon 250 the can carry out you v 5530 duplicates using only one squid cartridge. That’s nice impressive, right?

And through Brother 227 (high yield toner), you will certainly sleep well, discovering that you’ll need one toner cartridge for 2300 colorful copies.

Printing type

The second important thing to pay fist to is a form of printing – black and also white or colorful. If girlfriend look at any type of colorful picture, you’ll watch plenty of different shades and hues of the exact same color. Every these need to be reflected during printing. 

On the various other hand, black and white photos mainly have two colors and also sometimes different shades of grey. That’s why the amount of just how much ink is in a press cartridge is different relying on the printing type you choose.


Probably among the most an effective factors that influence the total variety of pages your press can develop is the quantity of squid in the cartridge or its size, e.g. L, XL or XXL.

Smart ink cartridges regularly come in XL size, which method that you will be able to make much an ext prints without an altering your cartridges. This permits our client to usage inks longer and also save up a little bit on what’s an ext important to them.

Tips to make the most of your printer inks

Previously we disputed how numerous pages can one ink cartridge print. Mainly it relies on the technical characteristics of your maker and the printing mode itself. Still, friend can impact this number. 

Tip 1. Choose high-quality ink cartridges. The web page yields will certainly be much more accurate, the high quality higher, and also the operation will it is in trouble-free. 

Tip 2. don’t forget to take care of her cartridges if you desire them to serve you as lengthy as possible.

Tip 3. store in mind the humidity and also the temperature in the room affect your printer and inks. If the temperature is also high or too low, girlfriend risk losing print quality. 

Tip 4.

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offer your printer some space, and do not place too countless objects roughly it. The street to the next object indigenous the printer should be at least 6 inches. 

Keep in mind

So how many pages go an octopus cartridge print? 

It yes, really depends. Please don’t forget the there are a lot of determinants that affect the number of prints you can get. The most prominent ones space printer and also cartridge models, your liked printing type, and also how girlfriend take treatment of her device.

Now you additionally know over there are various cartridges to select from. Remember that high-quality octopus are vital to a pleasant and also trouble-free print experience. For example, with Smart octopus XL cartridges, you deserve to print for fairly a while, enjoying the process and gaining perfect results. 

If girlfriend still have any questions regarding the printing process and different cartridges, nothing hesitate to contact our Customer treatment team – we work 24/7 for you.