So, Recode reported this particular day that Twitter was tinkering around with the idea of widening its 140 character limit to a number a little bit higher….10,000 characters.

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But what, girlfriend ask (and I’m happy you did), go 10,000 characters look like? Well, hey. Let’s find out.

Soooo, walk you view the Warriors game last night? Crazy, right? It to be nice to watch Harrison Barnes ago and the entire crowd cheered as soon as he gone into the game. Steph Curry is most likely not human, due to the fact that he shoots the sphere from the parking lot and it swishes choose butter. Just how many characters am I approximately now? Lemme check, so hold on….


Anyways, climate it began raining today and also my dog don’t like rain therefore it’s really complicated to take it them outside to execute their organization in the morning as soon as they don’t want to address the rain. I shot to talk them right into the reality that they’re actually getting a bath and also pooping in ~ the same time, sort of a two birds through one stone thing. They don’t purchase it. Speaking of rain, the didn’t rain on my wedding day favor the weather human being thought the would. How do they save their work when they’re wrong every one of the time? It’s practically like they might do mine job. Wait, ns didn’t average that just how it sounded. Where space we at now?


OK. For this reason anyways. Here’s a favourite quote of mine from bill Clinton:

If you live long enough, you’ll do mistakes. But if you find out from them, you’ll it is in a far better person. It’s exactly how you handle adversity, not how it influence you. The key thing is never ever quit, never quit, never ever quit.

I think what he’s saying is that you have the right to make mistakes, yet you need to learn native them. I’ve made a bunch of mistakes, how around you? My dogs made a wrong this morning since they didn’t want to go out in the rain. Yet that’s cool, i don’t acquire mad. Life’s too short, friend know?

Never quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never ever quit. Never ever quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit. Never quit.


Did you watch the president speak around gun control today? It’s important. More than likely the many important difficulty of ours time and we have to solve it. Here’s what he said today:

THE PRESIDENT: Happy brand-new Year, everybody. Before the new Year, I pointed out that ns had offered the charge to my lawyer General, FBI Director, Deputy Director at the ATF, and also personnel in ~ my White house to work-related together to view what much more we can do to stop a scourge of gun violence in this country.

I think everybody right here is all too acquainted with the statistics. We have actually tens the thousands of people every single year that are eliminated by guns. We have actually suicides that are committed by firearms at a rate that much exceeds various other countries. We have a frequency of fixed shootings that much exceeds other countries in frequency.

And although it is my strong belief that for us to acquire our finish arm approximately the difficulty Congress requirements to act, what ns asked my team to do is to watch what an ext we can do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling right into the wrong hands to make sure that criminals, world who space mentally unstable, those who could pose a danger to themselves or rather are less likely to get them.

And I’ve just received earlier a report native Attorney basic Lynch, director Comey, and also Deputy manager Brandon around some the the ideas and also initiatives the they think deserve to make a difference. And the an excellent news is, is that these space not only recommendations that are well in ~ my legitimate authority and also the executive, management branch, but they’re likewise ones that the overwhelming bulk of the American people, consisting of gun owners, support and also believe.

So over the next several days, fine be rolling the end these initiatives. We’ll be making certain that civilization have a an extremely clear expertise of what have the right to make a difference and also what we can do. And also although we need to be an extremely clear the this is no going to resolve every violent crime in this country, it’s not going to prevent every fixed shooting, it’s no going to save every gun the end of the hand of a criminal, it will possibly save lives and spare family members the pain and the especially loss the they’ve suffered as a consequence of a firearm obtaining in the hands of the dorn people.

I’m additionally confident that the recommendations that space being made by my team right here are people that room entirely consistent with the second Amendment and people’s lawful right to bear arms. And also we’ve been very careful recognizing that, back we have actually a strong tradition the gun ownership in this country, that also though it’s who possess firearms for hunting, for self-protection, and for other legitimate reasons, I want to make sure that the wrong human being don’t have actually them for the not correct reasons.

So I desire to say just how much I evaluate the outstanding work-related that the team has actually done. Plenty of of you worked over the holidays to obtain this set of references to me. And also I’m looking forward to speaking to the American world over the next several job in more detail about it.

Thank you an extremely much, everybody.

Regardless of whereby you stand on the matter, we have actually to change some things.

Back to tech. Room you at CES? I’m no this year. Mostly because there’s a the majority of germs and I shouldn’t be approximately them if i can assist it. I’m pretty certain my dogs would have actually liked the though, due to the fact that there’s a the majority of tech in las vegas for all kinds of people (and pets). If you to be a dog would certainly you desire a phone? Or a self-feeding thing? Of course you would. You’d have to sit approximately all work watching your parents use modern technology while you sit around and lick yourself. What type of existence is that? ns know, right? i hope there’s some dog technology that comes the end of the conference, otherwise it’s a wash.


Time for an additional quote. JFK this time:

When composed in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is created of two characters. One to represent danger and also the other represents opportunity.

I think what JFK expected was just since things aren’t going your means doesn’t median that it won’t eventually. You need to play the long game, you have to stick in there and also see points as much as you deserve to possibly check out them. It’s prefer Twitter. Human being are worried around whether Twitter can weather the storm of absence of growth. I think that can. What about the character count? Well, ns personally feel prefer asking civilization to keep their thoughts much shorter make them more powerful. They’re less complicated to share. Repeat, etc. What will happen when human being can placed this much text in a tweet? ns don’t know. I do know that ns don’t desire to spend hours reading tweets because I choose the fact that I have the right to glance at the app and also figure the end what’s going on pretty quickly.

If I want to write a book, I’d execute it ~ above Facebook.

But maybe world want much more characters. I’m not certain who, though. I’d like to satisfy them. Probably they have actually dogs, too. We could chat around that.

What are your favourite movies? I have actually a height 10 and also it changes sometimes:

– Rocky– Forrest Gump– actors Away– terrific Mr. Fox– Signs– Lars and the genuine Girl– Superbad– Spaceballs– Shawshank Redemption– Jackie Brown

Share yours in the comment if you want.


Here’s an additional quote, this time from Maya Angelou:

The thing to do, it seems to me, is come prepare you yourself so you can be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. Somebody who might not look choose you. May not call God the same name you contact God – if they contact God at all. I may not dance her dances or speak her language. Yet be a blessing come somebody. That’s what i think.

Being a blessing to who is a great way come be. Have you been a blessing to who lately? i feel prefer we could all execute a far better job of that, also if it’s in small ways. Ns feel favor people always want to perform something an excellent and massively huge, however forget around all the the small things along the way. Making someone smile, holding the door for someone, providing someone a hug when they really really need it. Those type of things last forever. Don’t hold earlier on law a bunch of little good things to do something large that you’ll gain overwhelmed with and not follow v on.

8614. Wow, this is a most characters.

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I feel like Kurt Wagner walk a great job of talking around the implications of broadening tweets to 10,000 characters:

The architecture aspect is key. Do Tweets bigger by adding much more content or bigger images has lessened user engagement in the past, according to one source. That provides sense. If tweets take it a lengthy time come consume or take it up more space on your screen, it’s most likely that you’ll view (and engage with) under of them. Therefore Twitter is trying come add much more content there is no disrupting the means you currently scroll through your timeline.

How can Twitter become much more like facebook without ending up being Facebook? There’s too plenty of words ~ above Facebook, other the company itself is make the efforts to gain away from by introducing all sorts of new media, prefer 360 degree videos. There’s constantly a location for long type content, and just due to the fact that you have the space doesn’t median you have to fill it. But still, a lot of people will try. Spammers will definitely try. In fact, have the right to you imagine getting spam tweets that room over 140 characters? Ugh. It’ll be choose reading SPAM in your EMAIL!