I have been given a script that consists of a produced code that has 5 alphabetic personalities (A-Z) and 5 number (0-9). Once concatenated, the password looks something like:

ABCDE12345I have actually tried separating them in two and calculating the possible combinations because that the letters and also numbers separately yet I to be unsure what to usage for n and r.

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This problem depends on even if it is or not you deserve to repeat letters. If you have the right to repeat letters there are $26$ selections for every letter and $10$ choices for every digit. In together a case there are$26^5\times 10 ^5$ways.

If girlfriend can"t repeat letters then we need to arrange $5$ letter from $26$ feasible letters and also arrange $5$ number from $10$ number (the two choices are independent). In this situation there are$P(26,5)\times P(10, 5)$ways.


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exactly how to calculate the number of possible patent plate utilizing the formula because that combinations with repetitions allowed?

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