Major organization Baseball Pitchers v 3,000+ job Strikeouts

The 3,000 Strikeouts club refers to major League Baseball pitchers who have struck the end at the very least 3,000 batters throughout the career. It is not an actual award, however rather a historical milestone, and an ext of a personal plateau. The i of time has placed more significance top top the attainment the this goal and memorabilia mirrors were once carried out using the term 3,000 Strikeouts club member.

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Baseball Almanac is pleasure to existing a comprehensive look in ~ this important elite society of 3,000 strikeout pitchers that couple of belong to, and many just dream of coming near. Note: A bold confronted entry denotes the the player has been inducted right into the national Baseball hall of Fame.


"I don"t pitch with my stomach." - hall of fame Pitcher and 3,000 Strikeout society Member Gaylord Perry (answer come a reporter who asked around being an overweight pitcher)

3,000 Strikeouts Club

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Walter Johnson was the "creator" the the 3,000 Strikeouts Club" and the an initial member who passed away— imagine having actually his signature ~ above a sweet spot through all the remaining members on that very same ball!

Did you understand that Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, and also CC Sabathia are the just left-handed pitchers in significant League background with over three-thousand strikeouts? The other sixteen strikeout majesties are every right-handed hurlers.

Gaylord Perry, Don Sutton and Greg Maddux every belong to this elite group of three-thousand whiff pitchers, however none of the three ever led their organization in strikeouts also once throughout their entire significant League career.

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