There are nine standard positions in baseball; they space governed an ext by experience and traditional exercise than by the rules. Castle are: pitcher, catcher, very first baseman, 2nd baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder and right fielder. Other positions include the designated hitter, and devoted roles such as pinch hitter and also pinch runner. Despite the absence of rules on positioning, the location have come to be so standardized the anything much more than a minor change in players" positons is viewed as noteworthy.

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Only 2 players have their positions characterized in the rules. The pitcher have to start each play in contact with the pitcher"s rubber, and the catcher need to start each play in the catcher"s crate behind house plate. The other seven fielders may position themselves all over in same territory. Experience has actually taught teams that the best strategy is to position four infielders near the lines in between first, second, and third base and also three outfielders deep in the field. Both infielders and outfielders are usually spread out to avoid big gaps between them. Fielders will occasionally use a defensive shift in i beg your pardon they relocate from their normal positions for part tactical reason.

Playing every nine location in one game

A stunt which came to be popular beginning in the mid-1960s is because that a player to play every nine location in a single game. This is typically done to provide a utility player, that plays a low-profile but useful function on a team, a possibility to acquire in the spotlight for a day. While this players are supplied to playing many of the infield and outfield positions, playing catcher and also pitcher deserve to sometimes it is in a challenge, due to the fact that of your very devoted nature. In the purest kind of the stunt, the player plays a complete inning at every position, with substitutions being made throughout the video game to allow him to move around, although occasionally the pitching appearance is limited to a solitary batter, given that this takes place in a competitive video game whose results count in the standings. The feat has actually been performed 5 times in the major leagues (all in the American League) and much more often in the young leagues.

The very first player to pull off the feat in significant league baseball was Bert Campaneris, for the Kansas City Athletics versus the California Angels on September 8, 1965. He led off for Kansas City and played one inning at every position, pitching the 8th and catching the 9th. He offered up one operation as a pitcher. When the game continued into extra innings, the was replaced by catcher Rene Lachemann. In ~ the plate, he went 0 because that 3 v a walk and a operation scored. The Angels won the game, 5-3, in 13 innings.

On September 22, 1968, Cesar Tovar played all nine positions for the Minnesota Twins versus the Oakland Athletics. Top off, Tovar to be the Twins" beginning pitcher, providing up only a two-out walk come Danny Cater prior to moving come catcher in the 2nd inning. Campaneris was play shortstop because that the A"s the day and was the very first batter Tovar confronted as a pitcher. He played every nine location in stimulate (1 v 9, follow to the numbers given in keeping score) and went 1 because that 3 at the plate v a walk and also a run scored. Tom room took over because that him ~ above the mound and also pitched 6 1/3 innings, gaining credit for the 2-1 win.

Scott Sheldon the the Texas ranger was alongside pull turn off the feat, on September 6, 2000 in a 13-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox. This one was no planned, together Sheldon only gotten in the video game as a protective replacement because that C bill Haselman in the bottom that the 4th, with the Rangers currently down, 4-1. As a result, that did no play a complete inning at every position, splitting the sixth inning in between SS and 2B, the 7th between RF and LF, and the 8th between CF, P and also 3B. He confronted only one batter, striking the end Jeff Liefer. As a hitter, he to be 1 because that 2.

A couple of days later, top top October 1, 2000, Shane Halter of the Detroit many tigers did that in ~ above the critical day of the season. Batting 9th against the Minnesota Twins, he started the video game at 1B and played one place per inning, until pitching in the 8th when he to walk the only male he faced, Matt LeCroy. The then relocated to 2B, where he continued to be for the remainder the the game, which was a wild affair, finishing v a score of 12-11 because that Detroit. Halter walk 4 for 5, scoring twice and also driving in 3 while collecting a double and a walk. Fittingly, he score the winning run on a solitary by Hal Morris in the bottom of the 9th.

On September 30, 2017, Andrew Romine perform the feat, again for the Tigers versus the Twins, yet on the road. He started the 7th inning together the catcher - his an initial career appearance at the position - and the pair scored a run, climate after he permitted a happen ball, his manager, Brad Ausmus, moved him back to second base before he might do any an ext damage. Together a an outcome he only played a third of one inning there. He then began the 8th inning top top the mound, through the many tigers holding a 3-2 lead. He controlled to pressure the just batter he faced, Miguel Sano, come ground out to third, then moved to an initial base to finish the game, i beg your pardon Detroit won, 3-2. That went 1 for 3 with a walk together a batter.

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In Nippon agree Baseball, the very first player to play every nine location in a video game was Hiroshi Takahashi of the Nippon Ham battle aircraft in the second half of a September 29, 1974 doubleheader. Takahashi opened up at 1B and also played an inning in ~ each place until the 9th, as soon as he took the mound for the only time in his career (he play at least 20 gamings at every other position throughout his career, despite he mostly was a catcher). He retired pitcher Tsuneo Nozaki prior to Hidetake Watanabe relieved.

The 2nd NPB player to execute it to be Akihito Igarashi in 2000.

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