l>TWW - How many psi walk it take to crack a human skull?
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kiljadnAll American44684 Postsuser infoedit post

^^ no shit.According come this:http://www.fightingarts.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/15756092/an/0/page/21400psiI am a an excellent guesser.

ThePeterTWW CHAMPION37709 Postsuser infoedit post

my sources stated 15 psisoi dunno, that depends

FykalJpnAll American17208 Postsuser infoedit post

there to be a unique on torture on the background channel whereby they experiment this, it"s prolly ~ above youtube

BigEgoNot suspended24374 Postsuser infoedit post


Wolfman TimAll American9651 Postsuser infoedit post


wawebsteAll American19599 Postsuser infoedit post

about 3.50

FykalJpnAll American17208 Postsuser infoedit post

^^dolph lundgren is actually a surprisingly clever dude

69Suspended15861 Postsuser infoedit post

Quote :
"are we talking around gauge or pure pressure"
15 psi, not 15 psia

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