If you’ve ever wondered what physical traits might make you an ext likely to it is in a winner, friend may have forgotten to take into consideration your eye color. In fact, over there are particular eye color that an ext often correlate v different species of “winners” in life. In every little thing from leadership to athleticism and also musical talent, there were certain eye color that affected a player, singer, or politician’s likelihood of win in their corresponding industries.

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To discover which eye colors correlate many with winning, we analyzed 446 “winners” throughout everything from U.S. Presidents come Grammy Awards. We also analyzed U.S. Yellow medalists throughout the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and also NBA and also NFL players, come see how eye shade may influence winning concerning physical prowess. Proceed reading to check out the type of “winner” you can be follow to your eye color.

Eyes ~ above the prize

We found that the most common eye color in the U.S. Are fairly well-dispersed, v 32 percent having blue eyes, 25 percent having actually dark brown, 16 percent having brown, 15 percent having actually hazel, and 12 percent having green eyes. However, brown eyes conquered the winner’s circle end time –50 percent were brown, complied with by the 18 percent the winners who had blue eyes.


That said, this didn’t necessarily organize for a couple of key locations of winning, so continue reading come see exactly how each classification – from management to sports and music –had a distinct relationship with eye color.

From the president’s eyes

Presidential numbers flipped the script on the winningest eye colors. In fact, blue eyes most regularly sat in the Oval Office. Thirty that the 45 presidents –or 67 percent of commanders in cook –had blue eyes. Simply one of the last 14 presidents had hazel eyes (Jimmy Carter), and there has actually yet to it is in a eco-friendly eyed president.


Eye shade might be among the couple of commonalities between Republican and Democratic presidents, together blue eyes overcame both parties. Donald Trump, invoice Clinton, and also George W. Bush are blue eyed, as were George H. W. Bush, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Ford. Franklin D. Roosevelt –the only president come serve an ext than two terms – was additionally blue eyed. Blue eyes and political management may correlate, but an additional eye shade is taking house medals in a various category.

Rio de Jan-Eye-Ro Olympics

If blue eyes correlate with presidential potential, brown eyes correlate with athleticism. Gold medals and also brown eye were a match made in Olympic heaven, as 59 that U.S. Gold medalists during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic games had brown eyes. In contrast, just 19 hazel eyed rivals took house gold.


Around 3.6 billion civilization tuned in to clock the 2016 Rio Olympics, v swimming and gymnastics being 2 of the most famous sports come follow. Three of the five American gymnasts that took home gold medals had brown eyes, while many of the swimmers that won looked through hazel eyes with their goggles.

There was additionally a relationship in between gender and eye shade when it came to taking house gold. There were 10 green-eyed female yellow medalists in ~ the 2016 games, compared to just the one environment-friendly eyed male gold medalist. There to be actually an ext women in total and also of every single eye shade that took house gold that year.

Big game sights

When feather at expert football,we were able to compare not just the variety of championships by eye color but additionally the average yearly salary linked with each eye color. Like most Olympic sports, brown eyes overcame football. In fact, 54 players who won the huge Game were brown eyed, complied with by an additional 20 who had actually dark brown eyes. Hazel eyes, however, were ultimately the most lucrative color to have in the sport.


While brown eyed champion earned an average of $34.6 million, their hazel eyed counterparts deserve $58.9 million, ~ above average.

The Denver Broncos claimed five of this wealthy, hazel eyed players; the brand-new England Patriots had four; and also the Philadelphia Eagles had actually three. That said, Payton Manning and Tom Brady, two very well-paid football player who have actually earned $248.7 million and also $235.2 million respectively, both have hazel eyes.

Eyes of NBA champions

Of every the NBA champion of the past 5 years, 39 had brown eyes, and also 18 had actually dark brown. Hazel was the rarest eye color, with just three NBA champions from the past five years having actually eyes this color. The three players through the most NBA title – invoice Russell, Karim Abdul-Jabbar, and also Michael Jordan – all had actually brown eyes, as well.


Green eyes, however, garnered the biggest paychecks in the NBA. top top average, green eyed players earned $43.2 million an ext than their blue eyed counterparts and $70.2 million much more than revenue for brown eyed players. One environment-friendly eyed player, in particular –Stephen Curry –led the 2019 NBA value rankings v a cap hit that $40.2 million.

Grammy eyes

Last but not least, us recognized success in the music industry by researching Grammy Awards recipients indigenous the past 50 years. Specifically, us looked at the artists with the many album that the year awards.


Once again, there to be a nice spread out of eye colors – 19 v brown eyes, 11 with blue, nine v hazel, and also three with green. Pop music had actually the many recipients overall and also maintained a an in similar way even spread of eye color. However, Stevie Wonder, that is blind, has won much more album of the year awards than any type of other recipient end the previous 50 years.

A Winner’s View

Evidently, eye color might have something to perform with winning. If you want to be president someday, it seems favor blue eyes offer an apparent edge. If you want to knife the most money in sports, hope because that green. And also if winning, in general, is more your style? Brown eyes are the method to go.

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For this project, we gathered data from different sources to explore the eye color of different group winners. In total, we analyzed 446 participants dispersed in the adhering to categories:45 U.S. Presidents; 120 U.S. Yellow medalists at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics; 96 NFL big Game and also 69 NBA Finals champions from the past 5 years; 35 NFL MVPs from the previous 45 years; 36 NBA MVPs native the previous 65 years; and also 45 Grammy Awards winners because that album that the year from the past 50 years. Participants through multiple appearances were counted once.

We offered the following sources:



We identified all participants’ eye color by evaluating high-resolution pictures from various sources. The eye colors shown in this project are topic to ours criteria once identifying the eye color of participants.

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