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How to convert Pounds to Quarts:

Due come the fact that a pound measures a unit that weight and also a quart measures a unit that volume, the conversion rate varies based upon level that density. The listed below formulas just offer a generalized equation:

1 pound is about equal come 0.48 quarts (US).

1 lb ≈ 0.48 qt

1 lb is approximately equal come 0.4 quarts (UK).

1 lb ≈ 0.4 qt


The volume conversion native pounds come quarts (US) is given by the generalized equation:

V(qt) ≈ 0.48 * W(lb)

The volume conversion from pounds to quarts (UK) is provided by the generalised equation:

V(qt) ≈ 0.4 * W(lb)

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Pounds come Quarts counter table

NOTE: this values are NOT rounded favor the above calculator.

US imperial density Pounds (lb) Quarts (qt)
1 lb 0.5 qt
" 2 lb 1 qt
" 3 lb 1.5 qt
" 4 lb 2 qt
" 5 lb 2.5 qt
Bread Flour 1 lb 0.87 qt
" 2 lb 1.74 qt
" 3 lb 2.61 qt
" 4 lb 3.49 qt
" 5 lb 4.36 qt
Rolled Oats 1 lb 1.58 qt
" 2 lb 3.15 qt
" 3 lb 4.73 qt
" 4 lb 6.31 qt
" 5 lb 7.88 qt
Sugar (granulated) 1 lb 0.56 qt
" 2 lb 1.13 qt
" 3 lb 1.69 qt
" 4 lb 2.26 qt
" 5 lb 2.82 qt
Sugar (packed brown) 1 lb 0.58 qt
" 2 lb 1.16 qt
" 3 lb 1.75 qt
" 4 lb 2.33 qt
" 5 lb 2.91 qt
density Pounds (lb) Quarts (qt)
Butter 1 lb 0.42 qt
" 2 lb 0.83 qt
" 3 lb 1.25 qt
" 4 lb 1.66 qt
" 5 lb 2.08 qt
Bread Flour 1 lb 0.73 qt
" 2 lb 1.45 qt
" 3 lb 2.18 qt
" 4 lb 2.9 qt
" 5 lb 3.63 qt
Rolled Oats 1 lb 1.31 qt
" 2 lb 2.63 qt
" 3 lb 3.94 qt
" 4 lb 5.25 qt
" 5 lb 6.56 qt
Sugar (granulated) 1 lb 0.47 qt
" 2 lb 0.94 qt
" 3 lb 1.41 qt
" 4 lb 1.88 qt
" 5 lb 2.35 qt
Sugar (packed brown) 1 lb 0.48 qt
" 2 lb 0.97 qt
" 3 lb 1.45 qt
" 4 lb 1.94 qt
" 5 lb 2.42 qt


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