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Pricing: Buy indigenous a keep for 99000 Coins. High Alch: 59,400 Coins; short Alch: 39,600 Coins.

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Weapon StatsDamageAccuracy
Combat BonusesStrengthMagicRanged
AttributesArmourLife BonusPrayer Bonus
StylesClassAttack StyleAttack Speed

Worn for protection; worn to include 30 secs onto your Tears that Guthix time; and can be provided with a Max cape, Completionist cape, or Completionist cape (t) to obtain its perk (Note: every 3 of these capes re-publishing perks).
Can it is in purchased as soon as you have actually completed all obtainable quests for 99,000 gold coins. This comes v the Quest allude hood and can be supplied to produce the Hooded quest point cape.When worn, you deserve to do the unique Quest point skillcape emote, accessed in the emotes tab. Over there is no wait come re-initiate the skill an increase effect of this cape.This item deserve to be inserted on the cape rack in the Costume room of your Player-owned House. If lost or destroyed, you have the right to talk to the wise Old Man, or Elen Anterth, and also buy it again.This cape will certainly unequip itself as soon as a brand-new quest comes the end placing chin in your inventory. If there isn"t any room, it will certainly be in your bank. If there isn"t any kind of room in your bank, girlfriend can gain it from the way Old Man earlier for free.

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