There space 150 exchange rate red blood cell in one ounce that blood.There are 2.4 sunshine red blood cell in one pint that blood.The human being body manufactures 17 million red blood cells per second. If tension precipitates a need the body can produce up come 7 times that amount. (That’s up to 119 million red blood cells per second.)A red blood cell is around 7 microns in size. (A micron is one millionth of a meter).It only takes 20 come 60 seconds because that a drop of blood to take trip from the heart, v your body, and ago to the love again.Cows have actually 800 (and possibly more) blood types.The most typical blood type in the United says is O Positive (39% the the population), when the least typical blood form is AB negative with just (0.5% of the population).Patients in the United says use approximately 32,000 pints that blood every day.All blood isn’t red. Crabs have actually blue blood. Earthworms and also leeches have environment-friendly blood. Many invertebrates, such together starfish, have actually clear or yellowish blood.Every 5 minutes, one Ozarks area hospital patient receives a blood transfusion provided by a donor.

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When you give blood, you room literally help hospitals conserve the life of someone’s spouse, parent or child. There is no easier way to conserve a life 보다 to provide blood.

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