Since basketball is very first and foremost a team sport, no individual success deserve to compensate because that a lack of rings when it pertains to judging the premier players in the league and the totality of their careers. The superstars of the past have set this tone together they, more often than not, added rings to their long list the accolades. As an effect of the expectation, numerous stars of current years had actually to resolve an enormous amount that criticism for not being able to “justify” their regular season success once it matters most in the playoffs. LeBron was currently a lot of time MVP in his very first 7 years, yet was still repeatedly under hefty fire for his playoffs exits and was not thought about the finest player in the league until that finally damaged through and also won his first title in 2012. This make me wonder which NBA players have the many rings?

Which NBA players have the many rings? Bill Russell has won the many NBA rings v a tally the 11 rings, Sam Jones has 10 NBA Rings, Tom Heinsohn, man Havlicek, K.C Jones and Satch Sanders have actually 8 rings.

Getting one NBA ring is hard, Giannis Antetkounmpo, that is both a reigning MVP and a protective player of the year, however is top top his means to a 2nd consecutive playoff departure with his team gift severely outplayed. Plenty of stars discover from the ache of those at an early stage losses and also eventually break with them, together is the case with LeBron, Jordan and also Durant. ~ above the other hand, some never ever quite manage to combine individual and also team success, either since of a absence of talent on your rosters or piece not fully fitting to finish a championship puzzle. Those players, no matter just how great, have actually a stain on your resume and are, as a result, exclude, from many lists and also discussions as soon as it comes to the biggest to ever before play. Barkley, Malone, Nash and Harden are just some of the football player on that long and unfortunate list. On the opposite next of this details spectrum, there room many instances of duty players and also complementary pieces with tremendous team resumes, who never ever shined individually and also therefore don’t get fifty percent the credit as many of them more than likely deserve. Dennis Johnson, Steve Kerr and Robert Horry are few of those cases. ~ all, rings space a role of numerous variables i beg your pardon are fully out that players’ control, and are because of this just a component of what makes a effective NBA career. Now, after making those crucial points, let’s run to a perform of players with most champions to their name:

Bill Russell : 11 NBA Rings

Boasting a record amount of 11 rings, Russell was a component of a historically good Boston Celtics team the the 60s. Couched through Red Auerbach, with each other they led the Celtics come 11 title in 13 years, and 8 in a row, a most leading such streak in NBA history. Russell to be a main piece of the team, a premier shotblocker and also defender who affected winning like no various other at that time. His just equal at the facility position to be Wilt Chamberlain, a physics specimen that registered record breaking stats transparent his career. However, that did not have actually quite enough approximately him to contend with Russell, who gained the better of him many of the time. Russell was never a great scorer, averaging about 14 because that his career, yet was a rebounding maker and averaged more than 20 each season of his 13 year career. Even though the was not flashy and also his stats carry out not pop choose those of some various other superstars, the extraordinary level the team success has actually earned that a solid case in the biggest of every time debate. The Finals MVP award, fittingly, has actually his surname attached to it.

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Sam Jones: 10 NBA RingsAlso a member the that well known Celtics team, Jones winner 10 ring in his 12 years in the league. He averaged 17.7 points a game and also was one of the groups leading scorers each year. He to be an insanely fast guard with precise shooting and also sneaky put ups and also bank shots in his offensive toolbox. Many importantly, he was the closer for this team and is often explained as a cool, clutch performer and also his numbers were consistently raised in the playoffs. Wilt Chamberlain once called Jones the Celtics’ best player, after see him pond a game winning shot end him to victory the eastern conference finals series. In 1983, the was chosen to the room of Fame and also is thought about one the the 50 best players in league’s history.


Tom Heinsohn, man Havlicek, K.C Jones, Satch Sanders: 8 NBA RingsAnother group of achieved Celtics, these 4 each deserve 8 rings during their time in the league.

Heinsohn is one of the all-time Celtic legends, having in mind the he continued to be connected with team as a coach and also is right now doing a great job commentating Celtics games with a distinctive style and energy. He to be a high scoring front who instantly found his ar in a invited Celtics team top top his arrival. He winner rookie that the year averaging practically 17 and also 10 and never looked back. He was in double figures for every one of his 9 year in the league, with career averages the 18 and 9.

Celtics every time leading scorer, Havlicek to be a key cog in 2 Celtics generations. Play both forward and guard, Havlicek’s flexibility made him possibly the best all-around player in the league. During the empire years, Havlicek listed the spark turn off the bench and also then arised as a leader that the 70s team, i beg your pardon he bring about 2 championships in ‘74 and ‘76. His steal i m sorry clinched the collection against the 76ers in the east conference finals is just one of the greatest and also most replayed moments in NBA history.

K.C Jones to be the glue and energy man for that team. His averages were never ever impressive, 7.4 clues per game on below 40% efficiency from the floor and also a dismal 637% native the line. In ~ the beginning, he was a backup allude guard and an understudy come Bob Cousy, yet later took his place once he

retired. He winner 8 rings in very first 8 out of total 9 ripe seasons, doing his project as an organizer ~ above offense and a pit bull ~ above defence, wherein he constantly took the task of avoiding opposing star guards. A legend states the “C” in his name stands for championships.

Satch Sanders was a function player who spent 13 years v the Celtics, greatly taking the task of rebounding and defending, which that did gracefully and effectively. A perfect instance of the coach’s trust in that is the reality that the guarded Willis Reed and also Elgin Baylor in the most vital games. That retired v modest job stats of 9 and also 6, yet fans in Boston acknowledge that those space not an indication the his importance.

Robert Horry, frank Ramsey, Jim Loscutoff: 7 NBA Rings

Robert Horry to be a perfect instance of guy constantly being in the right place at the appropriate time. He to be a member the the 94 and 95 Houston team which capitalized ~ above the truth that Jordan take it a break from basketball and also captured 2 championships top top the earlier of their talisman in Hakeem Olajuwon. Later, Horry discovered himself a member the a Lakers empire in the beforehand 2000s. Led through their legend Shaq and also Kobe duo, Lakers 3-peated in dominant fashion and are still the last team to attain that feat. The was, however, not the end for Horry who went top top to execute for another 2000s dynasty in mountain Antonio, whereby he acquired himself 2 more rings to lid off one of the strangest and most superior resumes. Although never a star, that did his part in each of those championships, as he was one of the deadliest shooters and also playoff performers that his generation. Whenever he was on the court with video game on the line, girlfriend could always count ~ above him to deliver.

Jim Loscutoff was Boston’s top pick in the 1955 NBA Draft, a kind scorer and a an excellent rebounder. In his best season because that the team, he average a double-double– 10.6 points and 10 rebounds every game. That went on to help the Celtics to 7 championship titles in his nine-year career, transparent which he was a proven function player.

Frank Ramsey to be the Celtics’ fifth overall selection in the 1953 draft. He was a scorer the the bench who prospered in large playoff moments. He average 13 and also 5 for his career, and having in mental the lot of stars he play with, the is highly impressive.

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and also Bob Cousy: 6 NBA Rings

Jordan and Pippen are more than likely the best duo in basketball history. With each other they won 6 titles in 8 years and also would have actually probably added 2 more if Michael didn’t take 2 years off. Their combination of length, size and strength combination with varied offensive skill collection made castle a force

on both ends of the floor. Michael to be no doubt the ideal player that his era and also arguably every time, while Scottie to be probably great enough to success as the number one choice himself. In every one of their 6 titles, no finals collection even visited a video game 7, which shows just how leading that Bulls team was.

Kareem retirement with many points every time, many block shots, MVPs and All-Star selections. His college job is additionally arguably the ideal out of any kind of NBA superstar. The main reason behind his insane resume was his durability. He played 20 complete seasons in the league and retired at age 42, having won titles both the Milwaukee Bucks and also the Los Angeles Lakers. One more reason why his heritage is tough to lot is his perfection the the sky-hook shot, more than likely the most unguardable move in basketball history, which enabled him to contend at the greatest in his 40s and rack up all the documents he did. Having actually won in the early 70s through the Bucks and additionally being a component of the legendary showtime Lakers roster the the 80s, Kareem truly dominated two completely different eras.

Cousy was the heart and soul the the Boston Celtics roster of late 50s and 60s. He completely revolutionized basketball through his sphere handling and also passing. Among the biggest playmakers in NBA history, Cousy made every the various other Celtics on this perform tick. Besides his 6 championships, he regulated to lead the organization in assists in 8 consecutive periods while being close to the optimal in scoring and totally free throw percentage. After the retired, Celtics owner Walter Brown called the Boston papers: “The Celtics wouldn’t be below without him. If he had actually played in brand-new York, the would have been as huge as Babe Ruth. I think the is anyway.”

I have additionally put a list with each other of the NBA football player who have actually lost the many NBA finals. Obviously, LeBron is top top the list yet I don’t think girlfriend could believe who is number one. Read the article here.

Who has actually the most championships in the NBA?

The Boston Celtics and also the Los Angeles Lakers are tied for the most championships in the NBA, both win 17. The 2 franchises are conveniently two the the most popular and historic groups in the NBA, having actually both winner their an initial NBA titles end 50 year ago. The Celtics to be the much an ext successful team at an early stage in the NBA, having actually won 16 title in less than 30 years, conquering the 1960s. Kevin Garnett and also Paul Pierce assisted the Celtics to their seventeenth location in 2008, beating the Lakers in the finals. Whereas, the Lakers have dominated some that the much more recent parts of the NBA, conquering in the 1980s, before a 3 peat in the beforehand 2000s. After ~ a 10 year break, the Lakers asserted their 17th title in 2020, once Lebron James led the team past the Miami Heat. The two teams are critical pillars of the NBA, and are quickly the most successful teams. They are so far over the rest, that the Chicago Bulls and gold State Warriors room joined third, on only six titles each.

Who has the many rings in the NBA right now?

In the existing NBA, Lebron James has actually the most rings. Lebron has 4 rings. 2 from his time in Miami, one with Cleveland and also one v the Lakers. Lebron has been in the NBA because that 18 seasons, in i m sorry time he has gone to 11 finals. Of these 11 finals, Lebron has only to be successful four times. His very first finals figure came v Cleveland in 2007, in which castle were brushed up by the Spurs. After relocating to Miami in 2010, Lebron one his first and second titles in consecutive year in 2012 and also 2013.


Lebron moved earlier to the Cavs and also came back from 3-1 under to win his 3rd title, before including his fourth with the Lakers last year. Lebron is the only active player come have 4 rings. The next closest to Lebron are the core members of gold States dynasty in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and also Draymond Green, and 5 other existing players. These include Udonis Haslem, that won all 3 of his championships v the Heat, consisting of helping Lebron to wins in 2012 and 2013.

Who has actually the many rings in NBA history?

Bill Russell stays the many successful NBA player in history in terms of winning. The previous Celtics centre has actually won 11 titles in the 13 periods he played, as significant record. Russell won every one of his championships with the Boston Celtics, together they overcame the late 1950s and all of the 1960s. This titles contained winning eight championships in a row, spanning from 1959 come 1966. Russell and also the Celtics to be able to overcome this era, and also have to be known as one of the most leading dynasties in NBA history.


It to be so dominant that 9 the end of the peak 10 most successful players in NBA history are from the Celtics dynasty. Russell leads the method with 11 titles, with guard Sam Jones simply behind him v 10 championships. This type of dominance is nothing like anything us would see in the present NBA. The only time that Russell shed in the finals was his 2nd appearance in 1958, when his Celtics lost to the St luigi Hawks. It seems unlikely that us will ever see anyone complete their job with an ext titles than Bill Russell.

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How plenty of championship rings does Robert Horry have?

Robert Horry is among the rare instances of someone winning titles with three different teams. Horry has a complete of 7 titles, and incredible feat for a player that never even made the all star team once. Horry winner his very first two title in 1994 and also 1995. He was a component of the Houston Rockets team which one the location in the two season in i beg your pardon Michael Jordan did not compete. Horry just averaged approximately 10 clues per video game in this seasons. After a brief spell v the Suns, Horry joined the Lakers in 1997.


He to be a small component of the Lakers three peat at the begin of the 2000s. Horry then left the Lakers come join another dynasty in the Spurs. Despite never averaging much more than 10 point out per game for the Spurs, Horry winner two more titles v the Spurs, in 2005 and also 2007. Horry was never ever a good player, but he is therefore fondly mental by NBA fans because that firstly winning 7 titles, and also secondly coming to be known together “Big shooting Bob”. This was as result of the reality that Horry seemed to constantly hit the most clutch shots, regardless of not really contributing because that the rest of games.