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Former NBA starTony Parkeris certainly on his way to the Basketball room of Fame. He’s won too many championships v the spurs to count, shared too numerous highlights through Tim Duncan and scored too many points in the NBA and European basketball. Tony Parker has actually been remarkably trusted on the basketball court. He’s been equally unreliable in his love affairs.

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The French player retirement from basketball in 2019, however the 39-year-old has kept a busy date life because hanging increase his jersey. Who has actually he been married to and also who is he date today?

Who is Tony Parker?

William Anthony Parker Jr. Is a retired French-American NBA player who was bornin Bruges, Belgium. His father,Tony Parker Sr., to be an American basketball player indigenous Loyola college playing in Europe. Junior play in the europe French Basketball organization after high college basketball at INSEP in Paris. Parker do the run to the national Basketball association in 2001.

Tony Parker is much an ext than a allude guard: he’s an global journeyman. He’s played because that the FIBA French national Team internationally, the ASVEL-Basket in France (during the 2011 NBA lockout), the Charlotte Hornets and also the mountain Antonio Spurs.

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He’s a venture capitalist, purchasing share in his former ASVEL team. He’s the star that a 2021 Netflix documentary titledThe last Shot. He’s owned nightclubs, play in the Olympics and broken renowned hearts. Many famously, Parker married and divorced Desperate Housewivesstar actressEva Longoriathree years after involvement the NBA.

Tony Parker NBA

#OTD in 2013, Tony Parker drained this outrageous bucket come seal the victory in video game 1 that the NBA Finals