Where come Sit in ~ Miller Park

Miller Park, house of the Milwaukee Brewers, to be one of major League Baseball’s first stadiums through a retractable roof. The roof is necessary as result of Milwaukee’s colder temperatures contrasted to the remainder of the league. Miller Park also offers an interesting tailgating step which is rare for significant League Baseball stadiums due to it"s location several mile from downtown Milwaukee.

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Our staff wanted to administer a thorough failure of the müller Park seating graph so that baseball fans will have a much better idea about which ticket to purchase for Milwaukee Brewers games. Please remember the the name of this seating locations can vary from season come season. Additionally remember the the Milwaukee Brewers operate on a dynamic ticket pricing model, so tickets for home gamings vs. The Chicago Cubs and St. Luigi Cardinals will certainly be more expensive 보다 home gamings vs. The Cincinnati Reds. Let’s start with the field diamond platinum seat behind home plate.


Field Diamond Platinum


The ar diamond platinum seats at miller Park encompass the rows closest come the field in part 113 through 122. The ar diamond platinum seats space the most expensive seat at müller Park.

Most sections on the lower level of miller Park will have in between 21 and 27 rows of seats. Heat 1 will always be the first row in each lower level section with the exception of the sections behind every dugout. Row 4 is the very first row in dugout part 112, 113, 122, and also 123.




Field Diamond Box


The ar diamond crate seats in ~ Miller Park encompass sections 110 with 114 (1st basic side) and sections 121 with 125 (3rd basic side). The Milwaukee Brewers usage the an initial base dugout and the visiting team provides the 3rd base dugout. The Milwaukee Brewers use the bullpen below section 238; the visiting team offers the bullpen below sections 101 and 102.



Field Infield Platinum


The ar infield platinum seat at fearbut Park encompass the middle rows of part 113 v 122. Because that the money, these room the seats us would acquisition for a Milwaukee Brewers game. Close to the field with great panoramic of miller Park.



Field Infield Box


The field infield crate seats in ~ Miller Park consists the later rows of sections 110 with 125 and also provide wonderful view of the infield.

Like the various other 29 major League Baseball stadiums, miller Park has added more netting roughly the infield to much better protect pan from foul balls. The brand-new netting device now extends from the finish of every dugout and protect part 112 through 123. No need to worry. The brand-new netting mechanism will not obstruct your see of the field.



Field Outfield Box


The ar outfield box seats at Miller Park includes sections 106 through 109 (1st base side), and sections 126 through 131 (3rd basic side). The rows for the field outfield crate sections will vary, however, rows 27-30 will often be the last row of these sections. These sections will certainly be top top the receiving end of the many foul balls during games so be on the lookout!




Field Bleachers 


The field bleachers sections include sections 101 v 104 and also are situated in the right field outfield. The rows for the ar bleacher sections room numbered 1 with 14. Row 7 is the last heat in section 101. Sections 101 and also 102 provide fantastic view of the visiting team’s bullpen.



Field Bleachers Box


The field bleachers box seats encompass the first few rows of sections 102 with 104. The bleacher seats at müller Park room metal and also are the many uncomfortable seat at fearbut Park. They likewise have no cup holders and also offer a poor view that the stadium’s scoreboard in facility field. However, the bleacher seat are very affordable and carry out excellent location to catch home run balls throughout games.



Loge Seats


The loge seat at fearbut Park are located on the 2nd level of müller Park and also are priced at four different price points; the loge diamond box, the loge infield box, the loge outfield box, and also the loge bleachers.


Loge Diamond Box

The loge diamond box seats in ~ Miller Park encompass the more quickly rows of part 210 through 227. The loge part behind home plate (216-221) will each have actually ten rows the seats; the rows room numbered 1 through 10. Many loge sections will certainly have between 19 and 21 rows that seats; heat 1 is the an initial row in all loge sections.

Loge Infield Box

The loge infield box seats at Miller Park include the middle and also later rows of part 210 with 227.

Loge Outfield Box

The loge outfield box seats at Miller Park encompass sections 206 through 209 (1st basic side), and also sections 228 through 232 (3rd base side).

Loge Bleachers

The loge bleachers include sections 201 with 205 (right ar outfield) and sections 233 through 238 (left ar outfield). Many loge bleacher sections will certainly have between 14 and also 19 rows of seats. Heat 1 is the an initial row in every loge bleacher sections. Goodwill supplies half-priced tickets for section 238 the day of all weeknight Milwukee Brewers house games. Fans can purchase Goodwill tickets by visiting ticket booth #40 near the left field entrance.




Miller Lite Deck


The fearbut Lite Deck is located above sections 201 and 202 in the outfield. The müller Lite Deck is a exclusive party area that attributes all-inclusive food and also beverages and also can accommodate in between 25 and also 60 people. The fearbut Lite Deck must be booked in advancement and is only accessible for select Milwaukee Brewers residence games. Various other perks because that the fearbut Lite Deck encompass flat screen televisions, exclusive restrooms, and general admission seating.



Northwestern common Legends Club


The Northwestern common Legends club is the biggest private party area in ~ Miller Park. The Legends Club deserve to accommodate between 25 and 260 fans and comes through the complying with perks.

Premium buffet foodTwo totally free alcoholic beveragesA waitstaff the will carry food and also drinks to your seatsConcierge servicePrivate entrance into Miller Park and private restroomsAccess to two full-service bar areas; one inside and also one outsideGeneral admission seating



PNC society Level Seats


The club seats at Miller Park are collection at two different price points; club infield and also club outfield. All society seats in ~ Miller Park will have seven rows that seats and also they’ll it is in numbered 1 with 7. 


Club Infield


The society infield seats at miller Park includes sections 320 v 339.



Club Outfield


The club outfield seat at miller Park contains sections 306 with 319 (1st base side) and sections 340 v 345 (third base side).



Club Suites


There space 60 club suites in ~ Miller Park and also they’re located on the second level the the stadium. The perks because that the society suites at Miller Park include

Upscale furnitureIndoor and outdoor seatingFlat-screen televisions both indoors and outdoorsBeautiful lumber floorsPrivate kitchen and restrooms20 tickets for guests2 parking passesAccess come the sky Lounge and also Johnson Controls stadium ClubGroup recognition on the müller Park scoreboard during the game


Party Suites


The Party Suites at Miller Park space perfect for big Wisconsin corporations that wish to entertain guests and also important clients. There are three themed party suites in ~ Miller Park and also each pays homage to Milwaukee Brewers championship seasons; the 1957 suite, 1982 suite, and 2011 suite. Each party suite has a capacity of 50 guests and also comes with the adhering to perks.

30 tickets for guests4 parking passesGroup recognition on the miller Park scoreboardAccess to the Skyy Lounge and Johnson Controls stadium ClubChoice of two buffet menus

To learn much more about renting a suite at Miller Park because that a Milwauke Brewers home game, please visit MLB.com/Brewers. Come learn much more about renting one of the all-inclusive areas at miller Park, you re welcome visiting MLB.com/Brewers/Tickets.



Terrace Box


The terrace crate seats in ~ Miller Park encompass the more quickly rows of part 404 through 440. If you acquisition tickets for the terrace crate sections, you will certainly be sit in rows 1 with 7.


Terrace Reserved

The terrace scheduled seats in ~ Miller Park include the middle and later rows of sections 404 with 440 and are the cheapest seat at müller Park. If you purchase terrace booked tickets, her seats will be situated in rows 8 through 25.


It’s essential to be very weary that the terrace level seats at fearbut Park because of the assorted pillars that will certainly obstruct a fan’s see of the field. These are located behind home plate and also are additionally called the “Uecker Seats”. One neat feature on the terrace level is the Bob Uecker frostbite in ar 422; the statute sit in the last row of the section and also provides an excellent photo opportunity. Fearbut Park additionally has statues the Robin Yount, Bud Selig, and also Hank Aaron outside of the stadium’s key entrance.


Bernie’s Terrace


The bernie’s terrace seats at müller Park include sections 441 and 442 and also are situated in the upper left outfield area the the stadium. The rows for ar 441 space numbered 1 through 16. The rows because that sections 442 are numbered 1 with 15.

The seating area is called after Bernie, the Milwaukee Brewers’ mascot. Surrounding to these seats is the huge yellow slide the Bernie slides down after the Milwaukee Brewers fight a house run.



Associated financial institution Check Deck


The associated Bank check Deck is a exclusive party area located above the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen. The area has a volume of 42 fans and comes through the following perks.

Pre-game buffet, soft drinks, and dessertsTwo complimentary beersPrivate barBar-top seatingFlat display screen televisionsGeneral join seating

Pricing for the Associate bank Check Deck will vary from video game to game.



Aurora Health treatment Bullpen


The Aurora Health treatment Bullpen is a private party area located behind the appropriate field wall surface and listed below bleacher part 102 through 105. The area have the right to accommodate in between 25 and also 75 people and also comes with the complying with perks.

Game ticketComplimentary pre-game buffet, soft drinks, and also dessertsTwo complimentary beersFlat screen televisionsAccess to a private barGeneral admission seating behind the chain-link outfield fenceBar top seating

Pricing because that the Aurora Health care Bullpen will vary depending on the opponent.



Johnsonville Party Deck


The Johnsonville Party Deck is a party area located above sections 302-305 in the top outfield near the right field foul pole. The Johnsonville Party Deck have the right to accommodate in between 25 and also 250 people and also comes v the following perks.

Game ticketComplimentary pre-game buffet, soft drinks, and also dessertsTwo complimentary beersFlat display screen televisionsPrivate restrooms and access to a private barBar-top patio seating


Toyota Territory


The Toyota region is situated in right facility field and also provides one outfield check out of the game, bar-top seating and big flat display televisions because that fans top top a first-come, first-serve basis.


Friday’s front Row sporting activities Grill


The Friday’s prior Row sports Grill is a party area situated in the left field outfield of fearbut Park and also below part 233 through 237. The area supplies outdoor patio tables that can accommodate in between 4 and 8 human being each. The patio tables are located on the residence run porch as well as the bullpen patio. The Friday’s prior Row sports Grill supplies packages because that home games that encompass your ticket and also your food and also beverages.

The Friday’s front Row sports Grill likewise features the Brew Room Suite which sits above the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen and features a exclusive patio in addition to "floor to ceiling windows". The Brew Room Suite has actually a volume of 60 fans and also is open up for non game day events as well.

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Like plenty of other significant League Baseball teams, the Milwaukee Brewers offer the Ballpark pass which offers baseball fans through a stand room just ticket because that every home game for just $30 every month. The ticket is sent out to every fan’s smartphone the job of the video game via the Ballpark app. The ticket can then it is in scanned from her phone upon arrival at miller Park. One practiced feature available at müller Park that many other stadiums won’t have actually is the Brew Crew Bar located along the third base plaza. The Brew Crew Bar offers a tailgating scene inside the stadium with live music, lounge furniture, tailgate games, and multiple bars because that fans. The area is accessible for weekend games only or can additionally be rented out to exclusive groups. Delaware North at this time serves as the food and also beverage provider of fearbut Park.

Stay tuned because that our staff’s official review of miller Park. It"s a stadium we can"t wait come cross off of ours list!