Verizon room is situated inside the Kimmel center at 300 South wide Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Browser the following information when planning your visit.

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Verizon Hall has a seating volume of 2500 and also hosts countless of the Kimmel Center"s optimal concerts. Its location within the key building way that it"s easily obtainable by public transport, practically parking is nearby as well together a large selection the hotels and also restaurants.

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The digital tour that Verizon Hall uses a good preview of our facilities. It mirrors all levels of seating as well as the watch from the stage. Click the image above to take it a tour.


As a non-profit performing arts organization that relies greatly on ticket sales because that support, we space thrilled to open our doors after gift closed because that over 18 months. Contributions support our totally free arts education and community programming, ensuring the all Philadelphians have safe access to the transformative power of the arts.

Please think about making a contribution to the Kimmel social Campus together we proceed to transform lives day-to-day through the arts.



Learn an ext about Kimmel social Campus" vision statement, mission statement, and commitment come diversity, equity, and also inclusion.



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We’re working To save You Safe and also Bring The Arts ago To Philadelphia

The Kimmel cultural Campus is joining performing art centers throughout the country in requiring that all guests over 12 administer proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Guests under 12 will certainly be compelled to present proof that a an adverse PCR test. This policy is for all performances and events in all venues––including the Kimmel Center, the Academy of Music, and the Merriam Theater.

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