Estimation is a tricky concept, and one the is frequently not spanned at great length in school. And while ns love teaching through the usage of math story books, there are not a most resources that I’ve discovered that cover estimation. I execute love, however, the book How numerous Seeds in a Pumpkin, through Margaret McNamara. In this story, kids explore estimation and also counting techniques, therefore I determined this to be the perfect excuse because that not just some pumpkin particle estimation and skip counting, but likewise a wonderfully healthy autumn snack!


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One the the things I love around this publication is the in addition to introducing important math concepts, it additionally teaches a lot about Pumpkins. So I determined we would spend the week learning about pumpkins and their life bicycle in addition to counting the seeds!

How countless Seeds in a Pumpkin?


In enhancement to reading How numerous Seeds in a Pumpkin, right here are some various other fun pumpkin books:

The biggest Pumpkin Ever

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie
indigenous Seed come Pumpkin

I likewise used few of the pumpkin printables about the components of a pumpkin and their life cycle indigenous Mama’s discovering Corner and also Embark top top the Journey.

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And of course, we have actually been analysis Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins

and also playing our plank game.

And climate it was time to obtain messy! 

Materials essential for Pumpkin seed Estimation:One or more pumpkinsKnife to cut out the topSpoon because that scooping the end seedsPlastic bag because that collecting pumpkin gooBowl to collect the seedsNewspaper to cover table or floor (we functioned outside, so we didn’t need this)FREE Printable Recording web page (scroll to the finish to grab her download!)To acquire Started:

As ns said, this to be a multi-day procedure (though ns guess the doesn’t have to be, we just didn’t have time come do whatever in one day). So the first day, after reading the book, us went external to study our pumpkins and discuss estimation strategies.

Each that my children picked the end a pumpkin, so we have four of differing sizes. My children noticed ideal away that some have more ribs than others, indicating an ext seeds.

And similar to in the story, the outside appearance would suggest that our biggest pumpkin does not have as countless seeds as few of the smaller ones.


We likewise spent some time do the efforts to counting the number of ribs on every pumpkin, and comparing those numbers.

Then we made decision which pumpkin to cut open and also got to work! This is the messy part, and while my daughter to be SUPER excited come stick she hands in and get messy, my kid was not. He to be happy to use the spoon and also scrape a few off the top, haha!


I promoted some that the scrapping so the it would be easier to obtain the seed out, yet mostly my youngsters did this themselves. We also scooped castle onto a document towel first, to try and gain some that the pulp off prior to transferring them come our bowl.

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Cleaning the Seeds:

Once you have efficiently gotten every the seeds out the the pumpkin, it’s time come clean them and dry them! ns didn’t yes, really do any research prior to hand to uncover the best method to approach this, however I walk soak lock overnight, then rinsed lock the following day in a colander to shot and acquire the rest of the goo off.

This operated pretty well, yet was a lot of work. Girlfriend may have the ability to find a cheat that functions better!

Drying and also Roasting the Seeds:

After I had a nice pile of clean seeds, i patted them dry with a paper towel and laid them out on a baking paper in a solitary layer. I figure if we’re walk to go to all this job-related to clean out the pumpkin and clean up the seeds, we might as well eat them when we’re done, right?