Sheet cakes are one of the ideal forms the cake to make for a crowd since they do not require very much layering or structural support and they"re easy to transport. Plus, a slice of paper cake lends itself well to skilled piping work or various other edible decorations. The being said, it deserve to be tricky to identify which dimension sheet cake is best for her event. Come learn about sheet cake sizes and also how to calculate the number of servings every sheet cake, store reading.

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The Difference in between Full, Half, and Quarter paper Cake Sizes


Most bakers think of assignment in regards to full, half, and also quarter paper cake pans, which have the right to actually average a grasp of various sizes. Together a result, it"s ideal to discuss the variety of servings and the size of each serving instead. From there, you deserve to determine which dimension pan will work finest for the application.

Buy Pans with Cohesive Sizing

Because dimension conversions can get confusing, one means you can simplify points is to select pans that have lengths or widths that space divisible by each other. For example, if her “full” sheet pan is 18” x 24”, friend should uncover a half-size pan that’s 12” x 18” and a quarter pan that’s 9” x 12”, because those numbers divide evenly right into each other.

Number that Servings every Sheet Cake

When it involves determining how many servings girlfriend can get out of her sheet cake, you’ll very first need to decide how big you desire each item to be. Typically, 2” x 2” or 2” x 3” piece are perfect sizes because that each portion. To number out how numerous servings you’ll yield from a given pan, just follow the formula below.

Sheet Cake Servings Formula

Number the Servings = Pan Area ÷ Cake Serving dimension Area

Pan Area = Pan length x Pan Width

Cake Serving dimension Area = item of Cake length x piece of Cake Width

Example Calculation

You have an 18" x 26" pan. To uncover the pan area, main point the pan length by the pan width.

18" x 26" pan = 468"2 pan area

You’re serving cake slices the measure 2" x 2". To discover the cake serving size area, multiply the length and width that the cake slice.

2" x 2" slice = 4"2 cake serving size area

Now you recognize that you have a 468"2 pan area and also a 4"2 serving dimension area. To discover the variety of servings, divide the pan area through the serving size area.

468"2 ÷ 4"2 = 117 servings

Sheet Cake size Guide

Sheet cake pan sizes may vary through manufacturer. We noted some common full, half, and also quarter sizes and also how countless customers you have the right to feed with each form of pan.

Full paper Cake Servings

18” x 26” x 2”Serving dimension 2" x 2": 117 ServingsServing size 2" x 3": 78 Servings18” x 24” x 2”Serving size 2" x 2": 108 ServingsServing dimension 2" x 3": 72 Servings16” x 24” x 3”Serving dimension 2" x 2": 96 ServingsServing dimension 2" x 3": 64 Servings

Half paper Cake Servings

18” x 13” x 1”Serving dimension 2" x 2": 58 ServingsServing size 2" x 3": 39 Servings12” x 18” x 2”Serving size 2" x 2": 54 ServingsServing dimension 2" x 3": 36 Servings12” x 16” x 3”Serving dimension 2" x 2": 48 ServingsServing dimension 2" x 3": 32 Servings

Quarter paper Cake Servings

13” x 9.5” x 1”Serving size 2" x 2": 30 ServingsServing dimension 2" x 3": 20 Servings13” x 9” x 2”Serving size 2" x 2": 29 ServingsServing size 2" x 3": 19 Servings13” x 8” x 3”Serving dimension 2" x 2": 24 ServingsServing size 2" x 3": 16 Servings

Choosing the ideal Sheet Cake Pan for her Needs

While paper cake pans are available in a range of materials and styles, the most important thing to think about while purchase is the size. Sheet pans room measured size x broad x Height, v the elevation or depth normally ranging in between 1 and also 4 inches.

Select her Pan Depth based on Your Cake Layers

The depth of the pan is vital to note whether you’re handling a single layer or double-layered cake. If you desire a single layer cake, usage a deeper pan. If you’d like multiple layers, you have actually two options: use 2 shallow pans come bake two thinner cakes, or usage one deep pan to create a high cake the you can cut into layers as soon as it cools.

You can additionally use a sheet pan extender to boost the height of your cake. Paper pan extenders aid to prevent your batter from overbaking when simultaneously producing perfectly directly edges.

Even despite there’s no standard definition of a full, half, or quarter-sized paper cake, making use of inches to describe the size of your cake is always a safe bet. So, whether you’re pour it until it is full a program sheet cake stimulate or stocking her bakery’s supplies for the very an initial time, we can help you find the proper sized pan for the job.

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How to reduced a Cake

Anyone who’s been in charge of cut a cake knows that it can be a high-pressure situation. From damaging the figure of your frosting to uneven size slices, cut a cake have the right to sometimes be much more stressful 보다 actually making and decorating one. Luckily for you, we’ve noted an instructional video and step-by-step directions that display you exactly how to cut a cake. Just how to select Your Knife for each cake, you’ll desire to cut them v a slicing knife . However, you’ll desire to use a various edge layout for various cakes. Because that example, because delicate cakes, choose pound or angel, have to be reduced in a sawing motion, you’ll want to use a slicing knife through a serrated sheet . The remainder of the cakes listed below have the right to be cut with a knife that has actually a smoot


Types of Cake Pans

From birthdays to weddings and also holidays, us celebrate life"s milestones over a part of cake. Selecting the ideal cake pan is as vital as using the appropriate type of flour for achieving appropriate baked great consistency, flavor, and also appearance. The wide selection of accessible cake pan shapes and also styles make it challenging to know which is the best form of baking pan for your task. To help you make her selection, below is information on the most common varieties of cake pans and also their uses. These space the optimal 10 species of cake pans. Click on any type of of the cake pan varieties to find out more. Timeless Cake Pans Springform Pans Silicone Cake Molds Bundt Cake Pans Cupcake Pans or Mini Cake Pans Cake Rings point of view Food Cake Pans or tube Pans sheet Cake Pans Nov


Types and also Styles that Baking Cups

Baking cup are obtainable in a vast array that colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, so selecting the perfect kind can be rather overwhelming. Used mostly to heat cupcake or muffin pans to stop batter from sticking to the sides, this cups room not a one-style or one-size-fits-all product. By assessing the alternatives and advantages, you deserve to ensure the your culinary and confectionery creations look and taste delicious, and also that they"re constant in size, shape, and style.