Chess is played on a board v eight columns dubbed files, each containing eight squares, and also eight rows, or ranks, additionally containing eight squares. The complete amount that squares that room on every chess board is 204 squares.

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How go we come up v this number? fine there are numerous different-sized squares ~ above the chessboard and also not simply the 64 identical squares. Listed below is a table that shows the various various sized squares on a chessboard. All we need to do is just add them every up to get the total.

Type of SquareCount

Total number of squares on a chessboard= 64 + 49 + 36 + 25 + 16 + 9 + 4 + 1= 204 squares

This 8 through 8 grid results in 64 alternate colored squares. 32 of which space light squares and 32 dark squares. Every 64 squares are similar in length and the board should measure the exact same on every 4 sides. You require to set up the pieces on their correct squares before you start. See how to setup chessboard the appropriate way

Setting up your piece is pretty easy. The earlier row is always collection up like this, v the King and also Queen in the middle squares the the back row. The Bishops space on either side of them, then the Knights then the Rooks in the corner squares.

Diagram reflecting a 64 similar Square Chess Board: 8×8 Grid


Purple: FileYellow: RankBrown: DiagonalRed: central Squares

Size and also Color that the Chess Squares

According to the United states Chess Federation, the size of each individual square on a chess board need to be anywhere between 2 inches to 2.5 customs in length. All squares are identical in length and the colors alternative on the 8*8 grid.

The colors space not subjective but the most popular colors used are black and white. Colors should be provided appropriately. Sometimes a brightly colored chess plank can influence the atmosphere of the player and throw them turn off from concentrating.

Here is a list of acceptable colored squares that have the right to be supplied on the chess board:

BlueGreyMapleTeakCherryPineGreen MarbleBrown MarbleMetal

These are simply some the the colors that have the right to be provided on the chess board. Simply remember the brightly colored chess boards room not appropriate. (Example yellow, red, bright orange, shining purple)

Other Variants that Chess

We’ve looked in ~ the variety of squares on a 8 through 8 net chess board. But did you recognize that you had various size chess boards through different variety of squares? If you’ve review my article, where to be chess invented, you will see that over there were number of variants that chess for different nations played ago in the older days.

For example, the variant of chess in Mongolia was well-known as Shatar which consisted of a big 10 by 10 board. The chess pieces were named differently and also they depicted the name of animals. Example, Bishop was referred to as Camel and also the Queen was dubbed the Dog(Guardian)

The table below shows the various variants of chess, grid dimension of chess board and also the total number of identical squares.

CountryVariant that ChessGrid size of chess boardTotal number of identical squares
Dasapada chess board10×10100
Saturankam chess board9×981
Dai Shogi15×15225
Chu Shogi12×12144

Summary – Total number of Identical Squares top top a 8×8 Chess board

Type of SquaresTotal number
Central Squares16

Total number of Identical Squares on 8×8 chess board= # of ranks × # of Files= 8*8= 64 identical squares

In the game of chess, its essential to control as lot squares as you have the right to to get power and control end the board. You gain control over squares by arising your pieces particularly towards the center of the board. Sometimes it way sacrificing a piece simply to gain an ext activity.

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If you obey this one principle, you can get good attacking opportunities as early on in the opening, since your army is completely loaded and also ready to pass through into opponent territory.