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What to Expect when You have actually a Crown access Ticket

You'll need to pick-up her crown accessibility ticket at the will-call booth within of castle Clinton prior to joining the line because that pre-boarding security. Carry your check number, photograph ID and the credit transaction card you supplied to purchase the tickets.

Before boarding the ferry to Liberty Island, you"ll have to clear security. The security is similar to what you could expect in ~ an airplane -- you"ll need to remove outerwear, have actually your bags and also other items x-rayed and then walk v a steel detector. Fortunately, this takes place in a climate managed area, so it"s a comfortable respite native the rest of the suffer which is almost fully exposed come the elements, even if it is it"s a cold winter morning or a warm summer afternoon. The actual ferry ride come Liberty Island takes about 15-20 minutes, including boarding time.

The "time" on your ticket describes the time once you should arrive in ~ the crown access security check-point on Liberty Island. At the point, friend will display your ticket and ID and receive a wrist-band approving you access to the crown. Lockers are accessible to save your belongings while girlfriend visit the internal of the Statue the Liberty. Visitors are allowed to lug a camera and water bottle right into the Statue. The interior of the frosting is not air-conditioned (or heated) so dress for the weather.

Access starts with a visit the Statue that Liberty Museum in the pedestal of Statue. Below you deserve to see the Statue's original torch increase close prior to heading approximately the pedestal. You deserve to take one elevator to the pedestal level the the Statue, but past that, there are simply steps.

Depending on your pace, it will take about 15-20 minutes to rise to the optimal of the crown and also back, however you can want to spend some time ~ above the cut down level prior to or after your ascent.

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Tips because that Visiting the Crown

Book well in advance, yet remember girlfriend can readjust your ticket if necessary. Crown tickets might not be accessible if you have to switch the date of your visit, yet ticket transforms are easily accessible up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival. Call Statue Cruises directly for the fastest help: 877-523-9849 (have your confirmation number ready!)Wear good footwear -- in between waiting for security, boat rides, and also climbing the stairs, you"re going to invest a most time on your feet.Use the bathroom as soon as you clear security to go into the monument. These are the only facilities obtainable inside the the Statue and you don"t want to have to quit prior to you reach the top since you have to hit the washroom!In the summer, be all set for the heat. Continue to be hydrated and also be aware that within of the Statue can be much warmer than outside. Visit early in the morning if you desire to make it to the crown prior to the heat does.In the winter, think about wearing a shorter coat once you climb the statue -- you could trip ~ above a full-length jacket while climbing increase the narrow procedures to the crown. (But carry out wear a cloak if it"s cold because the area isn"t climate controlled.)Take advantage of the (included) audio-tour. Over there are alternatives for both adults and children and also it really improves the experience of visiting the Statue of Liberty. The audio tour has spots both inside the museum and outside about Liberty Island.Ask the rangers if you have any questions! There space Park ranger stationed transparent the Statue that Liberty who are greatly helpful and also knowledgeable.