i hatched a Riolu in heart Gold and then traded come Platinum. Gave Riolu mine soothe bell and started biking up and down till I struggle 40,000 steps. The is my understanding that every 256 procedures raises the pokemon joy 1 level. In mine example, 40,000 steps would in reality be 156.25 point out of happiness. V the soothe bell doing 2x the amount, that would be 312.50 points of happiness. Am ns correct in the explain of the soothing bell law 2x the amount? If so, how come mine Riolu quiet does not have the maximum lot of joy to evolve?

EDIT: currently over 45,000 steps and still not enough.

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In Gen III it added +1 joy to positive joy events. However, in Gen IV and also V the soothe Bell multiplies joy gains by 1.5x (rounding down), not 2x. That would show up that "rounding down" is a vital part that the equation, as, native what info I deserve to find, happiness shows up to it is in an integer value. A number there is no a spring or decimal component.

So, when in theory the soothe bell must reward you with 1.5 happiness for every 256 steps, in practice that .5 is gift rounded down. Additionally, it is +1 joy for every 256 steps, no 0.00390625 delight for every step. For this reason in every likelihood, in her example, those 40,000 steps have only listed you your base +156 clues of happiness.

EDIT: Forgot base Happiness; 70 for Riolu, i m sorry means, the complete would it is in 147*256= 37,632 steps. Which you"ve an ext than passed. Have actually you leveled the Riolu at all? Pokemon the evolve through joy still need to get at the very least one level to trigger their evolution. That doesn"t occur specifically after the delight threshold has been passed.

The Friendship web page of Bulbapedia has a handy chart because that Pokémon happiness events. There room three ways in Sinnoh come gauge a Pokémon"s happiness; The Pokétch application Friendship Checker, Dr. Footstep top top the left next of path 213, Or a female NPC in the back of the Pokémon Fan-club in Hearthome City

Although possibly not completely relevant to her question, as your Riolu to be hatched, Pokémon captured with a deluxe Ball receive additional happiness from leveling up and walking. This bonus stacks v the soothing bell.