Do you have a completely charged cell phone, part sturdy wade shoes and also a really big bottle the water? Great. You'll be house in a mere matter of months, though precisely how lengthy it takes come walk roughly the civilization will count on a couple of factors...

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In which direction room you walking roughly the world?

The earth is not a perfect sphere; it's not exactly equal in every directions. If friend measure about the planet's 'waist', along the equator, then its circumference is 24,901.461 miles (40,075.017 km). But its vertical circumference (if the measure up tape crossed the north Pole and South Pole) is 24,817.971 miles (39,940.653 km). Therefore it's ever before so slightly wider than it is tall, an interpretation that if you're in a little of a rush*, friend should arrangement your path to pass through the poles. (You'd also get to experience a wider range of temperature on the journey, if a walk around the equator is walking to need a lot of sunscreen.)

* Also, if you're in a little of a rush, consider going by vehicle or plane, or just not going at all.

As the typical walking rate is around 3 miles every hour, here's exactly how long it would take you to get roughly the human being — in theory!

Route 1: round the equator

24,901.461 mile at 3 mph 24,901.461 ÷ 3 = 8300.487 hrs Or, together there space 24 hrs in a day:8300.487 ÷ 24 = 345.85 days without stopping

Route 2: v the poles

24,817.971 miles at 3 mph 24,817.971 ÷ 3 = 8272.657 hours Or, together there room 24 hrs in a day: 8272.657 ÷ 24 = 344.69 days there is no stopping

Verdict? Go through the poles. That's a whole day shaved off her journey, and also a year of sunburn dodged!


One issue, that course, is the we're suspect you can walk right throughout oceans, volcanoes and also ravines. If for part reason, those strength elude you, you'll require to plan a route across land. That's what knife Bushby did...

The real deal

British adventurer karl Bushby began his 'Goliath Expedition' top top 1 November 1998. The plotted a path of a 36,000 mile unbroken line, traversing the elevation of North and also South America and the breadth the Russia and also its neighbours.

Bushby to be a realist: he didn't guess one year that walking without sleeping, eat or toilet breaks, favor in our calculations above. That didn't even assume he might keep a rapid pace, since (let's confront it), achy legs and also blisters to be going to become his closest travel companions. In fact, he intended come walk around the human being in eight years. This would have had him getting here home in 2006.

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans go awry, and Bushby encountered plenty of obstacles and stalls along the way. Many thanks to a cocktail that floods, arrests, visa prohibitions, financial troubles and also a worldwide pandemic in 2020, Bushby is yet to finish his journey. At the time of writing, in October 2020, he's somewhere close to Iran.

So, just how long does it really take to walk roughly the world? The answer appears to it is in 22 years and also counting...

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If you desire to understand how countless steps it could take come walk the 24,818 miles roughly the world, inspect out our miles to steps calculator.


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