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How to spot a bumblebee


You deserve to inspect if you have checked out a bumblebee by comparing the images listed below, however remember that not all bumblebees have the very same colour of hair or number of stripes/bands.

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Bumblebees look fairly different from honeybees and solitary bees. The primary difference is that bumblebees are normally bigger and are always covered with thick hair.


Three measures to recognize your bumblebee

If you are sure that you have watched a bumblebee, tright here are three even more questions that you should ask yourself to decide which bumblebee it is that you have actually viewed. Remember, tbelow are 25 various kinds of bumblebee in the UK yet only eight of them are frequently seen all over the nation. If you have checked out a bumblebee in your garden it is most likely that it is just one of the ‘massive 8’.

Question 1: What colour is the bumblebee’s tail?


Tbelow are 4 colours to select from – blonde, white, red or brvery own.

Question 2: How many kind of stripes/bands of colour does the bumblebee have actually on its body and also wright here are these bands?

Are they on the head, middle area (called the thorax) or on the ago location (dubbed the abdomen)?

This bee has actually two yellow stripes – one on its thorax, the various other on its abdomen. It likewise has actually a red tail.

Inquiry 3: Is the bumblebee male or female?

The time of year can help because you will just view male bees in late summer and loss whereas female bees deserve to be checked out all year from at an early stage spring to fall.

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You can additionally tell whether a bumblebee is male or female by looking at its legs. If you view a shiny flattish looking segment on the ago legs (referred to as a pollen basket) or a big clump of pollen on a this area then it is a female bee bereason male bees perform not collect pollen. Male bees are often fluffier looking with slightly longer antennae.


Click below to downfill an easy to usage worksheet that mirrors you the ‘Big 8’ species of UK bumblebees. You have the right to take this out into the garden with you to aid identify the bees you see!