Any sort of black color tea that you like will occupational (Green tea can also be made into iced tea however the cooking recipes is contempt different). I prefer to usage Red climbed tea bags. Also, i will point out that many iced tea recipes call for 5 come 8 bags for this lot of water. I provided to usage 7, but after exploring a lot ns have uncovered that 4 tea bags is really all friend need and the result is no much less flavourful than if friend used much more tea bags.

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That is yes, really all you have to make iced tea. If you want to boost the tea the following two ingredients may be provided either together or one might be omitted.

½ cup Sugar

Obviously you might use less sugar to suite her taste, yet I listed fifty percent a cup because this is the many that I would certainly consider including to the tea. Using this much sugar will an outcome in southern layout “sweet tea”. I personally choose to use this much sugar once I am adding lemon juice to my tea. It makes the iced tea very lemon-aidy. Once not adding lemon come the tea i usually add only a 4 minutes 1 cup that sugar. Every one of this is come taste therefore experiment to find the combination that you like best.


3 tablespoons Lemon Juice

Again this ingredient is to taste. 3 tablespoons will give the tea a pretty lemony tang, yet will no be as well strong. If you aren’t sure how much lemon girlfriend will prefer in the tea start with one tablespoon. A tiny amount of lemon juice imparts a the majority of flavour therefore don’t add too much at first. Ns strongly recommend making use of freshly squeezed lemon juice.



Pour 2 liters the water into a large pot an carry to a boil.


Take the pot turn off of the heat and also as quickly as the water stop boiling include the 4 tea bags to the water. Permit the tea come steep for around 20 minutes. (No need to time this perfectly. Periodically I forget about it and also leave it because that a full fifty percent hour or even longer in ~ times. It always turns out simply fine.)


If you room going to add sugar and/or lemon juice, to water it right into the pitcher before adding the warm, freshly brewed tea. This way, instead of stirring through a spoon to incorporate the street you deserve to just include a little tea and swirl it for a few seconds come mix it every together. Otherwise you deserve to simply usage a spoon and also stir, yet this way you don’t have to bother through a utensil.


Add the tea come the pitcher and also if using other ingredients mix that all together well.


The water will have gone under a bit because of evaporation so add enough water to bring it ago to 2 liters.


Now placed the pitcher into the refrigerator and allow it come chill for a couple of hours. As soon as ready to serve pour into a glass through ice in it.


I have actually never had actually a batch the tea critical for an ext than 2 days, but I would certainly imagine the it would stay an excellent for a lengthy time. For currently I’ll recommend maintaining it for as much as a week just to be safe.

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2 liters Water

4 Tea Bags (black tea)


½ cup street (or less)

3 tablespoons Lemon Juice (or much more or much less to taste)


1. Bring 2 liters that water to a boil in a big pot.

2. As soon as the water boils take it turn off of the heat and add 4 tea bags.

3. Allow the tea come steep for around 20 minutes.

4. Eliminate the teabags and also pour right into a pitcher and also if desired include sugar and/or lemon juice.

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5. If the water has been substantially reduced add enough to lug the tea up to 2 liters.