The NFL describe sudden-death overtime in 1974 wherein the team scoring first in overtime would victory the video game (and modified that in 2012 to offer a possession to every team unless the first score was a touchdown or non-offensive score). If both teams are tied at the end of overtime, the game counts as a tie in the standings (and is counted as fifty percent of a win as soon as calculating standings). The complying with is a list of all gamings that were tied in ~ the finish of overtime.

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Overtime Ties Table Tm Pts Opp PtsO 20202019201820182016201620142013201220082002199719971989198819871986198619841983198219811980197819761974
Sep 27, 2020Philadelphia Eagles23Cincinnati Bengals23Boxscore
Sep 8, 2019Detroit Lions27Arizona Cardinals27Boxscore
Sep 16, 2018Minnesota Vikings29Green just Packers29Boxscore
Sep 9, 2018Pittsburgh Steelers21Cleveland Browns21Boxscore
Oct 30, 2016Washington Redskins27Cincinnati Bengals27Boxscore
Oct 23, 2016Seattle Seahawks6Arizona Cardinals6Boxscore
Oct 12, 2014Cincinnati Bengals37Carolina Panthers37Boxscore
Nov 24, 2013Minnesota Vikings26Green bay Packers26Boxscore
Nov 11, 2012San Francisco 49ers24St. Luigi Rams24Boxscore
Nov 16, 2008Philadelphia Eagles13Cincinnati Bengals13Boxscore
Nov 10, 2002Pittsburgh Steelers34Atlanta Falcons34Boxscore
Nov 23, 1997Washington Redskins7New York Giants7Boxscore
Nov 16, 1997Baltimore Ravens10Philadelphia Eagles10Boxscore
Nov 19, 1989Kansas City Chiefs10Cleveland Browns10Boxscore
Oct 2, 1988New York Jets17Kansas City Chiefs17Boxscore
Sep 20, 1987Green only Packers17Denver Broncos17Boxscore
Dec 7, 1986Philadelphia Eagles10St. Louis Cardinals10Boxscore
Oct 19, 1986San Francisco 49ers10Atlanta Falcons10Boxscore
Nov 4, 1984Philadelphia Eagles23Detroit Lions23Boxscore
Oct 24, 1983New York Giants20St. Luigi Cardinals20Boxscore
Dec 19, 1982Green only Packers20Baltimore Colts20Boxscore
Oct 4, 1981New York Jets28Miami Dolphins28Boxscore
Oct 12, 1980Tampa bay Buccaneers14Green bay Packers14Boxscore
Nov 26, 1978Minnesota Vikings10Green just Packers10Boxscore
Sep 19, 1976Los Angeles Rams10Minnesota Vikings10Boxscore
Sep 22, 1974Pittsburgh Steelers35Denver Broncos35Boxscore

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