How countless times have the right to you take the bar exam?

States fall into three various categories in terms of their approach:

No limits: The vast bulk of states do not border the number of times that you space able come sit because that the bar exam (so in theory, you can sit because that the bar as countless times as you want).

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Discretionary limits: Some states impose borders (anywhere indigenous 2 come 6) but permit you to take the exam an ext than the if you get special permission indigenous the state bar.Hard limits: A decimal of states impose hard boundaries on how numerous times you deserve to take the bar test (e.g., after a certain amount that times, you deserve to no much longer sit for that bar exam).

We to organize these states by category below so that you can conveniently see what her jurisdiction does.

Note: The below information has actually been gathered native the NCBE Bar Admission demands Guide. Please check out your particular jurisdiction’s demands for particular inquiries. Note that if your jurisdiction has adopted the Uniform Bar test recently, they may have actually also changed their rules. So be especially conscious of that!

For the adhering to jurisdictions, over there is no limit on the number of times you have the right to take the exam:

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana*, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, brand-new Jersey, brand-new Mexico, new York, phibìc Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Guam, northern Mariana Islands, Palau


The adhering to jurisdictions border the lot of times you deserve to take the bar test without distinct permission:

Arizona (3)*, district of Columbia* (4), Idaho (6) Iowa (2), Maryland (3), Montana (3), southern Carolina* (3), south Dakota* (3), Texas (5), Utah (6), Virginia (5), West Virginia* (4), Puerto Rico (6), Virgin islands (3)

The following jurisdictions limit the lot of times you can take the exam and also impose hard borders (i.e. No one-of-a-kind permission will be given!)

Kansas (4), Kentucky (5), brand-new Hampshire (4), north Dakota (6), Rhode Island (5), vermont (4),


Below space a few notes on particular states:

Arizona: We are aware of students who were able to request unique permission and also who have actually told united state that permission to retake the test is usually permitted. In fact, multiple students have actually been granted permission with family member ease. 

District that Columbia: After taking the bar exam 4 times, an applicant must show “extraordinary circumstances” to take it one more time.

Louisiana: Louisiana supplied to limit the number of times one applicant could take the bar test without unique permission to 5, but no longer does.

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South Carolina: over there is no limit on the number of times but extr study is forced after the 3rd failure, make it impossible to sit however 1 time every year. (Note: southern Carolina recently embraced the UBE so this may be topic to change.)

South Dakota: Applicants must acquire Supreme Court permission to take exam after 3 failures in any kind of jurisdiction or mix of jurisdictions

West Virginia: Applicants are limited to four failed exams in West Virginia or any other state before special permission from the plank is required.