The actors of Friends love a good punch line — especially if it had actually to execute with Ross’ countless marriages. And, although it can seem choose he acquired married every season, that’s far from the truth. How countless times did Ross acquire married ~ above Friends? Keep reading to uncover out.

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Ross Geller’s friends loved poking fun at how numerous times he obtained married. | Netflix

How numerous times did Ross acquire married top top ‘Friends’

It’s no an enig that Ross Geller loved marital relationship — after ~ all, his friend joked about it for virtually ten seasons. But, how many times did Ross gain married top top Friends? contrasted to every the jokes, Ross no say “I do” as plenty of times together you’d think (though he was always looking because that his next wife). Ross to be married three times ~ above Friends and also one wasn’t even on the show.

Find out who Ross was married to, ahead.

Carol Willick

Carol to be Ross’ very first wife and mother of his son, Ben. However, they were married prior to the start of the series, so it wasn’t technically top top the show.

In the pilot episode, Carol moves out of their shared brand-new York City apartment after comes out together a lesbian. While married to Ross, she had actually met a woman called Susan Bunch in ~ the gym and fell in love. Carol decides to leave Ross for Susan, but then finds the end she is pregnant. The three agree come parent together and, return Ross is no fond of Susan, they have actually a pretty healthy relationship transparent the series. Ross also walked Carol under the aisle once she and Susan married.

Emily Waltham

In season four, Ross meets Emily, a British mrs Rachel sets him up with. Regardless of a rocky an initial impression, Ross and Emily hit it off and ended increase spending a weekend in Vermont together after their first date. After ~ that, your relationship continued to progress conveniently (and spontaneously). Due to the fact that he didn’t desire a long distance relationship, Ross inquiry Emily to relocate in v him — which easily turned into a marriage proposal.

The 2 planned a wedding in London, and everyone (including Rachel) to be invited. In ~ first, Rachel made decision to stay back with Phoebe (who was also close to her due date to travel abroad), however then realized she love Ross and needed come tell him. So, she booked a aircraft ticket come London and arrived on their wedding day. Throughout their vows, Ross accidentally said “Rachel” rather of “Emily,” and also it didn’t finish well.

Rachel Green

Fans (and Phoebe) all understand that Ross is Rachel’s lobster. However, we didn’t gain the wedding (or marriage) we assumed we would. After acquiring drunk in las vegas together, Ross and Rachel decide to run away come a chapel and get married. In the morning, the two have no recollection the what happened but then space reminded of their actions in ~ breakfast.

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Ross agrees to record an annulment but then no go with with it. The two remained married for fairly some time (though Rachel had actually no idea) before getting divorced.