365 Fear holy bible Verses


It’s been claimed that there room 365 “Fear Not” verses in the bible – one for each day of the year. Yet some beg to differ.

So as usual, I determined to find out for myself. Grin

Are you curious too?

I began to hunting for instances of fear and also anxiety in the Bible, and also I was surprised to uncover well over 365!

BUT … just so girlfriend know,

I did not find 365 instances the God particularly telling who to “fear not” or “don’t be afraid.”

Even so, he did give that straight command end 100 time – i m sorry is quiet a bunch!

And the implied it hundreds more – through the experiences of people as with us in the Bible.

So basically, it relies on exactly how you ask the question.

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Did God speak the command “Fear not” 365 times? No.

Is the subject of fear and also anxiety discussed in the scriptures 365 times? Yes.

And the doesn’t even encompass all the numerous “fear God” (reverence) verses.

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However you look at it, God has actually a lot to say ~ above this subject!


Have you ever wondered why God tells us not to are afraid when that feels like an uncontrollable emotion?

Hold top top to her hat because here’s the cool part: The Lord provides the answer come that concern – and much more – in His Word!

As i studied over 365 events of fear and also anxiety in the Bible, and compiled them every in one place, i learned therefore much an ext than I ever before dreamed i would.

And not just that …

My heart has been forever adjusted by God’s indigenous on this subject.


In the newest 365 verse Journal, we’ll discover from all the human being in the bible who knowledgeable fear and anxiety.

We’ll contemplate what operated for lock – and also what didn’t. We’ll placed ourselves in your shoes. We’ll ask oneself if us would have actually done the very same thing or reaction differently.And many importantly, we’ll learn and also grow from your mistakes and also victories!
The new Write “Fear Not” On mine Heart Verse journal is a 365 Scripture composing Workbook and also Bible examine that’s all Bible.

There is no commentary.


Because no other book has the strength of God’s indigenous – it’s living and active!

Hebrews 4:12 (ESV): For words of God is living and active, cheater than any type of two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and also of spirit, that joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Now don’t obtain me wrong. I have actually read numerous books about fear and also anxiety (see my review of Afraid of every the Things and Fiercehearted and more), and also they have absolutely helped me – yet nothing compares come the life Word.

If us truly desire to adjust and dominate fear once and for all, we have to camp the end in God’s Word.

Colossians 1:6 (NLT): This same great News that involved you is going out anywhere the world. That is bearing fruit all over by changing lives, just as it changed your resides from the day you an initial heard and also understood the truth about God’s exorbitant grace.

That’s why there’s no commentary. In this journal, you’ll only find questions that allude to the direction the the theme.

We’ll permit God execute all the talking this time – because this topic is huge.

You’ll want to lean in and also listen.

And ask the lord to change her heart to be an ext like His.



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