Even if you nothing drink vodka, you probably familiar with Absolut, many thanks to the ridiculously effective marketing campaign. Even if you execute drink Absolut, there are probably much more than a few things you nothing know around the product, or the firm itself. Native a surprising level of eco-friendly awareness to ancient water resources to that pesky old gluten question, right here are 10 things you must absolutely know around the iconic label.

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Absolut Is a Proud Weirdo in the Vodka World

When that hit the American market in 1979, Absolut was like the shy new kid in the vodka schoolyard. The understated, apothecary-style party looked nothing like classic — and also dominant — Russian vodka bottles. An ad exec act marketing because that Absolut come up through the famously minimalist, richly graphic “Absolut ” campaign.

You have actually Andy Warhol to thank for all Those Ads

Absolut’s off-kilter advertisement campaign began with the above haloed “Absolut Perfection,” which we praise to this day. Yet it wasn’t till 1986, as soon as platinum-domed popular music artist Warhol readily available up his “Absolut Warhol” ad, that the strange, artsy, gonzo world of Absolut advertising was born. (We shouldn’t say “offered.” Warhol was paid $65,000.) Many creative exploits would certainly follow, with Absolut putting its note on every little thing from Hollywood starlets to fruit come BDSM.

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Absolut Loves Art

Absolut is therefore serious about art, it keeps an Absolut Art repertoire at the Museum of soul in Stockholm. This aren’t the newspaper ads girlfriend tape on her bedroom wall surface lest anyone wrong you for “uncool.” The Absolut art Collection includes over 900 i was delegated works, all of which function the bottle but in the paper definition of some form of political, social, or social commentary. Featured artists include the likes of Damien Hirst and designer Tom Ford.

It could Be Chic and also Artsy, yet Absolut Is fundamentally Farm

Absolut has actually a details swag factor here in the States, however the company itself is more hippie-hipster hybrid 보다 bottle service. It sources everything — consisting of water — locally, makes everything out of the same facility it’s been utilizing for over a century, and recycles everything. Oh, and also its distillation process is entirely carbon neutral.

Pigs and also Cows Drink Absolut. Kind of.

As component of its “recycle everything” philosophy, Absolut provides distillate byproduct — additionally known as “stillage” — come pigs and cows at local farms. Proteins are left end after distillation, do the stillage a good source of food for the upwards that 290,000 pigs and also cows that chow under on it.

The Water in her Absolut Is Ancient

Absolut resources its water from regional wells the are an ext than 450 feet deep, meaning the stuff that gets girlfriend tipsy had to press its method through Swedish bedrock for thousands of years. Not just does that give that party of Absolut Raspberry much-needed street cred, the acts as a organic filter for the water itself, yielding, theoretically, a purer product.

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Absolut is 100% Wheat Vodka. Does the Matter?

Kind of. Unlike whiskey, vodka is column-distilled, a process that essentially strips most of the smell compounds indigenous the distillate, bring about an almost fully neutral spirit. What differentiates vodkas is far subtler, anything native water quality to body to distillation process. (Of course, if you like to acquire your buzz and her sustainable on at the exact same time, you should recognize Absolut resources its 100 percent winter wheat native 338 regional farms.)

Speaking of Wheat … Is Absolut certain Gluten-Free?

There’s an recurring debate among gluten allergy sufferers, soul producers, the FDA, and scientists (oh, my!) about whether or no vodkas made with glutinous assets will cause a reaction. One of the country’s leading gluten testers says no, the calling vodka “gluten-free” is unnecessary — or, an ext accurately “a silly thing,” namely because distillation strips the alcohol of proteins, including gluten. However gluten sensitivity and also Celiac sufferers have tendency to err ~ above the next of caution, citing personal reactions and/or succumbing come sometimes-opportunistic marketing of their gluten-free, on-trend products. Basically, literally, go with your gut.

Absolut placed Out a Pretty an effective Video in assistance of same Love

It’s a yes, really well shot, yes, really beautiful ad full of lover strangers kissing passionately to really great music. If she a person with feelings, you will do it probably get teary-eyed city hall it. And also maybe desire a drink?