Lamb that God is a complicated concept for numerous adults and also children. A lamb is one adorable, precious, chaste animal. As soon as we talk about lambs in the Bible, however, we usually see them serving together a sacrifice to take far sin guilt. We’ve watched this in the Passover. We additionally see it in referral to Jesus and His death.

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Today, i’m excited to talk about 9 reasons Jesus is called the Lamb of God and what the means.

Why is a lamb being eliminated for sins?

My assumption: v is as great as yours as to why the mr picked a lamb. Possibly it’s because they to be the closest animal in the moment and culture of the Israelites which stood for a creature complimentary from blemishes.

Whatever the reason, we view the lamb provided throughout god’s Word together a special, committed animal.

The first time we see a referral to God providing a lamb for sacrifice is in the Old testimony story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham walks belief in an unimaginably complicated moment and also God provides a lamb for the burnt sin offering. God promised a lamb, but listed an adult ram. The reason for this seems to be hosted in the foreshadowing of as soon as he would carry out the Lamb as a sin offering.

We check out the lamb again in the story the the Passover, as soon as the Israelites are instructed come slaughter a lamb and brush the blood on your doorways. The presence of the blood signaled death to happen over your house. The blood of the lambs saved God’s people.

When we involved the brand-new Testament, Jesus is called the Lamb that God by man the Baptist. In Revelation, there room 9 recommendations to the Lamb – revealing to united state Christ in His victory.

Before that, though, we check out Christ together the sacrificial Lamb of God who takes far the sin the the world. This symbolism is the key to understanding who He really is and also why His death brought salvation come me, you, and anyone who believes. The blood the the Lamb saves all who call on His name.

Deeper Understanding

When we recognize Jesus as the Lamb the God, scripture leaps turn off the page.

When we experience scripture through more of our senses, we have a deeper understanding of the personal nature that the Gospel. The word of God becomes much more vibrant. We view it in full shade instead that black and white.



God’s style for our lives consists of much symbolism and many opportunities unite ours hearts, minds, spirits, and bodies – every one of our senses – to the Truth! when we feeling the fact of oh my gosh Word come the depth of every part of ours being, yes sir no denying God as Creator or why His Son involved earth.

He came for you. You room the reason!

You’re the factor Jesus burned his blood ~ above the cross. He it is registered to this atrocious act come take away the sin the the world. All of the world’s sin, and all of your sin.

Today, ns want united state to look in ~ the connection of symbolism and also the definition of the LAMB in the Old Testament and the new Testament.

Why is Jesus referred to as the Lamb the God?


1 – He was born in Bethlehem

The Levites (priests) elevated lambs in Bethlehem. They sacrificed lambs in the temple. 

Moreover, they were the shepherds who very first visited Jesus when He was born.

The clergymans received the lambs to be sacrificed. Exactly how fascinating that the Levitical clergymans received the announcement of Christ’s birth first. Most most likely they didn’t realize the great honor the mr bestowed on castle by making them the an initial to receive the Lamb of God.

Bethlehem is likewise known together the home of bread. Jesus asserted He is the Bread of Life. Just our an excellent God might work out these details of Christ’s birth and life ~ above earth!

2 – john the Baptist

John the Baptist, a priest from the Levitical line, referred to as Jesus the Lamb of God. The priests established the lambs because that sacrifice. John, who had authority with his priestly bloodline, announced Jesus’ identity to the world.

The baptism we view John the Baptist performs in john 1 stood for going down and coming up. When this announcement was made at the step of baptism (John 1:29), the world received this native much in different way than we do. Him calling Jesus the Lamb of God to be infused v symbolism, including, yet not limited to:

the connection to the Passover Lamb in Exodusthe images of deliverance from bondage

3 – he fulfilled the story the Abraham and also Isaac

Abraham took a donkey through two men. 2 disciples go to gain the donkey because that Jesus once He gone into Jerusalem before His crucifixion.Abraham take it his boy (his firstborn and only boy of Sarah). When Isaac asked wherein the sacrificial lamb was, Abraham answered that God would certainly provide. God detailed His very own Son as the sacrificial lamb to stand in the location of every of us.Isaac brought the wood on his ago to be brought about the slaughter. Jesus brought the cross on his ago to his very own crucifixion.God knew Abraham’s heart was pure. God intervened and listed a ram. (Fun fact: A lamb is thought about a lamb because that its first year. A woman lamb i do not care a ewe and a masculine lamb becomes a ram.) In Jesus, God delivered His child as the Lamb that the final offering because that sin.Abraham available his child on mount Moriah. Jesus was available up top top the same mount.

4 – Jerusalem


All lambs had actually to be carried to Jerusalem (from where they were increased in Bethlehem) and be readily available to the high priest. Jesus entered Jerusalem riding top top a donkey and also went come the temple. The cleansed it come prepare for a true, pure, perfect sacrifice.

5 – The Passover Lamb

The father of the family members chooses the lamb in ~ Passover. Furthermore, our Father made decision Jesus… The Lamb the God.

The Passover instructions explain 1 lamb every family. Every who room in Christ, space 1 family.

6 – 4 days

It takes 4 work to check the Passover lamb. In the same way, the world of Jerusalem tested, quizzed, and also challenged Jesus for 4 days. These people include the high priest, Sanhedrin, Pharisees, Sadducees, and others.

7 – Spotless

Jesus was without clues or blemish. Spotless method pure and also blameless. Physically, we check out it together without sickness, disease, or skin spots. His skin was clean and also clear indigenous any an illness of blemishes. Spiritually, it method without blame, harmless. He didn’t harm anyone and always spoke god’s Word.

8 – The time of sacrifice



The sacrifices developed in the morning and evening. This times coincide with our clocks at the time of 9 am and also 3 pm. By 3 pm, the Passover lambs were killed. (Remember, 1 lamb per family, so there to be a the majority of sacrificing going on.)

Jesus was inserted on the overcome at 9 am, the time of the morning sacrifice. He died at the moment of the night sacrifice. The sun was covered from noon until 3 pm, climate He died. (See mark 15 & Matthew 27)

Jesus fulfilled every instruction from Exodus 12. Every one!

9 – One-year-old lamb

A lamb was thought about in the element of that life. Jesus, at age 33 and only 3 years right into his ministry, was taken into consideration in the prime of His life.


So much of bible testifies to Jesus being the sacrificial Lamb that God! There’s an ext than I have actually time to cover in this post.

I expect the main allude is clear: Jesus to be the perfect, unblemished Lamb of God that took far our sins for eternity. We deserve to either live in the gift the salvation or we can live without it.

It’s her choice!

Have you recognized Jesus together the Lamb that God? have actually you received Him because of this through repenting from your sin and also placing your confidence in Him?

He is the can be fried Lamb that God. The last sacrifice. Us don’t need another lamb.

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Jesus is THE LAMB the God, who takes away the sin the the world.

I hope these nuggets of fact blessed you and also helped you grow in your understanding and also relationship with the Lord. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrate the Lamb that God top top the day we rejoice in His resurrection!