once looking in ~ a truck, you’ll frequently hear the state quarter-ton, half-ton, light-duty, heavy-duty, and others come classify the truck’s delivering capabilities. Yet what does the all really mean? just how much weight can your van safely carry? We’ve researched the weight volume of these trucks to get the answer for you.

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How lot your truck can lug is dubbed payload capacity, i m sorry is the difference between the Gross vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or Gross combined Weight Rating (GCWR) when pulling a trailer, and also the curb rate. An exact curb rate will provide you specific payload capacity. Although modern trucks have the right to now exceed these original weight limits, traditionally, van payload capacities were classified within three teams as follows:

Half-ton: 1,000-lbs max payload capacityQuater-ton: 1,500-lbs max payload capacityOne-ton: 2,000-lbs max payload capacity

With the broad selection of trucks available, it can be a little daunting to know just what girlfriend are dealing with for hauling capacity. We will aid you prize your question on the load capabilities of her truck through this guide. Please save reading since knowing her truck’s payload volume will aid keep you safe on the road. If you deserve to calculate just just how much you can safely carry, you won’t be in risk of overloading your truck. Overloading can damage your truck, yourself, and also others, or even damage the load.

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Weight Classifications


It offered to be the the carrying capacity the a truck can be quickly simplified v the terms half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and also one-ton. As manufacturers became much more competitive, this classifications became an ext of a pointer than the truck’s yes, really capabilities.

Over time, payload capacity limits became titles to group trucks by their relative size rather of their capabilities. The modern truck can much exceed these initial weight limits. Originally, a half-ton pickup could carry up to 1,000-lbs, when a three-quarter-ton pickup could bring up to 1,500-lbs, and the one-ton pickup could lug up come 2,000-lbs.

You can additionally classify trucks via light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. These classifications have the right to be damaged down also further into the half-ton, etc. Ranges. This can provide you a general idea of just how much you can carry, yet it’s just a guideline, no a hard and also fast rule.

For an ext in-depth details top top this, please describe “What walk Payload volume Actually median In A Pickup Truck?”

What Is thought about A Light-duty Truck?

The commonwealth Highway administration (FHWA) defines a light-duty truck together a vehicle weighing under 10,000-lbs. This definition excludes trucks with an ext than two axles or 6 or more tires.

MOVES (or Moter car Emission Simulator) classifies light-duty trucks by their commonwealth emission manage regulations. This group specifies that vehicles with a GVWR as much as 8,500-lbs, nevertheless of your FHWA rating, are light-duty. This is additionally reflected in the class ratings. Auto manufacturers will frequently classify a light-duty truck as a half-ton truck, and also this is the group with which most world tend to be familiar.

Light-duty trucks loss into class 1, i m sorry covers vehicles v a GVWR under 6,000-lbs, and also Class 2, which room vehicles v a GVWR under 10,000-lbs.

Class 2 is further damaged down into 2A, covering vehicles native 6,001-lbs to 8,500-lbs, and into 2B, which covers vehicles native 8,500-lbs come 10,000-lbs. Class 2A van are frequently referred to together light-duty trucks, while class 2B is regularly referred to together light, heavy-duty trucks.

As you deserve to see in this examples, the trucks now exceed what castle were originally classified as. A half-ton pickup can now carry over a ton, depending on the truck. In comparison, a midsize pickup truck deserve to easily regulate a half-ton and some up to three-quarters of a ton.

Class 1 – Midsize Pickups: less Than 6,000-lbs GVWR

Your midsize truck will certainly be ~ above the low-end the the light-duty trucks, and while it may not fill as much power together a full-size truck, in general, lock are more than sufficient for most jobs you require to get done. However, course 1 trucks are a versatile car for as soon as you desire to draw or gain a passenger vehicle roughly town.

Class 2A – Half-Ton Pickups: 6,001-lbs to 8500 lbs GVWR

Class 2A trucks often tend to be the most renowned on the market, including America’s favorite pickup truck, Ford’s F-150. For those who want an ext leeway in exactly how much they have the right to haul, over there are many half-ton truck choices from which come choose.

Class 2B – Three-Quarter-Ton Pickups: 8,500-lbs to 10,000-lbs GVWR

These space going to be her light yet heavy-duty trucks. You’ll preserve drivability while being able to increase on the truck’s capabilities.

What Is taken into consideration A Medium-duty Truck?

Medium-duty trucks loss into a broad selection of classes. These space your typical vocational or job-related trucks. They room the persons designed because that hauling more heavier loads. You’ll discover this classification used extensively in the trucking industry. While numerous medium-duty trucks space for advertising use, you will still view some that room non-commercial.

The GVWR arrays from 10,001-lbs. Come 26,000-lbs.Here room some instances covering the broad range of medium-duty trucks.

Class 3 – One-Ton Pickups: 10,001-lbs to 14,000-lbs GVWR

For plenty of people, this will certainly be the largest size pickup that they’ll need. Able to handle a couple of lots of cargo, you’ll have the ability to haul fairly a bit. The one-ton pickup can handle lots up come a couple of tons, and also some models draw can even more.

Class 4 – Pickups & delivery Vans: 14,001-lbs come 16,000-lbs GVWR

Here you’ll discover your more heavier pickup trucks and begin come see regular commercial trucks. These pickups are typically geared for those needing to haul heavier tools or tow heavy loads.

Delivery Vans

Class 5 – Pickups, Bucket van & Cherry Pickers: 16,001-lbs to 19,500-lbs GVWR

This is walking to be the last class that you’ll uncover pickup van in together you start to straddle the line from non-commercial right into commercial trucks. If you have tendency to must haul seriously hefty loads like stone or other types of masonry, this may be the category for you.

Bucket TrucksCherry Pickers

Class 6 – Commercial, solitary Axle van & Vans: 19,501-lbs to 26,000-lbs GVWR

These are going to be your single axle commercial trucks. This is also the class where you generally may start needing a CDL.

Box VansBeverage TrucksSchool Buses

What Is considered A Heavy-duty Truck?

A heavy-duty truck is a auto that has actually a GVWR of end 26,001-lbs. These space going come be her commercial vehicles. Examples encompass dump trucks, cement mixers, utility trucks, and tractor trucks because that pulling dry vans or refrigerated trailers. In general, these room the vehicles you room going to require a CDL come drive.

Class 7: 26,001-lbs come 33,000-lbs

Street SweepersTow truckGarbage Trucks

Class 8: higher Than 33,001-lbs

FiretruckDump TrucksSemi-Trucks

Do I require A Commercial patent To journey A Semi-Truck?

When assessing CDL requirements, you will need to factor in the truck’s GVWR, the trailer’s GVWR, and the truck-trailer merged GVWR. If the trailer has actually a GVWR of 10,001-lbs or much more and the linked GVWR of truck and trailer is 26,001-lbs or more, friend will require a CDL. This consists of regular pickup van hauling trailers as well.

You can also check the end “Towing Capacity and also Trailer weight – What RV Owners should Know” come read much more about towing capacity.

However, there are exemptions come the period requirements. These have the right to include yet are not limited to farmers, some military drivers, and also off-road motorized building and construction equipment drivers who meet particular requirements.

For instance, if the vehicle is registered together a farm vehicle, you, your family, and your farm yard employees may operate that automobile within the farm’s state or 150-miles within the farm out of state. However, if the semi-truck is because that hire or driven exterior of the 150-mile range, then you would need a CDL.For more detailed info on applicability, you re welcome visit FMCSA.

What Is The Weight limit Of A Semi-Truck?

Federal limits collection the GCWR (Gross linked Weight Rating) the a semi-truck and trailer come no an ext than 80,000-lbs with no more than 20,000-lbs on single axles and also no an ext than 34,000-lbs ~ above a tandem axle group. The trailer have the right to weigh no more than 43,000-lbs. How much load you will have the ability to load right into your trailer will depend substantially on just how much your truck and trailer weighs. Periodically being full up on fuel is enough to placed you end the commonwealth weight limits.

A dried trailer have the right to average in weight everywhere from 14,000-lbs come 16,000-lbs, with some being as light as simply under 12,000-lbs. For this reason if you have actually a more heavier truck, your freight load limit might be reduced than the max weight of 43,000-lbs.

Some states allow a greater load limit than 80,000-lbs on roadways they preserve themselves, including federal highways. No to point out that over there are likewise states that allow a higher weight top top the axles listed the van meets the needs or has actually the compelled permits. The is up to the van driver come be acquainted with the fill regulations because that the claims they are driving in.

In addition to these exceptions, there are also bridge regulations restricting the weight-to-length ratio of a van to help protect bridges and also roads native wear and also tear. In short, a auto that is longer and also has an ext axles can carry more weight since the weight is spread over a higher area, in order to reducing the amount of weight on any one collection of axles.

For an ext information, please describe FWHA State truck Size and Weight Laws and Bridge Formula Weights.

In Conclusion

As you deserve to see, part math goes right into what you have the right to carry. If you pay fist to her weights, you’ll be able to determine how much her truck can lug safely. You’ll also know if you’ll need a CDL too if you’re plan on acquisition a trailer.

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There are number of variables to consider, and also it is crucial to understand that manufacturer detailed payloads are simply estimates. The actual capacity will vary from van to truck. Make use of the van scales and also know exactly how much her truck weighs v a complete fuel tank and passengers. This will aid save friend from accidents as well together tickets additional on down the road.