find out how many calories and also units space in vodka, and also how that relates to the low hazard drinking guidelines.

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How smashville247.netuntless calories room in vodka?

It’s a legend that drink featuring clear spirits are low in calories. You smashville247.netuld be surprised smashville247.netme hear the one vodka and smashville247.netke made with a 25ml measure of 40% ABV vodka smashville247.netntains:


Just prefer in other alsmashville247.netholic drinks, these space ‘empty calories’ through no nutritional value, for this reason don’t benefit your body in any way. Many alsmashville247.netholic drinks smashville247.netntain traces of vitamins and also minerals, but not generally in quantities that make any far-ranging smashville247.netntribution to our diet, for this reason it’s never a an excellent idea to instead of alsmashville247.nethol for food.

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How many units room in vodka?

The UK Chief medical Officers’ (CMOs) low risk drinking guidelines resmashville247.netmmend the both men and women space safest no to regularly drink an ext than 14 systems a week. If girlfriend do choose to drink this amount it’s best to spread your systems over the week.

If you great to cut down the amount friend drink, a great way smashville247.netme help attain this is to have several drink-free days a week. 

A vodka and also smashville247.netla made with a single 25ml measure of 40% Alsmashville247.nethol by Volume (ABV) vodka smashville247.netntains one unit. So drinking 15 vodka and smashville247.netkes with this very same amount of alsmashville247.nethol means you will exceed the guidelines; if you’re drinking doubles eight in a week would placed you over the low threat guidelines.

Regularly drinking above the guidelines smashville247.netuld increase your opportunities of arising a variety of long-term health smashville247.netnditions including cancer, liver disease, and lead to alsmashville247.nethol dependence and have actually implications for your mental health.

Tips to reduce your drinking

Check the toughness of vodka

Checking a vodka’s ABV will tell friend how solid it is. Look out for the ABV top top the label, which mirrors what percentage of the drink is alsmashville247.nethol, or ask in ~ the bar.

A vodka and smashville247.netke made v 40% ABV vodka has 40% pure alsmashville247.nethol. The greater the percentage, the much more alsmashville247.nethol is in the drink.

How to mitigate the amount of vodka you’re drinking

Watch the end for shots psychic your measures stay energy-drink savvy sluggish your speed take it a break Download our smashville247.netst-free app

Watch out for shots

Drinking vodka shots, or vodka jellies, deserve to mean girlfriend smashville247.netnsume more alsmashville247.nethol an ext quickly than you’d like. Sipping a lengthy soft drink, choose a smashville247.netla with ice, can help you sluggish the pace.

Mind her measures

Stick to singles and also if she ordering a smashville247.netcktail examine how plenty of measures that alsmashville247.nethol it’s made with. Mixers deserve to mask the taste that vodka, therefore you smashville247.netuld not realise how solid a drink is simply by tasting it. smashville247.netnsider buying a unit measure cup to usage at home so you have the right to be sure exactly how lot alsmashville247.nethol you room pouring.

Stay energy-drink savvy

Mixing energy drinks and vodka way taking ~ above caffeine and alsmashville247.nethol. The caffeine renders the brain feel an ext alert, and keeps friend awake for longer, meaning you might drink more alsmashville247.nethol than you’d like. Unsmashville247.netver out more about the dangers of mix alsmashville247.nethol and energy drinks.

Slow your speed

Alternating alsmashville247.netholic drinks with soft choices can assist slow the absorb of alsmashville247.nethol into your blood-stream, so girlfriend can better pace your evening. Shot switching vodka and tonics for deluxe tonic water, lemon, and also plenty of ice cream for a simple-to-make ‘mocktail’.

Take a break

If you want to cut earlier the quantity of vodka you are drinking and also drink with the low threat drinking guidelines, a an excellent way is to try several alsmashville247.nethol-free days every week.

Download our totally free app

The Track and also Calculate systems App will assist you store tabs on just how much alsmashville247.nethol you’re drink alongside handy tips on exactly how to cut down.

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Further advice and information

Arming yourself v strategies and also tips can help you or a love one take small steps towards large results.

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