Publisher:VIZ Media LLC; Shojo win Manga Ed editionPublication Date: English – jan 9, 2007Comic:208 pages

Stand Alone/Series: Volume among an ongoing series.

Summary: Cross Adademy is attend by two groups of students: the job Class and also the Night Class. At twilight, once the student of the Day course return to their dorm, lock cross courses with the Night course on their means to school. Yuki Cross and also Zero Kiryu room the Guardians the the school, protecting the Day course from the Academy’s dark secret: the Night class is full of vampires!

Yuki Cross has no memory of her past prior come the minute she was conserved from a vampire attack ten years ago. She was adopted by the headmaster of cross Academy, and also now functions alongside Zero come guard the Academy’s secret. Yuki believes that vampires and also humans have the right to coexist peacefully, but her companion has different ideas…

Why go I read the book:It to be recommended by among our readers and I assumed it might be a great addition to the Manga week.


I had my eye on this Manga series ever since it was suggested by a reader method back when. This seemed like the perfect possibility to choose it up and also I am so glad ns did – Vampire Knight, vol. 1 is a great way to begin a collection and it has wetted mine appetite to check out more. Together an point out of its success (and as much as i am aware) the collection is still ongoing and also it currently has 9 volumes released plus an anime series with 26 episodes so far. This Manga is a classic Japanese Manga meaning that the creating (and the reading) is from best to left and also what we typically think together the prior cover is actually the back. It takes obtaining used to, however once I acquire going it was quite easy not to obtain lost.

The opening web page is currently stunning in the art department and with a good set-up: a young girl being struck by a vampire and saved by another. The child’s surname is Yuki Cross and ten years later on she is a student at cross Academy and the adopted daughter that its headmaster, overcome Kaien. She is additionally a member that the school’s disciplinary committee along with her friend Zero. They should make sure that the children that attend the Day class do not communicate too lot with the children from the Night class – the disciplinary committee space charged with preserving the order and making certain that the mystery is kept: that all of the kids in the Night class are vampires – the the preternaturally beautiful and also intelligent kind.

The overcome Academy is therefore, a special ar born out of the headmaster’s dream that someday vampires and also humans have the right to co-exist pacifically. The youngsters go around their work (or nights) attending classes, the Day course being clueless about the true nature that the Night Class. The is not really clear – at the very least not in this very first volume – how specifically this co-existence is claimed to work-related with the Day class being ignorant around the Night Class’ true nature so i feel the the true experiment relates to the Night class being may be to inspect themselves –for the they also take blood pills. If the Day course is regulated by the disciplinary committee , the Night course answers come Kaname Kuran, pureblood vampire of an old lineage and the vampire who conserved Yuki’s life and also took she to headmaster Cross. Kaname is both respected and feared through the other Night Class’ students and he helps maintaining them far from the humans.

And this is the trio the carries the story: Yuki, that is a cheeky 15 year old girl clearly dedicated to she duties to she father’s ideal and to she friends – she has actually a close relationship with zero and also a huge crush on Kaname that she to know is beyond her person grasp; Zero, one emo 16 year young who originates from a vampire hunting lineage and abhors noþeles vampire – Zero has a catastrophic past and the secret he and also the headmaster store will change his life forever when it emerges; and also Kaname who has a condition in the midst of the all of the vampires and a stranger connection with the headmaster – he seems to know an ext than the is an alleged to around both Zero and also Yuki’s past.

It is clear that both men have feelings for Yuki and that the series has a great potential for angst and also darkness; and also it start in this an initial volume the is both advent and collection up of points to come (to say an ext about the plot is to spoil it). There is a little bit of humour and also a bit of lightness but I think this qualifies an ext as a dark fantasy series.

Whereas both the story and characters room interesting and also the premise clever , I believed the greatest strength that Vampire article is the art –which I assumed was gorgeous, stunning. The boys look like boys (a pet peeve the mine when it comes to Manga and Anime is that usually the men are so effeminate) and the action sequences were an extremely cool and also upped the tension rather a lot. Over there was good attention to details – native the different uniforms to the weaponry used.

If you room sick the Vampire flavouring v your paranormals you should most likely keep away. Vampire angst (“to suck blood or no to suck blood that is the question”) is not really original yet I chosen what I experienced so far, specially through a few hints that there is much more to the angst 보다 that simple equation – I will most absolutely read volume 2 and also see just how it goes indigenous there.

Notable Quotes/ Parts: an example of the art:

The Night Class:


Additional Thoughts: Vampire knight reminded me of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead which has a similar setup – a boarding institution for vampires and also humans.


But Vampire Academy is a little more facility that the mere division between humans and vampires and also is that course, a ideal YA book and also not Manga. It is in any kind of case, highly recommended. Our joint review is here.

Verdict: Gorgeous art. Clever premise with interesting albeit not totally original (vampire angst? to be there, done that) characters.

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Rating: ns would rate the arts alone at around a 9 and also the book as a whole at a reduced 7 – it is an overwhelming to judge since it is only the first volume.