A prism is a solid number with flat faces, two the same bases, and an same cross-section all along its length. The surname of a details prism relies on the 2 bases that the prism which have the right to be triangles, rectangles, or any type of polygon. Because that example, a prism with triangular bases is dubbed a triangular prism and also a prism v a square base is referred to as a square prism, and so on. A triangle prism has actually two triangle bases and also three rectangle-shaped faces. Let us learn an ext about the triangular prism in this article.

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1.What is a triangle Prism?
2.Triangular Prism Properties
3.Triangular Prism Net
4.FAQs on triangle Prism

What is a triangular Prism?

A triangle prism is a 3D form with two identical deals with in the shape of a triangle associated by three rectangular faces. The rectangular deals with are referred to as the lateral faces, when the triangular faces are dubbed bases. The bases are likewise called the top and also the bottom (faces) that the prism, respectively.

Triangular Prism Meaning

A triangle prism is a 3D polyhedron through three rectangular faces and two triangle faces. The 2 triangular deals with are congruent to every other, and also the 3 lateral encounters which space in the form of rectangles are also congruent to each other. Thus, a triangle prism has actually 5 faces, 9 edges, and 6 vertices. Watch the following figure to view a triangular prism in i beg your pardon L to represent the length of the prism, h to represent the height of the basic triangle, and also b represents the bottom leaf of the base triangle.


Triangular Prism Properties

The properties of a triangular prism aid us to recognize it easily. Provided below are a few properties that a triangular prism:

A triangle prism has actually 5 faces, 9 edges, and also 6 vertices.It is a polyhedron through 3 rectangular faces and also 2 triangle faces.The 2 triangular bases room congruent to every other.Any cross-section of a triangular prism is in the shape of a triangle.

Triangular Prism Net

The net of a triangular prism is a pattern that is seen as soon as the surface ar of the prism is opened, flattened, and also laid the end such the all the encounters are viewed clearly. This net deserve to be folded as much as make a triangular prism. It shows that the bases that the prism are shaped in a triangle and the lateral deals with are shaped favor a rectangle. The number given below shows the network of a triangular prism wherein the triangles and also the rectangles room seen clearly.


Surface Area the a triangular Prism

The surface ar area that a triangle prism is the area the is occupied by its surface. It is the amount of the areas of every the deals with of the prism. Hence, the formula to calculation the surface ar area is:

Surface area = (Perimeter the the base × Length) + (2 × base Area) = (S1 +S2 + S3)L + bh


b is the bottom edge of the base triangle,h is the elevation of the base triangle,L is the size of the prism andS1, S2, and also S3 are the three edges (sides) that the base triangle(bh) is the combined area of the two triangular faces, since <2 × (1/2 × bh)> = bh

For more information top top the surface area formula and also calculations, examine the write-up on the surface ar area that a triangle prism.

Volume of a triangular Prism

The volume of a triangular prism is the product of its triangular base area and also the length of the prism. Together we currently know that the triangular prism basic is in the shape of a triangle, the area the the base will certainly be the exact same as that of a triangle. Hence, the Volume of a triangular Prism = area of base triangle × length or the can additionally be composed as Volume of triangular Prism = ½ × b × h × l, whereby b is the base size of the triangle, h is the height of the triangle, and l is the size of the prism.

Right triangle Prism

A right triangular prism is a prism in i beg your pardon the triangular encounters are perpendicular to the three rectangle-shaped faces. In various other words, both the triangle of a ideal triangular prism are right-angled, therefore, the triangular faces are perpendicular come the lateral rectangular faces. A appropriate triangular prism has actually 6 vertices, 9 edges, and also 5 faces.

Related Topics

Listed below are a few interesting topics that are regarded the triangular prism.

Example 1: discover the volume the a triangle prism that has actually the following dimensions: base length of the triangle= 5 inches, elevation of the triangle = 3 inches, and length of the prism = 8 inches.

Solution: Given, base size 'b' = 5 inches, the elevation 'h' = 3 inches, and length in between the triangle bases 'l' = 8 inches.

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Volume that a triangular Prism = ½ × b × h × l

Volume = ½ × 5 × 3 × 8

Volume = 60 in3

Therefore, the volume of the triangular prism is 60 inches3.

Example 2: What is the surface ar area that the triangular prism if its base area is 12 square units, length is 15 units, and the perimeter of the base is 21 units?


Given, basic area = 12 square units, length = 15 units, and also perimeter the the basic = 21 units. Therefore, the surface ar area of the triangular prism can be calculate by applying the formula: