Are you reasoning of buying a window air conditioner but not certain if it’s precious the money?

Do you desire to know just how much a window AC unit will actually expense you each month prior to you make the investment?

If so, this free guide can help.

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Not only will we go overhow much electrical power does a home window AC unit use, yet we’ll additionally reveal how you can figure out the cost it bring away to run a home window air conditioner every hour.

By the end of this post, you’ll have everything you need to make a well-informed to buy decision top top a new window air air conditioning unit.

And once you’re perfect reading, you’ll also want to jump end to our guide on the optimal rated home window air conditionerswhere we go into more detail on just how to choose the best maker for her needs and also budget.

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How Much power Does a home window AC Use?

On average, a home window AC unit have the right to use in between 500 to 1,500 watts of electrical power to run. A midsize home window air conditioner that provides 900 watts of electrical power will consume approximately 200 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month if operated 8 hrs per day.

Window AC Unit (BTU)Estimated Watts
5,000 BTU window Air Conditioner550 watts of electricity
8,000 BTU window Air Conditioner660 watt of electricity
10,000 BTU home window Air Conditioner900 watt of electricity
12,000 BTU window Air Conditioner1,100 watt of electricity
15,000 BTU home window Air Conditioner1,500 watt of electricity

How numerous Watts does an wait Conditioner Use?

Air Conditioner (BTU)Estimated Watts
Small home window AC Unit (5,000 BTU)550 watt of electricity
Medium home window AC Unit (8,000 BTU)660 watt of electricity
Large window AC Unit (15,000 BTU)1,500 watts of electricity
Small central Air Conditioner (10,000 BTU)3,000 watts of electricity
Medium main Air Conditioner (14,000 BTU)4,000 watt of electricity
Large main Air Conditioner (18,000 BTU)5,000 watts of electricity

The table over shows friend the median of how countless watts an wait conditioner uses based on the type (window vs central air) and the BTU rating.

How much Power do Air conditioners Use?

If you want to acquire very specific on the power intake of watts on an waiting conditioner, then the monitor table have the right to help.

The relationship between BTU and also power in wattage for an air conditioner is identified by the Energy effectiveness Ratio (EER). The EER rating can variety between 8 EER to 18 EER depending upon the form of wait conditioner gift measured. (Central air conditioners can have the highest EER ratings.)

If an wait conditioner has a short EER rating, then it will certainly use an ext watts to strength the unit. If it has a high EER rating, then it will use less wattage and power consumption.

In the table below, we’ve given you the median watts provided for wait conditioners in between 5,000 BTU come 18,000 BTU through an EER selection between 8 and 12.

Air Conditioner (BTU)Estimated Watts
How countless watts does a5,000 BTUAC use?417 – 625 Watts
How countless watts go a6,000 BTUAC use?500 – 750 Watts
How numerous watts does an8,000 BTUAC use?667 – 1,000 Watts
How plenty of watts walk a10,000 BTUAC use?833 – 1,250 Watts
How many watts go a12,000 BTUAC use?1,000 – 1,500 Watts
How countless watts does a15,000 BTUAC use?1,250 – 1,875 Watts
How plenty of watts does an18,000 BTUAC use?1,500 – 2,250 Watts


If you desire to number out exactly how much walk it price to operation a home window air conditioner, climate you’ll require to know two things:

The price your electric agency charges per kilowatt-hour (kWh)The amount of power your window air conditioner offers to run (watts)

Once we have actually those 2 numbers in hand, we have the right to then usage a straightforward formula to calculate the monthly price of operation the home window AC unit.

We’ll show you exactly how to do every one of that in three basic steps.

Step 1: identify Your house Electricity expense (kWh)

Every state, county, and also city fees a different rate for the usage of electricity.

Take these because that example:

Residents in mountain Francisco, California salary 22.1 cents per kWh.

As you deserve to see, the price every kWh different widely throughout the joined States; however, the national typical is 13 cents per kWh.

To uncover out what girlfriend pay per kWh, all you have to do is look at your most recent electricity bill or walk to your electric company’s website to see the posted rate.

Once you have your kWh in hand, you deserve to move on to the next step.

Step 2: find Your window Air Conditioner Electricity consumption (Watts)

When you’re shopping because that a home window air conditioner, you’ll often uncover the appliance explained in brother Thermal systems (BTU) and not amperage (or watts).

BTU is an international standard for measuring an wait conditioner’s cooling capacity and also gives friend an idea the how large a room the unit deserve to handle.

For example, a 10,000 BTU window AC unit have the right to cool a room approximately 450 square feet (i.e. 20′ x 22′ area).

The problem, however, is that no all air conditioners v a particular BTU rating usage the same amount of electrical energy to power the device.

One 10,000 BTU waiting conditioner may use 900 watt of electrical energy while another one offers 1,000 watts. The complete watts all depends on exactly how energy efficient the manufacturer made the appliance.

So, just how do you discover out how countless watts go a window AC use?

Check the product manual.Look at tech specs on the manufacturer’s (or selling company’s) website

Once you know the wattage offered for a details window air conditioner, you have the right to then incorporate that number with the price every kWh you salary for electrical power at home.

That calculation will certainly tell you how much it will cost you to operation the home window air conditioner every hour, day, month, and also throughout the year.

Step 3: calculation the Electricity and Monthly Cost

Figuring the end how countless watts walk a window air conditioner use and the monthly price for operating the appliance is actually quite simple.

The formula for determining the hourly cost of operation includes:

# of watts x 1 (hour that use) ÷ 1,000 x 0.13 (kWh) = hourly price of operation

Here’s an example of an air conditioner that supplies 550 watts:

550 x 1 ÷ 1,000 x 0.13 (kWh) = $0.071 hourly cost of operation

If the was confusing, here’s a malfunction of each step of the formula for you:

550 (watts) x 1 (hour) = 550550 ÷ 1,000 = 0.550.55 x $0.13 (kWh) = $0.071

Once you know the hourly expense to operation your window AC unit, you deserve to easily discover out the total per day, month, and also year.

If we assume that you run the unit for eight hrs per day, here’s just how much electrical energy it costs to operate a 550-watt home window AC unit:

$0.071 x 8 (hours every day) = $0.57 per day$0.57 x 7 (days every week) = $4 per week$4 x 4 (weeks per month) = $16 per month$16 x 4 (for the month of June, July, August, and also September) = $64 expense per season (or year)

This same formula deserve to be supplied to number out exactly how much electrical energy does a portable AC use.

Average Monthly window Air Conditioner electricity Costs

How much does it cost to run a home window AC because that the typical person?

If us take the typical of operation the unit for eight hrs per day and additionally use the nationwide kWh rate of $0.13, climate you deserve to expect to invest the following amount each month on electrical energy for these assorted size home window air conditioners.

500 Watt Unit (5,000 BTU) = $15.60 per month660 Watt Unit (8,000 BTU) = $20.40 per month900 Watt Unit (10,000 BTU) = $26.40 every month1,100 Watt Unit (12,000 BTU) = $33.60 every month1,500 Watt Unit (15,000 BTU) = $46.80 per month

Factors That impact Your air Conditioner energy User per Hour and Day

In a perfect world, the monthly electricity prices outlined in the previous section would be true for everyone.

However, there are plenty of things that can cause your home window air conditioner to cost less or an ext per month come operate.

Some the those points relate to the appliance itself while others are influenced by things you can’t control, like the out climate.

If you’re spending an ext or much less than you supposed to use a window AC unit, here are the components that may be contributing come this fluctuation.

EER and also SEER

The classic Energy performance Ratio (EER) and the updated Seasonal Energy performance Ratio (SEER) are both ratios that suggest the performance of a window air conditioner unit.

Most every window AC unit and wall surface AC unit will have actually a large yellow sticker on it referred to as the “Energy Guide”.

And on that guide, you’ll uncover an EER or SEER number together with the estimated yearly energy expense to run the appliances.

Examples include:

10 EER11.9 EER13.3 SEER17 SEER

The dominance of thumb below is the the lower the EER or SEER number, the more efficient the wait conditioner. That equates to less electricity and also cost to operate each month.

If the window air conditioner you have uses an ext watts than a similar product, then it will have actually a greater EER or SEER number, and also therefore cost much more the use.

Indoor Temperature

The temperature you set the window air conditioner at have the right to also influence the amount of power the unit uses.

When the cooling bike kicks on, the appliance uses much more energy come chill the room.

Then, when the collection temperature is reached, the cooling cycle transforms off and only the pan blows⁠—and that offers much less electricity.

If you’re setup the temperature really low, prefer 62-degrees Fahrenheit, then the unit will take much longer to reach that desired temperature, which increases your power costs.

Outdoor Climate

Sometimes once it’s really hot outside, the at home temperature can’t reach the degree you have actually the home window air conditioner set on.

That’s since the unit has to compete too hard against the ambient hot air.

If that happens, then the home window AC unit will proceed running at complete blast without ever turning off the chilled cycle, and that will increase your daily cost to run the unit.

If you live in a very hot climate, you deserve to probably mean to pay much more per job to run a window air conditioner.

Open Doors and Windows

If you have actually a home window air conditioner running in a room that has a different open home window or door leading out to the rest of the house, then the unit should work harder come cool the room.

The much more sealed the area is, the much less your window AC unit needs to work due to the fact that the air-conditioned wait is contained. And also that to reduce your prices to usage it.

Window air Conditioner Filter

Did you understand that your home window air conditioner has an waiting filter?

It certain does, and the function of the waiting filter is to save dust, dirt, and other debris from damaging the interior system.

Unfortunately, the waiting filter it s okay clogged easily and also if girlfriend don’t clean it, the performance of your home window AC unit can go down.

Check and clean the air filter weekly to maximize her air conditioner’s cooling efficiency and also to keep your operating costs low.

Maximizing Your use of a home window AC Unit

In this post, you learnedhow much electricity does a home window AC use and also how much does it expense to run a home window AC unit.

And together you discovered, the answers count on both the performance of the appliance and also external factors that might be the end of your control.

However, one thing you deserve to do to constantly keep your expenses low is to try and only use the air conditioner when it’s really necessary.

Often, world leave a window air conditioner to run all job long since they often tend to forget about it.

But, acquisition the basic step of turning it off once you leave the house or only running it in one-hour intervals can aid you reduced your monthly power costs.

Something else you have the right to do is ensure the the window air conditioner is correctly sized for the room that you’re using it in.

If the window AC unit is also powerful, the an equipment will absent on and also off too much (boosting power use) and also if it’s also small, the unit will certainly run continuous at full blast (also increasing your monthly electrical power bill).

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To make certain you gain a properly sized home window AC unit, examine out our overview on the height rated home window air conditioners. The walks you through the procedures of gaining the right home window AC unit for her needs and budget.