I have tried so countless times to obtain a grasp on every this electrical power stuff and just can't for the life that me acquire a manage on it. So, if you have the right to make this very remedial, I would really appreciate it.

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The water pipe analogy is a famous method to recognize electricity.

Volts are choose water push (high voltage would certainly be like a push washer, short voltage would certainly be favor a babbling brook)

Amps are favor the quantity of water flow (high amperage would be prefer the Mississippi river, short amperage would certainly be choose a kitchen faucet)

Watts space the capability of the water to execute work. Watts, conveniently, are equal to Amps * Volts.

What kills you is current (amperage) running with your body in the wrong way. However, current can't run with your human body without a voltage (pressure) to journey it. So both room what kills you, really.

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Would low amperage but a high voltage be more lethal than a low amperage low voltage shock?

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Yup. However; deadly dosage is usually given in amps. I'd imagine this is due to the fact that skin resistance can change easily, make it much easier for lower pressure (voltage) power to press amps v you. So the amount of voltage that might drive a fatal present through who could adjust considerably; they can have sweaty, salty, hands when they seize an electrode because that example.

Sweaty hand would reduced the resistance of your body, lower resistance method less voltage (pressure) to placed the exact same amount of present (liters/second) with you.

If you want a much less dumbed down variation then current(amps) is usually the quantity of fee per second moving v a wire.

Electrons space the an easy units of fee for electrical energy so amps deserve to be measure up in electron per second crossing some suggest in the wire.

Voltage is very comparable to a height; how far the charges are separated from every other. If a optimistic and negative charge room a big distance from each various other then the voltage is higher.

A an ext gravitational based analogy is:

You have a huge bunch that balls on the 2nd story balcony every attached come the soil by a spring. Voltage is a measure of how 'stretched' this feather is native normal. Second story == 2 volts, 3rd story == 3 volts, etc.

The much more you stretch the spring, the more voltage the ball has, and also the more difficult it will be to save the ball from falling; you'd need stronger hands.

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Current(Amps) at the same time is if girlfriend stood on the 1st floor window and counting how countless balls space zipping past you per second

1 ball per second is 1 amp, 2 balls per 2nd is 3 amps, etc. If no balls room falling at every the amps is zero but that doesn't mean the voltage is zero. The balls can be on the 4th floor (4 volts) simply nobody has released them yet.