If friend love trivia, you will do it love the Trivial quest board game. The video game arrived ~ above the board-game-scene in 1981 and there have actually been countless editions covering various trivia themes since. Trivia questions cover 6 topic categories-each represented by a color. Originally, the categories were location (blue), entertain (pink), arts & literary works (originally brown, later purple), scientific research & Nature (green), sports & leisure (orange), and history (yellow). As brand-new editions emerged, the category changed. Because that example, in the Disney edition, the categories room cartoons & movies, Donald & Mickey, Disney facts, etc.

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The game includes a game board, six colored one scoringpieces, colored wedges that fit right into the scoring pieces, a die, inquiry cardsand a card holder. The cards save on computer a question for each color group on oneside and also answers on the contrary side. The plank looks choose a six-spoke wheelwith the beginning position in the center and also a colored category room at theend of each spoke. As soon as shuffled, the cards are inserted into the map holder. Eachplayer begins by placing his scoring piece in the middle of the plank in thestarting position. Every player rolls the die and also the player with the highestroll walk first. Beat progresses come the left.


The goal of the video game is to collect all 6 colored wedges bycorrectly prize trivia questions.


A player begins his revolve by rolling the die and moving hisscoring item the variety of spaces rolled. Football player can pick to relocate down anyspoke, and an ext than one player can land on the same space. After ~ landing top top aspace, a various player draws the height card and also reads the concern correspondingto the an are color. If the player answer the concern correctly, that rollsagain and repeats the process until he gives an incorrect answer.

Players can move in any type of direction, but cannot retrace theirsteps ~ above the same roll. Once a player floor on a category room and correctlyanswers the question, he adds a wedge that the same shade to his scoring piece. Ifthe player currently has that wedge, the space is treated favor a normal space. Ifa player lands in the center of the board and also has no yet collected all wedges,he can choose the concern category. However, a fancy wedge deserve to only beearned while on a category space. There are also several spaces that enable theplayer to roll again there is no answering a question.

After collecting every colored wedges, a player must relocate backto the starting position. It might take several turns to move the number ofspaces needed. If the player rolfes a number higher than the remaining spaces,he have to wait one more turn till he roll the exact number required to move to thecenter space. Once on the space, he have to correctly prize the concern in acategory selected by the other players. Players are not permitted to read thequestions prior to selecting the category.

Ending the Game:

The winner that the game is the an initial player to fill hisscoring item with a wedge of each color and correctly prize a last question.

Scoring the Game:

Scoring is easy and also doesn’t require any calculating orwritten tracking. Every player have the right to see every scores by observing the coloredwedges in every scoring piece.

Common house Rules:

Questions have to be answered without anyassistance native players various other than those on the very same team.Another choice is aimed at avoiding one personfrom a never-ending turn. This could be the situation if one player is anexceptional trivia buff. This alternative requires pat to move to the next playerafter a wedge is earned.

Variations that the game:

One or much more of the following may apply across different editionsof the game:

A pawn might be used to move around the boardinstead that the scoring piece. Football player still have to fill their scoring pieces,but they space not supplied on the board. A separate plastic box may be contained for eachcard category. In this case, the cards are inserted by the equivalent game-board-category.In this version, the inquiry asked ~ above the card is based upon the number rolledon the die; the greater the die roll, the more an overwhelming the question.A pie authorize on the die permits a player to go toany an are of their choosing.

It is necessary to keep in mindthat the exactly answer may have adjusted since the release of the game. This isparticularly true when it involves world and also sporting records. It may benecessary come look up the answer if a player believes the answer printed on thecard is incorrect and also the version of the video game being played is older.


Listening is key. Occasionally there is a clue to the price from in ~ the question.The capability to relocate in any type of direction have the right to be of significant benefit. If a player is make the efforts to collection a blue wedge and answers the blue inquiry incorrectly, he has to move turn off the blue wedge during his next turn. However, he can move right ago to that an are in the 2nd turn complying with the not correct answer.


Timeto Play: 90 Minutes

Alternativetitles the the game:

Quelques Arpents de Pièges

Remue Méninges


Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edition

Trivial pursuit Edición Genus

Trivial Pursuit: execution Genus

Trivial Pursuit: Edizione Genus

Trivial Pursuit: Genus Editie

Trivial Pursuit:Genus-Mestaripainos

Trivial Pursuit: Genus-Painos

Trivial Pursuit: Genus-upplaga

Trivial Pursuit: Komplettset Genus

Trivial Pursuit: Master video game –Genus Edition


The Trivium

SuggestedPlayer Age: 12+

CommunitySuggested Player Age: 12+

Listof Expansions:

Trivial quest Questions: MusicEdition (2016)

Trivial pursuit Questions: 1200Brand brand-new Questions and also Answers (2015)

Trivial Pursuit: 007 edition (2015)

Trivial Pursuit: Dinosaurs (2014)

Trivial Pursuit: Rijnlands Lyceum(2010)

The ultimate Trivial PursuitQuestion & Answer publication (2010)

Trivial Pursuit: people Football –Bite-Size (2005)

Trivial Pursuit: BiographiesEdition (2004)

Trivial Pursuit: Kronen Zeitung1900 – 2000 (1999)

Trivial Pursuit: Hitradio Ö3 (1997)

Trivial Pursuit: 1997 Edition(1996)

Trivial Pursuit: Essen &Trinken (1995)

Trivial Pursuit: Genus Kartensatz –2400 Fragen und Antworten (1995)

Trivial Pursuit: country Music(1993)

Trivial Pursuit: edition Europe(1993)

Trivial Pursuit: Holland Editie(1993)

Trivial Pursuit: Disney EditionKartensatz (1992)

Trivial Pursuit: household Edition –Card collection (1992)

Trivial Pursuit: Bayern Edition(1991)

Trivial Pursuit: Danmarksudgave(1991)

Trivial Pursuit: Édition Cinéma(1991)

Trivial Pursuit: execution XXèmesiècle (1991)

Trivial Pursuit: Kansallispainos(1991)

Trivial Pursuit: Sverige-Upplagan(1991)

Trivial quest Mini Pack: Flicks(1989)

Trivial pursuit Mini Pack: WildCard (1989)

Trivial Pursuit: small II (1989)

Trivial Pursuit: sporting activities EnhancementCard collection (1989)

Trivial Pursuit: The 1980’s CardSet (1989)

Trivial Pursuit: The Vintage YearsEdition (1920’s – 1950’s) – Card set (1989)

Trivial Pursuit: TV (1989)

Trivial Pursuit: Edición JóvenesCarrozas (1988)

Trivial Pursuit: Édition des stars(1988)

Trivial Pursuit: execution France(1988)

Trivial Pursuit: EntertainmentEdition (1988)

Trivial search Mini Pack: Rock& pop (1987)

Trivial quest Mini Pack: Sports(1987)

Trivial pursuit Mini Pack: The GoodLife (1987)

Trivial pursuit Mini Pack: War& victory (1987)

Trivial Pursuit: sporting activities Edition(1987)

Forte Trivia Cards Volume II (1985)

Medical Trivia (1985)

Trivial Pursuit: RPM version (1985)

Trivial Pursuit: Welcome come AmericaEdition (1985)

Trivial Pursuit: Young PlayersEdition Card set (1985)

USA Trivia tour (1985)

Forte Trivia Cards, Volume One(1984)

Love, Sex and also Romance Trivia CardSet (1984)

Trivial Pursuit: Genus II (1984)

Trivial Pursuit: all Star SportsEdition (1983)

Trivial Pursuit: baby Boomer CardSet (1983)

Trivial Pursuit: silver- ScreenEdition (1983)

1650 an ext Questions & Answersfor use with Trivial Pursuit: set I, group I (1981)

1650 an ext Questions & Answersfor use v Trivial Pursuit: collection I, group II (1981)

1650 an ext Questions & Answersfor use v Trivial Pursuit: set I, team III (1981)

1650 an ext Questions & Answersfor use with Trivial Pursuit: set I, team IV (1981)

Continuation Trivia: collection One

Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edition(1981)

Community Rating: 5.2 that 10

Popularity: 16,729 


PublishedYear: 1981




Chris Haney


Diset S.A.

Eskifell hf.

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Horn kidnapping International

Horn abbot Ltd.

Parker Brothers


Selchow & Righter

Zontik Games

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1993 gamings Magazine room of FameInductee

1990 Mensa pick Winner

1985 Årets Spel ideal Family game Winner


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