This zero allude Weight Watchers Bolognese Sauce is walking to come to be a household favorite. That comes with each other in under a half hour and also is for sure delicious! serve it end zero suggest zoodles or a great low allude pasta and also your family will never recognize that it isn"t a high fat and high-calorie dish! Perfect if you space eating low carbohydrate or complying with the weight Watchers Diet. This is one the the entirety family will enjoy.

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Weight Watchers Bolognese Sauce

We introduce Dreamfield and also CarbaNada pasta choices that come in reduced carbohydrate varieties. They are both quality and still reduced points every serving. Otherwise, some zucchini or carrot zoodles space a delicious enhancement to offer you the pasta structure without utilizing up points or calories. Make your own with a Spiralizer or to buy them currently made in ~ your local market. Trust us which ever you choose you space going to fall in love with this very delicious sauce.



Weight Watchers Bolognese Sauce

This zero suggest Weight Watchers Bolognese Sauce is going to become a household favorite. That comes with each other in under a half hour and is certain delicious!
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Author: Melissa Jennings


1 lb 99% fat-free floor turkey breast1 whole onion, diced fine3 stalks celery, diced fine3 whole carrots, diced fine4 cloves garlic, minced20 oz can diced tomatoes2 cup fat-free beef broth¼ tsp fennel seed⅛ tsp red pepper flakes½ tsp black color pepper¼ cup fresh basil, chopped½ tsp salt (to taste)Nonstick spray (as needed)


In a big nonstick skillet, over medium warmth saute onions, celery, carrots, and also garlic until vegetables are tender. Usage nonstick food preparation spray as necessary to stop burning/sticking.
Add floor turkey chest to the mixture and cook till no longer pink, mixing regularly.
Add in fennel, red pepper flakes, black color pepper, diced tomatoes, and beef broth. Mix well and simmer end medium warmth for 10 minutes.
Mix in new basil and also salt to taste.
Continue cooking for added 5-10 minutes or till flavors have melded with each other well.
Serve over favourite pasta.
Makes 8 servings
Approximately 1 cup sauce per serving
Zero point out on the load Watchers FreeStyle Plan
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This classic and delicious bolognese sauce is a good choice to offer for dinner end a low point pasta. The is rich and satisfying in flavor and loaded v vegetables, so renders the ideal alternative for an every in one meal. Particularly when offered over an egg noodle or zoodle! finest of all it is ZERO weight Watchers Points! friend can"t walk wrong through this recipe.

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Melissa Jennings

Melissa is a soccer mother who has been married come her ideal friend because that 22 years. She loves sharing recipes, travel reviews and also tips that emphasis on help busy households make memories.

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