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In Hesiod’s Theogony we read a list of sevengoddesses. (886-923) Generally, referred to as the seven Wives that Zeus. Here itis;
1. 886> currently Zeus, king of the gods,made Metis his mam first, and shewas wisest amongst gods and also mortal men.

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2. 901> next he married glowing Themis who bare the Horae (Hours), andEunomia (Order), Dike (Justice), and blooming Eirene (Peace), who mind theworks that mortal men, and also the Moerae (Fates) to whom way Zeus offered the greatesthonour, Clotho, and Lachesis, and Atropos who give mortal men evil and an excellent tohave.
3) 907> and Eurynome,the daughter the Ocean, beautiful in form, bare him three fair-cheeked Charites(Graces), Aglaea, and Euphrosyne, and lovely Thaleia, from who eyes as theyglanced flowed love the unnerves the limbs: and beautiful is their glancebeneath your brows.
4) <912> also he concerned the bed of all-nourishing Demeter, and she ceiling white-armedPersephone whom Aidoneus brought off from she mother; however wise Zeus provided her tohim.
5) 915> and again, he love Mnemosyne v the beautiful hair: and of she the ripe gold-crownedMuses to be born who joy in feasts and also the pleasures that song.
6) <918> and Letowas join in love with Zeus that holds the aegis, and also bare Apollo and also Artemisdelighting in arrows, children lovely over all the young of Heaven.
7)<921> Lastly, he made Hera his bloom wife: and she to be joined in love through the king ofgods and also men, and brought soon Hebe and Ares and also Eileithyia.
As with every little thing else in old Greek literaturethere have to be some better significance. Right here are some thoughts;
I jokingly argued over in ~ the Kosmos culture thatthe list represents a descending stimulate of affection for his wives; based on Zeusand Hera’s notoriously rocky marriage. But, ns think we can see anotherdescending order.

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Zeus first hypothetical child would have actually hurled that fromhis throne. (895-900). The following son ~ above this perform of legitimate spouses isApollo, his heir-apparent and also pretty viable threat;
“I will certainly remember and also notbe unmindful the Apollo that shoots afar. As he goes with the house of Zeus,the gods tremble before him and all feather up from your seats as soon as he drawsnear, as he bends his glowing bow. “. HH come Apollo
The last of hislegitimate sons from the seventh marriage were little threat. One was lame andthe other “Arēs would have actually then perished had not fair Eeriboia…” (Iliad 5:389) Starvingto fatality is a very ungodlike thing to do, no of his last legitimate seems much of a threat toZeus’ hegemony.
So my first thought about the succession of wives is that it represents an every diminish level of risk to the security of Zeus" throne from his very own sons.
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