This simple to make, tasty Hummus is Zero SmartPoints ~ above the weight Watchers Blue and also Purple plans and also 2 SmartPoints every serving ~ above the environment-friendly plan.

It renders a healthy, filling and also delicious hummus that can be used as a dip, together a spread in sandwiches or, mine favourite, as a topping for a low allude burger!

Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) really room a load Watchers friend together they are zero SmartPoints if you follow the Blue and Purple plans.

They do should be spicy if you monitor the environment-friendly plan, but they are an excellent for you, filling and are packed full of protein!


So, traditional Hummus (or Houmous if you"d prefer) consists of tahini (sesame seed paste) and also olive oil, both of which are quite high in SmartPoints.

My favourite supermarket hummus works out in ~ 3 SmartPoints every tablespoon (& that"s not a nice, big heaped tablespoon - that"s one of those annoying small level tablespoons ? ).

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And if I"m eating hummus I want a good couple of tablespoons worth to use as a emboldened or spread on my toasted pitta bread.

So I"ve been making this hummus due to the fact that I started my WW journey and it"s a recipe that i make and eat top top a constant basis.

I wanted to make a hummus the was short (or also zero) SmartPoints that I can eat guilt free, that would certainly taste together close come "traditional" hummus as could be and also that was easy to make.

Ingredients to make Weight Watchers Zero point Hummus

I did try messing around with adding tiny amounts the tahini to get the sesame taste yet without the SmartPoints, but I felt that you necessary a good dollop of tahini for that and also then, obviously, that boosts the SmartPoints!

So, this is the recipe the I come up with!

It doesn"t incorporate tahini paste (although friend could add some if you"d prefer - for extr SmartPoints) but it does taste great ...

.. And also did I point out it is Zero SmartPoints ~ above Blue and Purple!

Do i really need to chef the canned chickpeas first?

Now, one point that you will notice from this recipe is that ns simmer the canned chickpeas for 15 - 20 minutes prior to I place them in the food processor.

This isn"t strictly essential .... Yet ... I have discovered that (especially with several of the brand of canned chickpeas) simmering them for 15 - 20 minutes softens lock & leads to a smoother hummus.

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If you space in a actual rush for your Hummus, just leave this step out and just acquire on and blitz those chickpeas!

How long does it keep?

It have to keep for a mainly in the fridge - just don"t keep it any longer than the "Best Before" date of the yogurt that you have actually used in the recipe.

Serving Suggestions!

Use together a dip for cruditésSmother ~ above toasted pitta breadUse together a spread out in sandwiches or wraps

How I resolved the SmartPoints

Freestyle setup - 0 SmartPoint per servingmyWW Blue setup - 0 SmartPoint every servingmyWW Purple setup - 0 SmartPoint per servingmyWW Green setup - 2 SmartPoints per serving

I calculation the load Watchers SmartPoints because that this Hummus using the official WW recipe builder.

The nutritional details in the cooking recipes card below has been automatically generated and will offer you an inaccurate SmartPoint value.

This is since it does no account because that ingredients, such as the chickpeas, gift zero SmartPoints top top the Blue & violet plans.

Use the cooking recipes builder on her WW App and also you will check out that the SmartPoint worths that i have offered are correct ?