After a year that waiting and also uncertainty, the Summer Olympic games will officially start on July 23, 2021. Athletes from all over the world have trained, competed and qualified to get involved in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games and also viewers will lastly get to see who will take residence the gold.

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With the Summer Olympic Games ago in the spotlight, it got us thinking around “Olympic-sized” pools and other compete swimming swimming pool sizes.

If you unfamiliar with competitive swimming, this is a quick explanation that the various competition swimming pool lengths to give you a much better understanding before you tune in.

50 Meter Pools

A 50 meter lengthy pool is thought about an “Olympic-size” pool and typically holds approximately 500,000 gallons the water. Additionally, a true “Olympic-sized” pool has a depth that at the very least two meters and 10 lanes, through a width of two and a half meters each. 50 meter pools are provided in the Olympic Games, human being Championships, worldwide competitions and other swim club competitions during the summer season.

25 yard Pools

The United claims is the only nation that doesn’t usage the metric system and it’s, therefore, the only nation that has a regulated distance of 25 garden pools because that college and also high school swimming competitions. Community HOA pools, recreation pools and also National Collegiate strong Association (NCAA) vain pools are commonly 25 yard pools.

25 Meter Pools

Meters and also yards may seem like comparable lengths come those exterior of the competitive swim world, but swimmers consider them come be really different. 25 meter lengthy pools space slightly longer than 25 yard pools and also are generally used in international competitions. 

To differentiate in between pool sizes for swim times, right here are the three different varieties of competitive swimming pools:

Long course meters, or LCMs, for 50 meter pools.Short course yards, or SCYs, because that 25 garden pools.Short course meters, or SCMs, because that 25 meter pools.

For example, one swimmer who competes internationally will have three various times for their 100 freestyle event: a LCM, SCY and SCM time. There are people records because that SCM and LCM races, but only U.S. Records for SCY events.

33 1/3 Meter Pools

Increasingly rarely to uncover are the 33 1/3 pools, which frequently accommodate the demands of water polo. There are many pools with unregulated lengths supplied for cultivate purposes; however, in sanctioned swim meets the pool length must it is in measured and verified.

Now equipped with pool length knowledge, you’re prepared to watch any type of upcoming swim event, including the Summer Olympics.

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