If you a fan of "The Dr. Phil Show," have actually we got the cure because that you. You have the right to get free tickets to attend the present in person and also be a member the the live studio audience in Hollywood.

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Getting tickets because that "The Dr. Phil Show" may be the most difficult of all the famous talk shows. This is since it's a an extremely popular show which is regularly booked up right away. Also, they open up up tickets for only a few weeks at a time.

If you really want to watch Dr. Phil in person, you need to arrangement ahead and also request your tickets shortly after they do the announcements. However, your efforts will salary off since you obtain to be in the audience for two back-to-back shows at the same time!

just how to Get totally free Tickets come "The Dr. Phil Show"

It's an extremely easy to make a preventive for free tickets to "The Dr. Phil Show." You deserve to request up to four tickets virtual or top top the phone and also an audience coordinator will certainly be in touch to confirm your tickets. 

As with the majority of speak shows, a ticket does no guarantee that you get to sit in the audience. They often offer much more tickets 보다 seats come ensure the audience is always full. Admission is first-come, very first served, for this reason be sure to show up early.

Call the 24-hour reservation line at 323-461-7445.Leave your name, day and evening phone numbers, and also the number of guests attending (up come four).

What You need to know

"The Dr. Phil Show" is videotaped at big Studios in Los Angeles, California. This is just one the the many talk mirrors you have the right to see in the LA area.

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The show usually tapes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Arrival time is 8 a.m., though you will desire to arrive beforehand to shot and secure a spot in line. Be all set to go through a protection check.You will be request to remain for the duration that taping two shows. It's approximated that the present will conclude roughly 1:30 p.m.The present tapes from august through at an early stage December, and then January through May, not included holidays. The booked shows deserve to be canceled or readjusted at any type of time.Audience members should be at least 16 year old. Anyone under 18 have to be with a parent and also legal guardian and everyone is compelled to display a photo ID.Business attire is required and everyone need to be "camera ready." This display prefers dark, heavy colors and prefers you perform not stay patterns, white, or beige clothing. It's also rather cold in the studio, so dress for warmth."The Dr. Phil Show " is very accommodating come anyone v a disability. The studio is accessible and they have options like assistive listening gadgets available. They do request that you call an audience coordinator before your visit to make certain arrangements room made.No cameras, recorders, cell phones, pagers, books, food, etc. Will certainly be permitted in the studio.There is no time during the taping that the present for Dr. Phil to authorize autographs or take pictures. They ask the you leave her Dr. Phil books and also any personal notes or gifts for him in ~ home.