Height:23 – 27 inches
Weight:45 – 80 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 12 years
Colors:White, blue Belton, blue Belton & tan, lemon Belton, liver Belton, orange Belton
Suitable for:Very active families, residence with a yard
Temperament:Loyal & loving, simple to train, friendly, gets together with other pets

The beautiful and also sweet English Setter is a medium-sized dog that is a member that the Sporting Group. They are really energetic and require a fair amount of exercise, yet they space mellow dogs that enjoy relaxing at home.

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They are known for their distinct coats the come in the shade of “Belton,” which is speckles of blue, lemon, liver, or orange, typically on a white coat. They have medium-length hair with feathering on your legs, ears, chest, abdomen, and also tail. They have long, elegant necks through an oval-shaped head and long muzzles and also ears.


English Setter Puppies – before You Buy…


The English Setters room athletic dogs that were bred come be hunting dogs, therefore they require a fair amount of exercise. Castle are very eager to please, and also therefore, cultivate is fairly easy. They are robust and also healthy dogs with a slightly much longer lifespan than various other dogs the very same size. Lock are very friendly with various other animals and people and also are usually easygoing in nature.


What’s the Price of English Setter Puppies?

The English Setter is a purebred dog, for this reason the price can variety from $250 – $450 for a puppy or dog native an English Setter rescue group or $600 – $3000 indigenous a breeder. Adopting from a rescue group has the advantage of paying much less for a dog and also rescuing a dog or puppy and giving it, quite possibly, its very first loving home.

Purchasing a puppy from a breeder deserve to be considerably much more expensive, but as long as you choose a reputable breeder, you are ensuring the health and behavioral problems of your dog by raising and training the yourself.


3 Little-Known Facts around the English Setter

1. The ax “Belton” is used specifically with the English Setter.

Belton is the speckling or flecking of color on the English Setter. It come in blue (white with black flecks), orange (white v orange flecks), liver (white through liver flecks), tricolor (blue or liver Belton v tan markings ~ above the legs, chest, and face, chest) and also lemon (white v orange flecks and lighter-colored nose).

2. The surname “Setter” comes from the stance.

The English Setter comes from the Setter family (which has four brother variations) and also gets its name from just how it lies down, or “sets” as soon as locating video game birds.

3. The English Setter is both energetic and mellow.

When you take an English Setter outside, castle are an extremely active and also playful but are quiet and calm dogs while indoors.

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Temperament & intelligence of the English Setter

They space smart, playful, and specialized dogs that have the right to make good watchdogs but are friendly v strangers when introduced. The English Setter will certainly not perform well in an apartment and also require a home with a fenced backyard. Since they to be bred to be searching dogs, leaving them alone v smaller pets or bird is risky as they might follow their instincts.

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