For any pet emergency, you should get to a veterinarian appropriate away. And in some emergency situations, like once your dog or cat is bleeding, you might need to provide some very first aid until girlfriend can gain there for treatment. Here, our Memphis Emergency veterinarians explain. 

Bleeding in a cat or dog have the right to be either external or internal. External bleeding is simple to see and often originates from a wound in the skin. Inner bleeding, however, is difficult to detect and also requires the solutions of a expert veterinarian.

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No matter the type of bleeding, every pet owner should know just how to control or protect against bleeding, even if it’s simply long sufficient to acquire to your veterinarian.

What happens if mine cat or dog loser blood?

A large amount the blood shed over a short duration of time may cause shock in her dog or cat. Blood loss of as little as two teaspoons per pound of body weight is enough to reason shock.

A dog or cat in shock has an raised heart rate and also low blood pressure. They may have pale, white gums and also breathe rapidly. If left untreated, body organ systems shut down and the dog or cat might suffer permanent damage or also death.

How carry out I aid my cat or dog if they space bleeding externally?

All an initial aid protocols because that a bleeding cat or dog have the exact same goal: to manage the blood loss. While you can’t do lot to stop inner bleeding on her own, you can regulate external bleeding indigenous a wound or reduced until you reach her veterinarian.

straight Pressure

To aid control external bleeding, location a compress that clean fabric or gauze directly over your dog or cat"s wound. Apply firm however gentle pressure, and allow it to clot. If blood soaks through the compress, ar a fresh compress on top of the old one and continue to apply firm yet gentle pressure. If there room no compress materials available, a bare hand or finger will work.


If a severely bleeding wound is on the foot or leg, and also there is no evidence of a damaged bone, gently elevate the foot so that the wound is above the level that the heart, in extr to applying direct pressure. Elevation helps to minimize blood press in the injured area and slow the bleeding. 

press to the providing Artery

If exterior bleeding proceeds after you have actually used straight pressure and elevation, you can use a finger to place pressure end the key artery to the wound. Because that example, if over there is significant bleeding on a behind leg, use pressure to the femoral artery, situated on the inside of the thigh. If there is significant bleeding ~ above a former leg, apply pressure to the brachial artery, situated on the within of the upper front leg.

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How execute I aid my cat or dog if they are bleeding internally?

Internal bleeding occurs within the body and is less noticeable than external bleeding fro a wound. Over there are, however, some external signs of interior bleeding, which can include any type of of the following:

Pale to white gums gums appear pale to white Cool legs, ears or tail sneeze up blood or having challenge breathing person that is abnormal subdued; steady weakness and sudden collapse  painful belly once it is touched

If your pet is bleeding externally, or friend suspect any kind of internal bleeding, contact our Memphis Emergency Veterinarians and also get come our hospital best away.