In the people of experienced wrestling, the heavyweights fight not only in the ring, but likewise on the bench! inspect out this legendary throwback video clip below.

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On the in march 29th, 2013 episode ofSmackDown, mark Henry, the 2002 World’s the strongest Man, battled “The huge Guy” Ryback in a bench press competition to finish the dispute of that the stronger man was leading up to their match at WrestleMania 29 a week later. The an obstacle was i m sorry wrestler might perform the most reps at 225 lbs (similar come the NFL combine test).

Here’s the throwback clip that the epos showdown from civilization Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) YouTube channel:

Mark Henry start the phase where Ryback currently stands alongside a bench and also loaded barbell. The stress is immediately high. Booker T, then basic Manager ofSmackDown, stepped between the two gargantuan men and also threatened the if either division the “no contact” i of your contracts, they will be banned fromWrestleMania.

“Can you dig that?”

Theodore “Teddy” Long, formerSmackDownGM turned torture to Booker T, interrupts to educate the group that note Henry lost the coin upper and lower reversal backstage and also would bench first. Henry lumbered to the bench.

“The current world record is 51 reps!”

Shouted Booker T, together the crowd in Hershey, PA aligned up because that the strongman clash. Henry proceeded to rest the declared record after completing 53 reps and narrowly lacking a 54th. Henry, feeling the rush of adrenaline, got up in Ryback’s face and also yelled:

“That’s what i do!”

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Booker T then invite Ryback come the bench.

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Ryback was previously nicknamed “Silverback” for the sheer size of his physique and quickly pumped the end a tie 53rd rep.

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wwebige among my favorite big guys in wrestling. That too poor we never ever really had any meaningful lengthy programs, we always worked well together. The gorilla press to me is the staple of being a true strength wrestler and also power is the one point in pro wrestling the cannot be worked. Friend either have it or you don’t. Btw this shot has two the the strongest guys in wrestling history with
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